Love My Collection Pullip outfit sets announced!

Groove announced the start of a new outfit set series designed for Pullip (and possibly other members of the Pullip family as well) via their blog last night. The new outfit series is called Love My Collection and will initially be available for pre-sale at the Pullip 15th Anniversary ♥ ~ Starry Sky Dream ~ event at Yokohama Doll Museum. The debut of this new series features the simultaneous release of three different outfit sets, all of the outfit sets have a marine dress theme but each outfit set is a somewhat unique interpretation of that theme from sweet feminine style to classic ocean to gothic style. The outfit sets are priced at 3800 yen each which is approximately $35.42 as of this writing, honestly that seems like a pretty reasonable price for a complete outfit set that includes shoes and everything. The outfits sets will receive a wide release at a later date and time that has yet to be determined with the exception of the Marine Dress Gothic Style set which is an exclusive to the event.

The Marine Dress Gothic Style will be exclusive to the event,  of course it would be my favorite of the three outfit sets that would end up being the exclusive! I love the unusual color scheme black and gold is not something we see a lot of on Pullip, I think the only release I can really recall with this combination offhand is the Limited Version of Veritas.
The Marine Dress Ocean Style has a more traditional nautical color scheme, I love the bright pop of yellow on the scarf and ribbon I really think it brightens up the outfit and while still classic adds a bit of a modern touch to the outfit.
The Marine Dress Feminine Style is a very sweet interpretation of the theme. It is honestly my least favorite of the three that isn’t too say it isn’t a nice well-made outfit set it is just burgeoning on too a little too sugary sweet for my own personal taste/style though I realize that this will likely be the most popular of the three. I do love the addition of the floral detailing on the sleeves as well as the lavender color they chose for the accessories.

I hope that Groove releases photos of the outfit sets actually being modeled on the dolls soon as well as more details surrounding their release.

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New Pullipstyle Coupon Code!

Pullipstyle announced a new coupon code on their facebook page last night, the code Isul5 is good for $5 off any currently in stock Isul (does not include the upcoming Sailor Moon collaboration release Isul Helios).  I love Pullip’s little brother Isul and this is a pretty fabulous opportunity to add one to everyone’s doll collection at a little bit of a discount. Or maybe an excuse rather than an opportunity hehehe ^^; . The hard part is just figuring out which Isul to bring home, though that’s an easy choice for me seeing how Isul Kujo Kazuya is the only one in stock that I don’t already own or have at least had the opportunity to have pass through my hands briefly.
Isul Yagen ToushirouDon’t forget that there is still a coupon good for $5 off Dal & Byul as well DalByul5 which I believe is good for $5 off of any Dal or Byul with the exception of the Make It Own kits. Choose coupon code wisely though as I believe you can only use one at a time, or at least I’ve only successfully been able to use one at a time!

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Groove Announces DC Comics The Joker Taeyang <3_<3

Yesterday was my birthday and much to my surprise and delight, Groove decided yesterday of all days that they were going to announce the release of one of my absolute favorite comic book villains the Joker as the newest doll in their DC Comics collaboration line. I could not have asked for a better present! Groove has been collaborating with DC Comics since 2011, they have previously released Pullips based on Harley Quinn (both a classic version and an original dress version design), Wonder Woman (both a classic version and an original dress version design), Catwoman (two variants), Batgirl (two variants), Supergirl as well as a Taeyang based on the Joker’s arch nemesis Batman!  I’m still kind of waiting and hoping on for an official Poison Ivy Pullip to be released though an Isul Robin for the clown prince of crime to menace would  be quite amusing as well.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Joker, he is Batman’s arch nemesis and the two have been at odds since when he was introduced in the comics in 1940. Traditionally the Joker’s disfigurement is caused by a dip in a vat of chemicals which causes his ghastly grin, bleached skin, green hair and ruby lips though there have been many different interpretations of his backstory over the years which is kind of fitting for a character who prefers to remember their history as multiple choice. He is such an integral part of the Batman mythos that he has appeared in several of the live-action Batman films having been portrayed by Jack Nicholson (Batman 1989), Heath Ledger (Dark Knight), Jared Leto ( Suicide Squad -ugh); I think my personal favorite portrayal of the Joker will always be Mark Hamill in the Batman Animated Series that I grew up on. The Batman Animated Series also introduced us to Harley Quinn, the Joker’s psychiatrist who fell in love with him and went quite a bit mad herself. The Joker and Harley Quinn are no longer together in the current canon comics but their relationship is still see in non-canon tales and is still important part of both of their respective lores especially Harley Quinn’s as without the Joker she would not exist.

The Joker will be released in July in Japan, which means August for us here in the states. He has a MSRP of 22000 yen which converts to $206.71 USD as of this writing.

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Pullipstyle Now Stocking Luts Wigs!

Pullipstyle made a very exciting announcement late last night, they are now offering wigs from Luts via their website. For those of you unfamiliar with Luts they are a well known ball jointed doll maker who also makes some of the most exquisite quality of wigs available in a cornucopia of colors. I have been using their wigs for Pullip for years and can attest to their wonderful quality!
IMG_9753This is just a small taste of the many wigs available, they posted a little teaser video on their Instagram page last night which can be seen here of the wigs.

