Pullipstyle Lucky Bag Trio

Pullipstyle recently announced on their facebook page that they are offering a limited time special via their website. What is a lucky bag? A lucky bag or fukubukuro are a popular sales trend in Japan they tend to be a great deal/inexpensive but they are traditionally blind ie. you don’t know the contents of your lucky bag until after you purchase it. Lucky bags are great if you don’t own a lot of that store’s/brand’s products but if you are a big fan of their store/band and collect their stuff it is a bit of a gamble on whether or not you may end up being unlucky and receiving a duplicate of something you already own :/ .  Pullipstyle’s lucky bag offer works a little bit differently than the traditional lucky bag because they are giving their customers choice as to what dolls they will receive, they have separated dolls into three separate categories and you get to choose one doll from each category.  I’m really glad that they chose to do it this way as it’s one thing to get a duplicate blind box re-ment or Tokidoki Unicorno but another entirely to get a duplicate doll or get stuck with a doll you simply don’t fancy. reviseluckybag
From now until March 31st you can buy a lucky bag from Pullipstyle for $333 via their website.  The lucky bags work as a short-term preorder as I guess they are ordering in stock specially to fill these orders.

Dolls are separated into three groups of seven-eight dolls each, there is a nice variety of dolls in each group.
Group A
Group B
Group C

The deal actually works out to be a really great value depending on what dolls you choose, for example if you chose ordered Pullips Kumiho and Nanette Erica via their website they would be $310, for just $23 more you get your choice of one of the dolls from Group C plus as you can also stack their 10off250 discount code with it for an additional $10 off and if you are in the US this offer meets the threshold for free best way shipping so that would three dolls for $323 shipped within the US, definitely not a bad deal.

I unfortunately have all of the dolls on offer, honestly the only Pullip family member doll I don’t own that they still have in stock is Taeyang Albireo (although they do have some Luts Tiny Delf in stock and Azone dolls for me to drool over) but I think this is a more than fair deal so I thought I would share here!

I know a lot of us are stuck at home right now (including me) and potentially off of work right now (also me) and I know dolls aren’t neccessities but places like Pullipstyle (Groove itself is probably a lot smaller than most people realize) are small businesses so I will continue to support them for as long as I am able plus Pullip spark joy!

Hoping to devote some of this downtime to updating this website, while I have continued to update the release lists and make information pages more or less I haven’t been great about posting reviews or new doll announcements with any sort of regularity unfortunately a chaotic real life tends to trump time I can devote to doll as we settle into new routine of “distance learning” etc I’m hoping to have more time to spend working on things here.

EDIT: This deal has been extended through until the end of April!

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Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Doll Collection Doll (Yeolume)

Some rather unexpected news has caused me to break my relative silence here; while I’ve still been around doing updates on pages etc but haven’t posted an update or review in months but this was something so exciting I had to share as soon as possible. Groove has announced a new Yeolume for the first time in several, while technically speaking she belongs to a line called Doll Collection which will be a line of collaboration dolls and this release at least will be in the style of Yeolume.

Of course, mega-popular Vocaloid character Miku seems like the obvious choice for the first entry in this new collaboration series even though there is already multiple different variations of Pullip Miku and even a DoColla Little Pullip + version of Miku it just seems like a safe choice.

For those of you unfamiliar with Yeolume she is Pullip’s daughter from the future. She’s kind of a strange case because unlike the other dolls in the Pullip family, Ars Gratia Artis retained full rights to her and Groove had limited involvement with her previous release.  Only two models of her were released originally and though her intitial reception within the doll community was kind of lukewarm due to her body being more similar to Blythe than the more articulated Pullip despite this she has definitely become a favorite of the community since then (body comparison featuring Yeolume can be seen here).

Concept Based on the groove’s original doll (Yeolume), it is a new product “collection doll” developed with all collaborations based on the concept of “clothes figures”. Hair is wig. The neck (left and right), shoulders (front and back), waist (left and right), and legs (front and back) are movable, and the knees are also bendable. The pupil is also a doll eye that can move left and right, so you can add a little pose or expression. You can also arrange hair, so find your own expression and take the best shot! It is a product that you can play. The total length is about 27cm and it is easy to collect.


