Pullip x Cinnamoroll 15th Anniversary Edition

….and just as I published Pullip Eileen’s announcement I realized that I never actually wrote up Pullip Cinnamoroll here, I had meant to especially since I really love her release I’ve just been so distracted lately by everything else going on. Seriously I am so sorry for delay on this write up to expedite, I’m going to keep this kind of brief.

Pullip x Cinnamoroll 15th Anniversary Edition was announced well a while ago now via Groove’s blog. She is to be released in March in Japan and one month later here in the US, her MSRP is 22,000 yen which is about $200.87 as of this writing and because I took so bloody long to get this written up she is already available for preorder via Pullipstyle for $175…. and yes I already preordered her! I’m calling it now she is going to end up being one of this year’s IT girls though honestly all three of the announced releases for this year so far have been pretty strong.
Pullip and Sanrio are no strangers to one another, in 2008 Jun Planning (the company that preceded Groove) collaborated with Sanrio for the first time Pullip Hello Kitty, Pullip My Melody and Dal Cinnamoroll. In 2012, Groove released a new version of Dal Cinnamoroll to celebrate Cinnamoroll’s 10th anniversary. More recently a Hello Kitty x Tokidoki collaboration Pullip Violetta and a new version of Pullip My Melody x Hen-nako were released. Dal Cinnamoroll was one of the most popular and beloved Dal releases so I was not surprised when a new version of the Dal was released and now a new Pullip version as well! At first I had kind of mixed feelings about Cinnamoroll’s new interpretation being a Pullip versus a Dal but the Pullip is so darn cute that I can’t be mad at it. As cute as the Dal release is animal costumes have become kind of hit or miss popularity-wise so the stylized interpretation of the Pullip is much more of a modern take on the character which is still very much recognizable. I absolutely adore her little teacup hat and her little Cinnamoroll companion plushie that matches her outfit perfectly!
I adore Cinnamoroll’s outfit, the color scheme and just everything is absolutely perfect! I love the Cinnamoroll print at the hemline of her skirt, it’s a nice little touch. I love her shoes, at first glance I kind of questioned the shoe covers and then I realized that they are like Cinnamoroll’s precious little ears. I much prefer the removable Cinnamoroll ears over a giant Cinnamoroll hood, the Hello Kitty head on the original Pullip was a bit overkill so I am glad Groove did not go that route on the Cinnamoroll Pullip.
Such a pretty face up! I love how blushy she is, her subtle pink lipstick and nicely detailed eye make up. I love the detailing on her lavender eye chips.

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Girlism x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pullip Eileen Announced!

Groove announced a new upcoming Pullip release via their blog last night.  Pullip Eileen is a triple collaboration release Groove partnered with Girlism, the first lolita magazine in China &  Baby, the Star Shines Bright a lolita clothing brand.  This is the first time that Groove has partnered with Girlism but Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has been a frequent collaborator with Groove and their partnership has given us such popular releases as Pullip Favorite Ribbon and Pullip La Robe Vert Clair. Pullip Eileen will be released in Japan in late May, she is priced at 22000 yen which is roughly $201.09 as of this writing.
Girlism hosted a design contest last summer, the winning illustration was used as the basis for the design of Pullip Eileen as well as a human sized version of the outfit that will be produced by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Over 950 entries were submitted to the contest and over a total 100,000 votes were received, some of the other entries can still be seen on Girlism’s facebook page here. I honestly wouldn’t mind if Groove went back around again and used some of the other more popular designs as the basis of future releases as there were a lot of other really strong designs that would look amazing as Pullip releases.

As stated above Baby, the Stars Shine Bright will also be selling a human sized version of the winning design. The outfit set is priced at 91,800 yen which is about $838.40 as of this writing, reservations are open from now (February 1st) until March 5th through Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s website . Pullip Eileen would make an excellent complement to those lucky enough to be able to get the matching outfit and perhaps a slightly more affordable option for those of us who can only afford to admire it.

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New Sailor Moon Pullip Coupon Code available @Pullipstyle

Pullipstyle just announced a new coupon code promotion via their facebook page last night.

