Pullip Alrescha Pisces

Playing catch up today! I just posted about Pullip The Secret Garden of White Witch so now it’s time to post about the other Pullip being released alongside of her in December in Japan (one month later here in the US) Pullip Alrescha Pisces. Pullip Alresha Pisces has a MSRP of 19000 yen which is about $167 as of this writing.
Arlesha Pisces has a mermaid theme, which while not a totally new concept for Groove is something we have not seen in quite a while from them and not something we have really executed quite so well. Mermaids in general are an incredibly popular fantasy theme for dolls, while I do find myself wishing that the designers would have veered a bit more into the fantasy territory and given her a fantasy colored wig as well (I intend to give mine a Purple Ocean wig by Luts) I feel like she is a well put together and thoughtfully put together release.
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Pullip The Secret Garden of the White Witch

In an effort to play catch up, the following are going to be a series of somewhat abbrievated posts compared to my normal writings here. Alas I’ve fallen behind again due to a chaotic personal life, unfortunately I haven’t been able to make updates a priority lately with how hectic life has been. Though I have not much of an opportunity to post here I have been trying to update things like information pages for different doll releases when I get a free moment (I have also been working on the PIPP or Pullip Information Perservation Project).

Pullip The Secret Garden of White Witch was one of two dolls announced for a December release in Japan, she was announced quite a while ago now on Groove’s Blog (more on the other doll later). The US release date is one month later and I’m told Pullipstyle will be opening preorders for her “soon”. She has a MSRP of 22,000 yen which is about $193.37 as of this writing.
So what is The Secret Garden of White Witch?

Groove held a custom doll contest in conjunction with their Pullip 15 ♥ Anniversary ~ starry sky of the Dream event at the Yokohama Doll Museum earlier this year, the winner of the contest had the opportunity to get their design turned into an actual Pullip (or other Pullip family member) release. Groove received many entries to their custom contest from around the world and Pullip The Secret Garden of the White Witch was chose as the winning design. She was designed by Feb.la.Campanura, in addition to seeing their doll receive a wide release. If anyone is curious to see the other entries including my personal favorite A Traveler of a Dream please see this page dedicated to all the contest entries.

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Charon Dolls Custom Pullip Farfalla now up for auction!

Groove recently held the Pullip 15th Anniversary ♥ ~ Starry Sky Dream ~ event at the Yokohama Doll Museum, a custom doll contest was held with the winner getting the chance to have their doll made into a release. After the contest, customizers had the option to either have their dolls included in an auction held by Groove with part of the proceeds going to charity or to request their dolls back. Groove recently held the auction for the custom dolls and over 20 of the different entries were auctioned off on eBay but one doll was a bit conspicious in her absence…  Farfalla!
Pullip Farfalla was a fan-favorite entry that was especially popular among western fans of Pullip. Pullip Farfalla was customized by the extremely talented Charon Dolls,  Farfalla has a bit of a collaborative feel because many different doll artisans lended their talents to different aspects of her and all of those aspects came together perfectly! Pullip Farfalla’s dress was created by Its My Caprice, her wings & tiara were made by Mei4Life , her eye chips are made by Lullaby for Dolls, her earrings were made by The Dollie Boutique and finally her adorable little shoes were made by SK Couture. I know a lot of people were curious what

Pullip Farfalla and all of her awesome stuff has now been placed by up for auction on ebay by Charon Dolls, bidding ends on August 25th 12 PM PDT AUCTION LINK . This is very likely the only opportunity where Farfalla will be available (I can’t imagine the winner of the auction ever wanting to give her up)  so don’t miss your chance! Additional photos of Farfalla can be seen on Groove’s custom doll website , if you are on facebook and would like to keep up to date with Charon Dolls’ latest custom works please like her page.

Photos used with permission!

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Taeyang / hide ~20th Memorial Version~ announced!