Doll Collection Miku will be released in March in Japan (April here in the US) and will have a MSRP of 12,000 yen.

Groove teases that the second title has already been decided and it’ll based on “the 25th anniversary of this year, it is a super-sci-fi animation that will release a new movie.” AGA has also been teasing photos of a non-collaboration Yeolume with a unicorn theme on their various social media pages so perhaps there is some hope that the Yeolume will also continue in a non-collaboration series at least in a limited fashion as well.


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Pullips PIMMAM & Momori

Time keeps on slipping away from me, in an effort to speed up this endeavour posts are going to be a bit shorter than usual here I apologize in advance for the brevity but I have a lot of ground to cover and less time/ability to do it in.

I am now up to the October releases… As a note, so far no Pullip has been announced for a September release in Japan I’m not sure if that means Groove is skipping a month or if there is still a forthcoming release to be announced.

Pullip PIMMAM is the first of two releases coming out in October in Japan, she will be released one month later here in the US. She has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which as of this writing is equivelant to about $189.20. She is currently available for preorder via Groove Rakuten Shop and Pullipstyle (also available as a part of a combo set with Pullip Momori).

Pullip PIMMAM is an audacious, downright bizarre release but I absolutely love and adore her! PIMMAM seems to have a bit of a candy monster theme, she is equal parts sweet and scary with her pastel goth outfit and her outlandish accessories! I can’t get over the fact that her purse is an eyeball, which is a continuing motiff from her skirt but still I don’t think I’ve ever seen an eyeball purse anywhere else before this. The bone motiff on her shirt and leggings is something quite popular in pastel goth, I’ve never seen any with quite so many bones in the legs before. Her shoes appear to be spiked as well as flocked!
PIMMAM reminds me a bit of Papin but reimagined as a monster girl, Papin is still one of my favorite Pullip releases and every time I see a photo of one I can’t help but smile I feel like it’s going to be the same way with PIMMAM.

I love that PIMMAM is so bright colorful and unique!

Pullip Momori
Pullip Momori is the other release coming out in October in Japan. Once again we have a month where there are two releases who couldn’t be more different from each other; while PIMMAM is a bright and colorful release with an outfit bordering on costume Momori has much more of a natural color palette and her stylish stock outfit looks like something you could actually see someone wearing during the spring (or fall) in the city. She has a MSRP of 22000 yen which is about  $208.58 as of this writing. She is available for preorder via Groove Rakuten shop and Pullipstyle (where she is also available as part of a combo set with PIMMAM).
Pullip Momori was designed by Mikiyochii x Nénelle et Lalluli. I think this is an amazing opportunity for fans of their works that haven’t had the opportunity or ability to get a one of a kind piece from either artist, I know that I am personally very excited about this opportunity!
While I myself tend to be more of a fan of really bright colorful dolls (the more eye searing the colors the better!) versus those with more natural color schemes, she is such a well put together release where the outfit prefectly complements the doll’s overall design that I can’t help falling in love with her.
I love that her eyelids are such a great pop of color,  they are almost marigold!

Pullip Momori has an absolutely gorgeous face up characteristic of works by Mikiyochii, the eyelashes in particular just scream her style! I absolutely love her face up and how ell the natural colors all seem to work together and the way her lips are painted give her such a unique expression. I know that sometimes the dolls designed by artists are not everyone’s cup of tea due to some of them having such different styles but I personally can’t recall an artist I was this excited to see featured previously.

The only element I’m not completely sold on with Momori is the removeable collar while it does appear to be fake fur, I’m personally not overly fond of it and prefer her without it.

Verdict: Well let’s just say in my case that’s a good thing that Pullipstyle is offering a little bit of a discount if you buy both (don’t forget to use code 10off250 for even more of a bargain ) as I’m excited about both releases. Even though the two releases are very different from each other I can’t choose just one, I require both dolls!