Over the years Groove has released a lot of different dolls based on anime characters, to celebrate the upcoming release of the Revolutionary Girl Utena dolls we have decided to offer an exciting promotion for some of our favorite anime dolls released over the years.

Our new coupon code Usako10 is good for 10% off a selection of our favorite anime dolls.

Dolls included in this promotion are as follows:
Pullip Sailor Moon
Pullip Sailor Mercury
Pullip Sailor Mars
Pullip Sailor Jupiter
Pullip Sailor Venus
Pullip Sailor V
Pullip Sailor Uranus
Pullip Sailor Neptune
Pullip Sailor Star Fighter
Pullip Sailor Star Maker
Pullip Sailor Star Healer
Dal Princess Small Lady
Dal Sailor Chibi Moon
Taeyang Sebastian Book of Circus Version….. may have unintentionally mixed him up with Tuxedo Mask ^^;

The coupon is only good for the dolls on the above list, Pullip Sailor Pluto and Taeyang Tuxedo Mask will be added to this promotion once they restock hopefully in our next restock shipment.

The coupon is good for 10% off on most of the anime inspired Pullips that Pullipstyle currently has in stock, most of them work out to be like $117 each which is a pretty decent deal for any of the dolls unfortunately for me there is not a single doll on the list I don’t already own ::taps foot impatiently while waiting for the Revolutionary Girl Utena Pullips to come in stock:: .

I am also probably way too amused by the fact that someone somewhere seems to have mixed up who Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon and Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji are, I’ll grant that both dolls share similarities (tuxedo, top hat, black hair) but the two characters are very different I can’t imagine Sebastian throwing a rose to intercede in a fight at a critical moment and telling Ciel to believe in himself then kind of just taking off like my job is done here!

Speaking of Sailor Moon, I did recently acquire Sailor Star Healer (probably Healer first because I adore Yaten <3) and Sailor Star Maker so please look forward to their reviews! ……also maybe the Sailor Moon Dollfie Dream Sister.
Sailor Star Healer

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JPGroove Site Relaunch and Special 12 Hour, 20% off Sale Today Only!!!

JPGroove posted an announcement on their facebook page yesterday, regarding their website which has been relaunched with a whole new sleek design. If you get a chance to check out their new website it is very clean and easy to navigate, I often kind of lament that some doll websites seem to be still have the same clunky layout as they did like 10 years ago so it’s nice to see a store actually put significant work into their site and upgrade it, I just hope that the server has also been upgraded as JPGroove often seems to struggle with server strain during their special sales.
Even more exciting than the website relaunch itself is that JPGroove will be having a special 12 hour sale to celebrate the website’s relaunch. The sale runs from 1/13/2018 12 pm PDT to 23:59 PM PDT which means it starts in roughly an hour not sure what time the sale runs in relation to your timezone? Check the world clock here. Use code RGSO2018 while checking out for 20% off of all products, this code does not seem to exclude any items from the website but the code is not active yet so I can’t verify this yet. They now have Gouk collaboration Pullips Shion and Kangezakura in stock who are kind of pricey so 20% off of them makes them extremely tempting especially the lovely Shion!

It seems there will also be other sales or specials as well, these specials are currently marked as coming soon I am unsure if they will start today or another a date in time in the future as more details become available. Only the 12 hour sale is today not sure when the other specials will be just that they are “coming soon”.

Special #2 Beginner’s Set featuring fan favorite Pullips Classical Alice, Tiphona and Alice du Jardin maybe some sort of special bundle deal featuring them? All three of these dolls seem to be very popular choices for first Pullip these days.

Special #3 Buy two Pullip, Dal, Byul or Isul (unsure why Taeyang was excluded if that was an oversight or intentional) get one free random Little Doll (you cannot pick, truly random).

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Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition Update Again!

Just a very quick update before I dash off to work, Groove blogged about the new Ars Gratia Artis/Pullip.net exclusive Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition here this morning. The new Limited Edition exclusive Monochrome Alice is exclusive to AGA (sales listing), is limited to 50 pieces worldwide and priced at $450.

