95/365- LPS Blythe Autumn Glam & Takara Petite Blythe Squiggly Squirrel

For my birthday, I had asked for a “real” Takara Petite Blythe as I had a number of the LPS Blythes and I was curious how they compared to the real thing. I had asked for and received a Squiggly Squirrel in particular as I had seen her at Rising Sun Creations in California years ago, I kind of fancied her and regretting not buying her.
95/365- Takara Petite Blythe and LPS Blythe
Squiggly Squirrel is on the left and the LPS Blythe Autumn Glam is on the right. I chose Autumn Glam because she matched my Squiggly Squirrel the best out of all my LPS blythe. I took a number of comparison photos under the cut for anyone interested ::warning doll nudity::

LPS Blythe and Takara Petite Blythe
The quality of Squiggly Squirrel’s outfit is much nicer than the LPS Blythe’s. One of the main differences is that the Takara Petite Blythe has “sleepy” eyes (if you lay her down, she closes her eyes).
Nude comparison takara vs lps blythe
Nude comparison, the bodies are actually pretty close.
Mini Comparison
Now for a major comparison among similar sized dolls (from left to right) Little dal (Jouet), Blythe LPS (Autumn Glam), Petite Blythe (Squiggly Squirrel), Little Pullip (Berry) and Little Pullip + (Cheshire).
Nude mini comparison for anyone curious
And now for the nude comparison..

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