August Mini Pullip/Dal Releases- Panty & Stocking Collaboration

Groove Inc is starting a new line of mini Pullips and Dals called Docolla (doll+ collaboration), the first two releases are the iconic Panty & Stocking from the rather insane Gainax show Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.
These two along with the other August releases have actually been announced for a little while now, unfortunately the initial promotional photos of them were so low quality I decided to hold off on posting them until better photos surfaced.

I think both of the dals are pretty adorable, but I feel like Stocking is the better executed of the two of them. I kind of wish they hadn’t actually released them as little dals and released them as full-sized pullips instead as I would love to see a full-sized Stocking but overall they are pretty cute.

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