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Pullip Margrethe

Part three in my vain attempts in trying to catch-up on writing up some releases that I previously neglected to as they were announced ^^;

P-233_1_mailPullip Margrethe is an August release in Japan, she will be released in September here in the US. It is important to note that there still has not been a release announced for September in Japan, I’ve heard rumors of a possible release but nothing has been officially announced just yet. She has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which as of this writing is equivelant to about $189.20. Pullip Margrethe is in stock and available for purchase via Groove Rakuten  and is currently available for preorder via Pullipstyle where she is expected to be in stock late Septemeber.
P-233_2_mailPullip Margrethe has a country lolita vibe similar to Pullips’ Dita and Meg, her outfit has a kind of home-spun charm to it. One of the things in general about this year’s Pullip releases is that there has been a huge variety of original designs, there have been a lot of really great releases like nine-tailed fox Kumiho and and the military lolita Pullip Jeanne but most of the designs are very unique and not all of them are going to appeal to everyone. I admittedly kind of personally struggle with Pullip Margrethe, I don’t think she is a bad release persay just that she just isn’t my personal cup of tea.
P-233_3_mailI can’t help but wonder if this outfit was originally designed with a Dal (or maybe even Byul) prototype in mind, I think I would like the outfit a lot more if it was on a Dal as it seems maybe a bit too immature for Pullip especially with the teddy bear detailing and her teddy bear companion. I actually even like the doll itself as she has somewhat of a melancholy vibe I just feel like she doesn’t quite match the stock outfit so perhaps what I will end up doing is restyling Margrethe herself and give her outfit to a Dal instead.
I like that Margrethe has a bit of a somber vibe to her. It looks like her lips were intentionally minimized a bit, I actually like the combination of the smaller lips with the almost nude lipstick. I’m not quite sure if wide-eyed innocence was what the desired impact was but it almost feels like her eye make up might be a bit too overdone compared to the rest of her.

I still haven’t made up my mind about her but I feel like she really has the potential to shine outside of her stock outfit so I’m tempted by her! I might have to wait to see owner photos of her first though.

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Pullips Jeanne & Cosmody

We now continue with part two of our series of Klein desperately trying to catch up here while not further trying to aggravate her rotator cuff injury!

This post will focus on Pullips Jeanne and Cosmody who were released in July in Japan and will be releasing hopefully some time later this week here in the US. I’m very excited about both of these releases even though really the two of them couldn’t be further apart in terms of theme while Pullip Jeanne is a military lolita, Pullip Cosmody looks like a futuristic pop idol with a space theme.

Pullip Jeanne
p229_1_mailPullip Jeanne is the first of two dolls that were released in July in Japan and that will be released here in the US very soon. She has a MSRP of 20000 yen which is about $189.20 as of this writing.  She is already sold out via Groove Rakuten, Pullipstyle still has her available for preorder via their website and I’m told they are expecting their stock some time in the coming week (she is also available as a part of a combo with Pullip Cosmody who she released alongside- link).
p229_2_mailPullip Jeanne has a military lolita theme, I have to say that Pullip has really stepped up in terms of variety in their releases this year as this isn’t really a theme we have seen on Pullip before (though J-doll Via Appia would probably fit in well next to her). Her stock looks nicely detailed and like a lot of care was put into designing it and she even has what appears to be made to be nicely made boots to complete her look!jeanne1Groove posted some photos of Pullip Jeanne out of the box on their blog, I was excited for her just having seen the promotional photos but she really shines that much more in these photos. I hope Groove continues to post photos like this in the future on their blog as they really give you a great sense of the doll.
The only aspect of Pullip Jeanne I’m not completely sold is the choice of eye chips, I’m not a big fan of the realistic eye chips on Pullip in general while I understand they were probably going for a more natural look with Jeanne I’m not overly fond of them on her. Maybe I will like the eyechips better in person? I do overall really love this design.

