365 Doll Project Part 11

Still trying to make up for lost time ^^; Sorry I have been neglected these weekly posts.
Clem and Juniper
Not really that much of note happened this week other than the earth shattering news that Papin has finally sold out (as well as Veritas and Nero) it seems Nina will be the next one going into archive. On the one hand it does kind of sadden me but at the same time there is only a finite number of Papins in the world and I knew it was bound to happen eventually. I fear I will be facing enormous pressure to break up my rainbow crew but I have no plans now or ever to sell any of Papins so don’t bother asking.  The only other major noteworthy thing is that I discovered I owned the first Happy Birthday Couple and went to the Animadness meet.

65/365- Hatilda
Model- Little Dal- Mad Hatter
Name- Hatilda
Mods- None
Bio- . Hatilda is the result of Hattie taking a potion in Wonderland, the potion was supposed to make her feel like a kid again not produce a kid-sized version of herself. Hatilda enjoys tea parties and is rather fascinated by white rabbits.

66/365 Nel
Model- Little Pullip- Unknown
Name- Nelliel
Mods- Full custom by Requiemart
Bio- Nelliel in her chibi child-like form. She uses strange phrases and words well beyond her appearance. Despite her appearance she is quite mature and level-headed although she is afraid of Shin-gami.

67/365 Eggy
Model- Little Dal- Humpty Dumpty
Name- Eggy Weg
Mods- None
Bio- Eggy Weg lives in a constant state of fear, she is afraid she will somehow become broken. She overly cautiously avoids anything that may harm her even if it is fun.

68/365 Croc
Model- Little Pullip- Aggonya
Name- Croc
Mods- None
Bio- Croc is quite fascinated with Laszlo the Red to the point where she stalks him. When not stalking Laszlo the Red she still likes to hang out at the bayou.

69/365- Leonore
Model- Pullip- Happy Birthday Pullip #1
Name- Leonore
Mods- None
Bio- Leonore is the queen of the masquerade. To the outside world she is a well known and respected business women who staunchly protects her privacy. She prefers for her private life to remain a mystery as she loves to hold debaucherous parties at her mansion. Her mansion is located in the middle of no where insuring her and her guests all the privacy they could ever want unfortunately Scandal is on to them…

70/365 Fidelio
Model- Pullip- Happy Birthday Namu #1
Name- Fidelio
Mods- None
Bio- FIdelio is a famous piano player and he is Leonore’s husband. He loves Leonore very much, he puts her happiness above everything else unfortunately Leonore isn’t always a very nice person. He despises the nature of Leonore’s parties but he still continues to participate as host. He is completely bound to Leonore by his love of her.

Fidelio loves to read poetry and playing the piano.

71/365- Sunshine
Model- Pullip- Raphia
Name- Sunshine
Mods- Rewig
Bio- Sunshine is infuriatingly cheerful no matter what the situation is. She is a hopeless optimist that believes good always wins and that there is nothing that can not be solved over a glass of milk and her world famous chocolate chip cookies.

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