Innocent Flowers Pullip Sweet Eve

I was extremely fortunate to recently receive a few dolls from JPGroove to review, Pullip Sweet Eve was one of two dolls that I received. The other doll Pullip Alice in Steampunk World will be the next doll to be reviewed here. Thank you to JPGroove for this wonderful opportunity to feature such wonderful dolls for review here ❤

Pullip Sweet Eve made her first appearance this past spring, she was one of several prototypes on display at Doll Party 43. There was a poll for attendees at the doll show asking which of the prototypes was their favorite, Pullip Sweet Eve won the fan favorite poll! This is a picture from the event of some of the prototypes on display, Pullip Sweet Eve as well as a Dal with a similar theme can be seen. It is my sincere hope that the Dal will be released in the future.
This year we saw the release of many different collaboration dolls and not that many original designs so I was very excited to see all the different original prototypes on display.  I was even more excited when Pullip Sweet Eve was officially announced for release! Pullip Sweet Eve was released in September of this year with a MSRP of 18000 yen.

Pullip Sweet Eve is the first doll in a new series called Innocent Flowers, I look forward to seeing future releases in this series especially if it’s that Dal prototype pictured above. I’d also love to see an Isul in a similar style  though hopefully actually wearing knickers instead of a skirt this time. Eve SweetAmong Bright Roses….. Smile unwillingly….. Seems to bloom until my heart splendidly….Feel Like So.

Pullip Sweet Eve came to me as a sample doll since she was already deboxed, I unfortunately do not have box shots of her to share.
Eve Sweet Face UpEve Sweet has a beautiful face up, it’s very colorful but not over done! She reminds me a bit of Pullips Dita and Snow White as they both had really nice colorful face ups too. I love all the bright colors, it seems like most of the dolls released this year have somewhat subdued face up colors but she has bold green eye make up and luscious pink lips. Her blushing is really nicely done and complements her face up well. I even love her eyebrows they almost seem to give her a bit of a shy expression. She has very bright blue eyes.

The quality of Eve Sweet’s wig is nice, it’s very soft. The wig is a subtle blend of colors with lighter and darker shades of pink mixed in. It should be noted that the wig is very long, it is basically ankle length on her.
Eve Sweet StockPullip Sweet Eve’s stock outfit consists of a dress, apron, headdress, tights and shoes. I can’t decide if the color scheme reminds me more of spring or candy more, I love the colors that were picked they coordinate well with each other. The apron is the most detailed piece of her stock, it is very nicely made and a confection of ribbon and lace! The bodice of the apron is decorated with various flowers and bows, I love the mix of textures and colors on the apron. The tights are a very pale pastel green, they complement the outfit well and honestly I can not think of another outfit that lace pastel green tights would actually work with. The headdress is adorned with more flowers similar to the bodice of her dress as well as a feather and a poof of fur (unsure if it’s real or not). I adore her little pink clogs though they can be a little bit of a struggle to get on her.
Eve SweetThe dress underneath the apron is quite nice, it’s designed to be loose and flowing. Although it is quite simple it is still quite flattering on Pullip and could be worn be without the apron.
Eve SweetThe hemline as well as the neck ruffle on the dress are raw and unhemmed, I think this was done for aesthetic reasons as it almost gives the dress an organic feel which definitely fits in her with spring theme.
Eve SweetPullip Eve Sweet is a spring-time confection! It almost seems like a sin that she came out in the fall when all the non-plastic plant life is dead and dying. When spring rolls around I’ll have to take her and Pullip Kore out for some proper outdoor shoots with some real flowers.
Eve SweetEve Sweet is a very whimsical release, every time I look at her the only thing I can think of is what a beautiful little flower fairy she is. She really stands out as being a very original and special release this year, I wish that we see more releases like her in the future! I love collaborations too but I like seeing variety and seeing different themes.
Eve SweetSuch a beautiful girl! I really love how blushy she is, I don’t recall ever seeing another Pullip quite this blushy!
Eve Sweet
Somehow Pang-ju Flower-Pang just seemed to make the perfect companion for Pullip Sweet Eve as they both have a spring-time theme and the pair just seem to be made for each other.
Eve SweetMore pictures of the beautiful Pullip Sweet Eve are on my flickr. Thanks again to JPGroove for making this review possible, I had a ton of fun photographing her! Pullip Sweet Eve is available for purchase via JPGroove’s website.
Eve Sweet

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