Pullip Cosmody
p232_01_mailPullip Cosmody was the other Pullip released in July (August here in the US), she also has a MSRP of 20000 yen which is about $189.20 as of this writing.  Cosmody is already sold out via Groove Rakuten, Pullipstyle still has her available for preorder via their website and should be expecting their stock very soon (she is also available as a part of a combo with Pullip Cosmody who she released alongside- link).
p232_04_mailEvery time I look at pictures of Pullip Cosmody, all I can think of is how much she reminds me of a 1960s vision of the future would look like, her design definitely has some mod-like influences in addition to more futuristic influences. Cosmody has bubble pop electric type of vibe!
jupimerciCosmody’s design is a bit reminiscent of beloved classic Cosmic Pullip releases Mercu and Jupi but she also seems like an update to their design that being said while I love the Cosmic twins, they are nearly 15 years old now and they haven’t physically held up well.  Mercu’s headphones especially have been known to fall apart, Cosmody also has somewhat similar headphones while it’s way too early to say if they too will be prone to issues over time I will say that Mercu’s headphones were pretty easily repaired with loctite glue.
p232_05_mailIn addition to her futuristic space dress, Cosmody also comes with a sweater featuring a musical note in glitter to further reinforce her pop influence.
cosmoGroove also posted deboxed pictures of Pullip Cosmody on their blog, this one of many shots featured there but I love how this shot in particular highlights how colorful her face up is! It is does look like her design may have changed up a little bit most noteably the peekaboo heart cut-out no longer has a silver trim but a peach one instead.
p232_10_mailCosmody reminds me of an intergalatic version of Papin a bit. I really love how bright and cheerful she is!

Decisions, decisions… I love both releases even though their themes are so different from each other both really have strong designs and I honestly don’t think I could pick a favorite between the two because they are just so different from each other!

Cheers to Groove to giving us such awesome but very different releases this month!

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Pullip Etoile Rosette Version

I’ve fallen way behind on getting things written up as they have been announced here, so in the interests of trying to get myself caught up I’m going to post about newer releases with a bit more brevity than usual. I definitely don’t want to skip or fail to acknowedge releases but I’m still injured/have one arm in a sling so typing is a bit more physically taxing than usual so shorter posts highlighting the newer releases is my compromise.

Anyway on with the show!
I previously wrote about Pullip Etoile Rosette Version briefly here, at that time it looked like she might have been a limited doll like the original Etoile but now it just seems as though she was the standard release for June in Japan (released one month later here in the US). Etoile Rosette Version has a MSRP of 20000 yen which is about $189.20 as of this writing, she is stock and available to purchase via Pullipstyle, JPGroove and Groove Rakuten.
I was initially excited about the release of Pullip Etoile Rosette Version especially since I had enjoyed the original version of Etoile but I ended up hesitating. This release is a recolor of Pullip Etoile while there have been a lot of recolored releases over the years that I have enjoyed, I find myself wishing that they had made more of a dramatic departure from the original release in this case.
EtoileWhat has changed from the original Etoile?  It looks like her hair streaks are now pink versus blue, her dress is now pink versus blue and her eye chips are pink versus blue it appears she still has the same face up.
If you missed last year’s limited release Etoile and regretted it, she would be a great candidate to add to your collection or if you Pullip Etoile in your collection and enjoy dolls in multiple colorways she would probably look great on the shelf next to Etoile. While I’m sure I will end up buying her eventually, with so much other stuff coming out right now she is not a priority for me. This would be a good opportunity to convince me with photos of yours that I need her right now!

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Gosick Isul Kazuya Kujo

Once you’ve fallen out of the habit of doing something it can be difficult to know where to begin again, while I have continued to work on stuff behind the scenes here I haven’t really made a proper post in a while. Yesterday, I went to the park and took along my recently acquired Isul Kazuya Kujo for photos he’s such an overlooked gem that I figured that posting a review of him would be as good spot to start as any.