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Details announced about upcoming Pullip 15th ♥ Anniversary ~ Dream of the Starry Sky ~ Pullip Exhibition at Yokohama Doll Museum & New Pullip revealed!

Groove just recently blogged about some additional details regarding their upcoming Pullip 15 ♥ Anniversary ~ starry sky of the Dream event via their blog. The event will be held at the Yokohama Doll Museum from April 21st to June 24th. A few promotional flyers were posted one of them features a new Pullip named Etoile (the French word for star)  the theme for the event is “Dream of a Starry Sky” so I think Groove definitely capitalized that with her! It is not clear at this time if Etoile will be an exclusive to the event, I am personally hoping not as she has a very interesting design and I would like not to have to jump through hoops to get her. I absolutely love the galaxy print on her mermaid style dress though I think, I would personally prefer a different fantasy color wig on my own doll.

In addition to a tantalizing teaser promo of Pullip Etoile some additional details about the event were revealed.

The Road to 15 years : A fond look back at Pullip’s 15 year history highlighting quinntessential doll releases from each year of Pullip releases!
Popular Themes Dolls from popular past theme series such as Pullip x Steampunk World will be on display! 
Collaboration Dolls Pullip has collaborated with many different brands and anime/manga series over the years so there will be a display of some of the most popular past collaboration series such as Vocaloid!
15th Anniversary Commemorative Model Pullip Etoile Etoile is the image model for this event and the sale of this special model will start at the event (which possibly means that she is not an exclusive? *crosses fingers*).

New and upcoming Pullip models will be on display at the event! Dolls such as upcoming Pullip release Eileen will be on display.

Custom Doll Contest The Dolls from the Custom Pullip Doll Contest will be on display and people can vote on what doll they would like to see be released! The pictured doll is by Korisu Factory and Mitsubaki @BabyBee who have both previously been featured as a part of the Creator’s Label line.

Pullip Trivia Contest Attendees can try their luck at a Pullip trivia contest if the answers correct they can win a free limited edition postcard set! I love trivia contests, I bet you that I could win this thing hands down!

More details at Yokahoma Doll Museum’a site here.

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Sailor Moon x Pullip- Pullip Usagi & Taeyang Mamoru Wedding Versions Announced!

Groove just officially announced the upcoming releases of the two newest dolls in their super popular Sailor Moon collaboration series via their blog tonight. Usagi & Mamoru are one of the most iconic anime/manga couples of all time so it’s only fitting that we get a set of doll celebrating their love in the form of Pullip Usagi Wedding Version & Taeyang Mamoru Wedding Version. Both dolls are to be released simultaneously in June which is coincidentally one of the most popular months for weddings. The standard versions of Usagi & Mamoru will have a MSRP of 23000 yen each which is about $215.40 as of this writing.

This is the fifth different version of Usagi that we have seen released to date, the others are Pullip Sailor Moon, Pullip Princess Serenity, Pullip Super Sailor Moon and Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon while I understand the significance in each release that is still a lot of different versions of one character. This is the second version of Mamoru that we have seen released the other version is Taeyang Tuxedo Mask.

I have kind of mixed feelings about this release. I would prefer to see new, unique characters released by Groove, the series has such a diverse cast not to mention some really interesting character designs especially for the villains it gets frustrating to see the same characters over and over again. I’d much rather see Groove release a doll based on Princess Kakyuu or Queen Nehelenia than another version of Usagi or Mamoru and yet I can’t bring myself to be mad about the release of these two! I want them even though I already own all of the other versions of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, they are such an iconic almost power couple that finally seeing them getting their happy ending makes me feel sentimental and nostalgic for the manga/older anime series.  Continue reading

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Sailor Moon x Pullip Isul Helios Announced!

Last night, Groove announced the 24th doll in their incredibly popular Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series Isul Helios via their blog. Isul Helios will be the first Isul released in almost a year, the last Isul release was Isul Yagen Toushirou who was a part of the Touken Ranbu ~online~ collaboration series. He is to be released in April in Japan, he will be released in the US one month later. The standard edition of Isul Helios has a MSRP of 22000 yen which as of this writing is about $202.21, the Bandai exclusive version available exclusively through Bandai’s store is also priced at 22000 yen. For those of you not familiar with Sailor Moon, I’m sure the question of so just who is Helios has already sprung to mind! Helios appeared in the Dream arc of the manga and the original Sailor Moon anime series during the SuperS arc, as of this writing he has not shown up in the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series. Helios was a holy priest of Elysion tasked with defending the Golden Crystal, he was captured by Queen Nehellenia but his dream form a Pegasus managed to escape capture. The Pegasus form of Helios hides in Chibi-Usa’s Dream Mirror to evade capture from Queen Nehellenia’s Dead Moon Circus while he tried to find the person who could unlock the Golden’s Crystal full power which is also his golden horn while he is in human form. Eventually the person Helios sought was revealed to be Chibi-Usa and the evil Queen Nehellenia was defeated. Chibi-Usa and Helios are implied to have a romantic link though it’s incredibly chaste, it’s suggested that in the future they may end up together. For those of you who are still understandably confused after reading all that the too long didn’t read version is that he appears in one of the later seasons of Sailor Moon and he and Chibi-Usa are kind of sweet on each other also he can appear as a Pegasus.

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