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Tiny Anthro BJD Pang-ju Flower-pang

Pang-ju are tiny anthro bjds made by Groove, they resemble a Chihuahua or maybe a cat? Last year, I bought Cranberry-Pang who I reviewed here I actually quite liked the little darling and had been pining for more particularly Flower-Pang and … Continue reading

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Introducing Pang-ju Cranberry-Pang

Pang-ju is a tiny anthro bjd made by Groove, they are a mere 10 cm tall. Groove introduced the first Pang-ju in August of 2011 and they have been sporadically released ever since. So far a total of thirteen different … Continue reading

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Sasha Pippin

By now, you should know the drill; Sasha invites you into a fairy tale and fantasy land, Sasha is an anthro type doll made by Groove (the same company that makes Pullip).  I finally decided to accept Sasha’s invitation to … Continue reading

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Sasha Comparison Post

Sasha is a newer doll line put out by Groove, the same company that makes Pullip. They are anthro dolls and they come with either a cat or a rabbit head. I recently had a few come into my possession … Continue reading

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