Isul Kazuya Kujo was one of two dolls released as part of a collaboration with the Gosick series, a Pullip of Victorique was also released. The Gosick series began life a light novel series before becoming a manga series and eventually an anime series as well. Set in the 1920s at an elite academy, Kazuya Kujo is a new transfer student who ends up befriending the rather eccentric Victorique and they end up solving many different criminal cases/mysteries together (note this is an extreme distillation of the plot).
Isul Kazuya Kujo and Pullip Victorique were released simultaneously in March of 2012. While Victorique sold out relatively quickly Kazuya Kujo seemed to linger in stores for longer for so long that I didn’t prioritize buying him which was a mistake as when he finally did sell out I deeply regretted not buying him especially since I love the anime. I was extremely fortunate to recently be able to add him to my doll family.
Kazuya KujoI intentionally chose just to highlight Kazuya Kujo himself in this review because Victorique tends to outshine him and I felt he deserved a moment in the spotlight by himelf, I will eventually post some pictures of him with Victorique.
Continue reading

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Upcoming Pullip Event Pullip 15th Anniversary-dream of the starry sky at Umeda souk

The first Pullips were released way back in July of 2003, to celebrate Pullip’s fifteenth anniversary an event called the Pullip 15th Anniversary Dream of the Starry Sky Event was held at Yokohama Doll Museum last year. It included a month long exhibition as well as a custom doll contest where the winner was made into an actual doll release (Pullip Secret Garden of White Witch). As part of the continued celebration of Pullip’s fifteenth anniversary Groove has just recently announced the final celebration event for Pullip’s 15th Anniversary via their blog, it will be held at Hankyu Umeda Main Store 10th floor Umeda souk From Chuo Ward Park from April 10-April 16th.
The event will feature a “Love Helm Pullip Talk Show & Sign Event” at the Pullip Exhibition Hall on April 13th with renowned doll artist Mitsubachi@BabyBee (previously featured as a part of the creator’s label line of dolls, they designed Isul MAO, Pullip Kuhn and several other dolls featured as a part of the line) as well as musician Yoko Hamasaki. Following the talk show will be an autograph session for the first thirty people in attendance to have spent over 3000 yen. There will also be exclusive items for sale at the event as well as several vendors selling Pullip products.
One of the things to come out of the event last year was the release of Pullip Etoile, she did end up getting a somewhat limited distribution after the event but she was a fairly limited release. This year’s poster is teasing the release of Pullip Etoile Rosette Version which is basically a pink version of Etoile, while she will not be released in time for the event there will be some type of bonus for those who preorder her at the event. She is to be released in June and will cost 20000 yen, it is not known at this time which stores will be able to offer her.

Here are some of the items you can look forward to at the event:
20190404200345aa5The O-830 Love My Collection Marine Dress Lolita White Version will be available for 3800 yen, this one is my favorite of this year’s outfit sets it’s a very classic design and color scheme.
20190404200347563The O-829 Love My Collection Marine Dress Lolita Style Gold Version will be available for 3800 yen. While I’m quite fond of the white dress set, I’m not as big a fan of the gold dress set, the gold color just seems a bit unappealing to me I think the gold works better as an accent and is a bit garrish otherwise.
20190404200348725Pullip Les Secrets by Laduree makes a very cute model for both of the new outfit sets! Groove’s blog notes that these items are available as a pre-release product at the event but the similar Love My Collection dress sets were listed as such last year and a wider release never materialized for them. Last year’s marine dresses can be seen here, which is your favorite?  I will say that I was fortunate enough to get the black Love My Collection dress set last year and I was really happy with it’s quality.
20190404200348eb6A white and silver version of Pullip Bouguetin’s stock outfit will be available for purchase at the event. The outfit set O-831 Outfit Selection Bouguetin White Version will cost 6800 yen, according to Groove’s blog it will receive a wide release at a later date and time which is I hope is true because I much prefer the clean white and silver look over the somewhat gaudy black and gold look.
My biggest complaint about Pullip Bouguetin as a release is that she looked a bit disjointed with her dark stock outfit and combination of white wig/blue eyes, I wish the white version of the outfit was what came on the doll as it seems to suit the doll beautifully and looks like a much more cohesive, well put together design. I hope that the Pullip Bouquetin white version outfit set becomes available for wide release after the event as I would love the outfit for my own Bouguetin.
20190404200351653Pullip Etoile Rosette Version’s outfit will be available for purchase seperately at the event for 7400 yen, I’m a bit torn about this it’s a nice to have the option to get the outfit seperately if you want her outfit but don’t neccesarily want the doll but the price seems a bit high for just the outfit. My understanding is this outfit will only be available for purchase at this event.
20190404200352769This does give us a nice first look at how Pullip Etoile Rosette Version looks alongside her predesssor Pullip Etoile who was released last year as a part of the Pullip 15th Anniversary ♥ ~ Starry Sky Dream ~ event at Yokohama Doll Museum. I love the two of them together as a pair but if I had to choose only one, I think I would still prefer the original with her more traditional galaxy print over the new version.20190404200353866When MIO kits originally debuted there was also a run of doll bodies made which were great for replacement parts, unlike the MIO kits the sold separately bodies had never been re-released. The bodies are also being pre-released at this event and will have a wider release following the event (rumor says some time this summer).  Prices are as follow MB-006 Body DAL & Byul (natural) ¥ 2,200, MB-005 Body Pullip (natural) ¥ 2,400, MB-008 Body Taeyang (fair) ¥ 2,700 &  MB-007 Body Isul (natural) ¥ 2,400.