I am glad Groove posted regarding the new exclusive as I was kind of confused as to what all was coming with the doll(s) for $450. It has been confirmed that there is a sticker sheet of tattoos so you can decorate Alice and her special stage themed box yourself. Two dolls had been pictured in several photos of the listing and I was a bit confused about that they looked to be the same doll with different wigs but it was unclear if the other doll was a future release or what exactly, it has also been confirmed that it is/was the same doll the release just comes with two different wigs as well as a bunny hood. I’m kind of okay with this as if the other doll had ended up as a separate release it would have been an incredibly lazy exclusive ^^;

One other really cool thing about Groove’s post is they posted a picture of the stage/box all decorated, it really is a nice showcase!

I’m still incredibly indecisive about what I want to do and if I will be ordering her or not.

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Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition Update!

The limited version of Pullip Monochrome Alice is now available for preorder on Pullip.net, she is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide. She is expecting to ship in January of next year and is priced at $450. Yes at $450 Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition is officially the most expensive Pullip released to date, AGA/Pullip.net was heavily criticized last year for pricing their limited version of Pullip Veritas at a special introductory price of $400 then her price later increased to $450. I know a lot of people were anxiously waiting to hear about pricing for this release hoping against hope that LE Monochrome Alice would be a little more attainable than Veritas was.

I’m so torn as I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, I literally own all of the other Alice in Wonderland themed dolls released by Jun Planning/Groove but this release is so expensive and I’ve recently spent quite a bit on other dolls. It does not help that as more time has gone on more and more photos have been added to the listing and the new photos have only added to the confusion of what all you are getting for $450.
In several of the photos in the listing there is a second doll pictured, who is this other doll? Ot appears to possibly be LE Monochrome Alice in another wig (Optical Alice’s?) but the listing never states what the other doll is. Are there two dolls? Or does the doll include a second wig? If it is two dolls is the white haired doll going to be released separately later on?
More recently several photos of LE Monochrome Alice have been added with many tattoos including quite a few on her face and that just raises even more questions. The tattoos seem completely different or have inconsistent placement from photo to photo and I believe at least some of them may just be photoshopped on. Do any tattoos actually come on the doll or does she comes with a sticker sheet of tattoos?

I love the idea of tattoos on a doll and some dolls in the past such as Taeyang Arion have come with a tattoo while other releases such as Pullip Tokidoki Luna have come with tattoo stickers. There is no mention of the tattoos either way in the listing.
I just don’t know what I want to do, she is so expensive and I have so many questions and I prefer not to have any questions about something that is so expensive. I have written to AGA on facebook hoping for some clarification.

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Pullip Himawari: Junichi Nakahara x Pullip Collaboration!!

himawariGroove recently announced a new Pullip to be released in collaboration with Junichi Nakahara via their blog.  Junichi Nakahara was a famous fashion illustrator and artist, he created the Himawari magazine as well as a handful of other magazines aimed at women and young girls. Himawari translates to mean sunflower in English and was meant to inspire young girls, it featured many illustrations by it’s creator Junichi Nakahara as well as other contributing artists. Himawari was published from 1947-1952 and a total of sixty seven volumes were published, due to popularity and age  volumes of the magazine are quite pricey on the secondary market especially as this year marked the seventieth anniversary of the magazine. Even now, seventy years later Junichi Nakahara’s characteristic style continues to inspire and be relevant today! Many believe that his illustrations of large eyed innocent girls helped to inspire the shojo manga artstyle.

Pullip Himawari was inspired by an illustration from the magazine’s first year, I believe the illustration is called Midori cold song. Pullip Himawari is to be released in March of 2018, April for those of us in the US. She has a MSRP of 22000 yen which is about $193.65 as of this writing.

I know the work of Junichi Nakahara is still popular in Japan but I wonder how familiar western fans of Pullip are with him and his works? I only knew about him before this release because I have a fashion obsessed friend who collected the magazines. Even if you are not familiar with Junichi Nakahara’s work she is a cute release that seems to exude an old fashioned kind of charm. 
Livelying the skirt on the wind that blows and blows….I will wait for you under that tree trunk…While listening to the song of Midori’s Cold….Feel Like So.
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