News from Doll Carnival

Doll Carnival was held this past Sunday in Japan, there was a lot of interesting news for pullip collectors this year.

Pullip’s long awaited baby brother Isul has finally been revealed. Isul, was actually first announced alongside Byul and a still as of yet unseen best friend of pullip. The first Isul release is  Apollo, he is the final doll in the Steampunk line.
Isul- Apollo
Apollo is scheduled for a 2/2012 release but his release schedule beyond that is a mystery. It’s not known if he will be a monthly release or if he will be added into the rotation with byul and taeyang (meaning there could now only four taeyangs/byuls a year :O). Unfortunately being part of the Steampunk line means he is limited to 2000 as well as being the not so fantastic price of 15,750 yen.
Isul Apollo
He is rather pretty for a boy ^^; I am curious if they actually are giving him a unique body or if they just giving him a dal/byul body.

Other interesting news from Doll Carnival… More Angelic Pretty collaborations are on the way, this time there are even minis to match :O
New Set of Angelic Pretty Dolls
I believe this set comes out in March, so obviously I need to demand the entire set for my birthday hehe ^^; Pullip/Dal/Byul are collaborations so are all priced at 13,650 yen each, I am curious about the minis though as I do not believe we have really seen collaboration minis before so I am not sure what their price will be like. 
Prupate AP Pullip
Prupate is the pullip, she looks like a crazy lolita ringmaster to me. I think I would have liked her a lot more if her stock wasn’t red but then again any color is better than the omg pink of Sfoglia, at least they are attempting to mix up the colors now a bit.
AP JouJou Dal
JouJou is the dal, I absolutely love her name. I think JouJou is adorable but she perhaps too reminiscent of previous Angelic Pretty dal Maretti. Again, I am glad they moved away from the pink, I love aqua color of her outfit.
AP Byul Sucre
Sucre is the byul and she is far and away my favorite from this set; I like her stock the best and her two-tone cotton candy wig is absolutely amazing. As much as I hate to admit it the byul is my favorite ^^;
Angelic Pretty Petites
The Angelic Pretty petites are Luce (pullip) and Lepupu (dal).

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7 Responses to News from Doll Carnival

  1. polty says:

    so pretty * o * .. seriously, when i get a higher pay job . . xD

    • kleintoys says:

      The price has really gone up per doll since I started collecting. I used to pay about $80 for a normal release, $100 for collaborations now it’s almost $100 for a normal release and like $125-$130 for special releases and don’t get me started on the steampunk dolls T_T

  2. polty says:

    Prupate!! but you’re right, the red is a little too ~ nonetheless that mischievous girly look is irresistable ! x3 i want her most from that set~

    • kleintoys says:

      I think my big issue with Prupate is I have all the other dolls, my instinct will be to group them together them on the shelf and the red will stick out like a sore thumb mixed in with the different pastel colors. It’s such a harsh red too ^^;

  3. lovelyduckie says:

    They’re ending the stempunk line with a limited doll that starts at over $150? I don’t care for that kind of tactic but it’s the hobby world we live in so…I hope everyone who needs to finish their Steampunk set manages to get him if they want him.

    • kleintoys says:

      All the Steampunk dolls were limited to 2000 though, he comes with the least amount of steampunk stuff though. I think everyone will still buy him because he is the first of a new doll and everyone is going to want to see him in person, regardless of the price. I look forward to trying to explain to everyone that he is fact a boy haha!

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