A large number of vendors will also be at this event including such doll artisans as Milk Revo as seen below, this is just a small sampling of some of the vendors/ware that will be available at the event you can check out the whole list of vendors and their various wares here.

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Pullipstyle Coupon Event this weekend

Pullipstyle is running a coupon event this weekend, details via their facebook page

Special Coupon-Boost weekend!

From now until until 11:59 PM PST Sunday (4/7/2019) we have boosted the value of our currently coupon codes by an additional 50%

Few Caveats-
1) Coupon code only applies to the specified dolls.
2) The mobile version of the website does not have a place to input coupon codes, if you are unable to checkout on a computer please use pc view of the website to checkout.
3) We reserve the right to limit quantities!
4) We can not add the code to an order once an order has been placed, so please remember to use the coupon code! Coupon codes can not be added to pre-existing orders.
5) Offer is limited to stock on hand unless specifically noted otherwise.

taesul5 is now good for $7.50 off of any Isul or Taeyang doll

dalbyul5 is now good for $7.50 off of any Dal or Byul

10off250 is now good for $15 off of any order $250 or more

15off350 is now good for $22.50 off of any order of $350 or more

20off450 is now good for $30 off of any order of $450 or more

Although this is a really good deal, I will be abstaining as I basically already own everything I want but this is a really good opportunity to save some money on your desired doll so don’t miss out!

If you have to abstain from the offer yourself and are a bit bummed out about it, remember that though the coupons are boosted this weekend, the codes themselves will still save you money on a future order just not as much money as this weekend.
Dalbyul5 is good $5 off of a Dal or Byul
Taesul5 is good for $5 off of an Isul or Taeyang
10off250 is good for $10 off of $250
15off350 is good for $15 off of 350
20off450 is good for $20 off of 450

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Pullip Yuhwa

Long time, no write my attention has unfortunately pulled me in other directions lately so I have not had much of an opportunity to focus on the dolls. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in the dolls, I just don’t have all that much free time to focus on them anymore somehow I even missed mentioning the announcement of Pullip Yuhwa here.

Pullip Yuhwa was initially announced for an April release in Japan but was shortly thereafter delayed to a May release.  She has a MSRP of 20,000 yen.

I love her celestial robes and her almost ethereal vibe as well as her kind of dusty rose color scheme but I’m not quite sure about the hairstyle, while I know it a traditional style I wish they had gone another way with it.
Yuhwa has a very unique face up, her lips are accentuated with a very distinctively shaped paint application. It always amazes me how much Pullip’s face can appear to change with the right face up.

I apologize for this post kind of being on the short side but somehow I don’t really have a lot to say about her, she’s pretty but there have been a lot of more formal or fancy Pullips so far this year I find myself craving a doll with a bit more casual style at the moment.

Pullip Yuhwa is available for preorder via Pullipstyle.

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