I apologize for the delay on getting this posted up but wanted to confirm the details before posting. Groove recently announced the release of a new Taeyang hide~20th Memorial Version~ via their blog, the new taeyang is based on the popular Japanese musician hide and is being released to memoralize the 20th anniversary of his death.

Who is hide?  He was a Japanese musician, originally he was part of the band Saver Tiger (originally Saber Tiger) eventually he joined the band X (later renamed X Japan) and became their lead guitarist. X Japan was one of the founders of the visual kei style, where band members would dress up in outlandish ways with wild hair and make up. hide had started a solo career while being in X Japan, after the band broke up he continued to focus on hide with Spread Beaver (his touring band) as well as founding the band Zilch before his death.

In 2012, Groove released three different Taeyang dolls as well as a limited edition variant of one of the dolls based on hide’s likeness. The Taeyang dolls were all based on some of hide’s different, iconic looks from over the years:  hide Doubt version (as well as the limited version of hide Doubt version) were based on how he appeared in the music video for Doubt off of his first solo album “Hide Your Face” , hide rocket dive version is based off of hide with Spread Beaver’s 1st single ”ROCKET DIVE” and finally hide PSYENCE version based on hide’s appearance during the PSYENCE a Go Go tour. All of the hide Taeyang releases have been  Taeyang hide ~20th Memorial Version~ has a December release date and a MSRP of 22000 yen, as of this writing that works out to about $199. It is a bit apropos that Taeyang hide will be released in November just a little ahead of hide’s birthday on the 13th of December there are a lot of different events and projects lined up to celebrate what would have been his 50th birthday this year. Taeyang hide ~20th Memorial Version~ is available for preorder exclusively through Groove Rakuten and LEMONeD , additionally he can be preordered at LEMONeD’s storefront in Tokyo. Fear not international Pullip fans, Groove Rakuten does ship internationally!

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Pullipstyle Coupon Codes!

Pullipstyle shared all of their currently active coupon codes via their facebook page earlier today, if you are on facebook I recommend following their page for the latest coupon codes/store updates.

Who doesn’t love a sale? Here are all of our currently active coupon codes:

Before we begin a few caveats
– Only one coupon code per an order
– Coupon codes can not be added to an already placed order. 
– If you would like to use a coupon code you need to check out using the PCversion of the website the mobile version doesn’t support coupon codes ^^;

Usako10 is good for 10% off a selection of our favorite anime dolls.
Dolls included in this promotion are as follows:
Pullip Sailor Moon
Pullip Sailor Mercury
Pullip Sailor Mars
Pullip Sailor Jupiter
Pullip Sailor Venus
Pullip Sailor V
Pullip Sailor Uranus
Pullip Sailor Neptune
Pullip Sailor Pluto
Pullip Sailor Star Fighter
Pullip Sailor Star Maker
Pullip Sailor Star Healer
Dal Princess Small Lady
Dal Sailor Chibi Moon
Taeyang Tuxedo Mask
Taeyang Sebastian Book of Circus Version
Rozen Maiden Pullips Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, & Kanaria

Luts5 is good for $5 off a purchase of $75 or more of Luts wigs or Make It Own/MIO products (eye chips, wigs, shoes DOES NOT INCLUDE KITS).

Isul5 is good for $5 off any in stock Isul except for the Sailor Moon collaboration Isul Helios.

Dalbyul5 is good for $5 any in stock Dal or Byul.

10off250 is good for $10 off any order of $250 or more.

15off350 is good for $15 off any order of $350 or more

20off450 is good for $20 off any order of $450 or more


I think all of these coupon codes had been shared previously at one time or another but what really struck me is the variety in the codes, there is a coupon for almost everything! Hmmm I wonder which coupon code I should use….

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Pullip Les Secrets by Ladurée Announced!

For as long as I have been collecting Pullips and should know what to expect, Groove continues to surprise me with all of their different Pullip collaborations, I don’t think I could have honestly forsaw the latest collaboration doll that Groove just announced via their blog.  Groove previously posted pictures on their blog of a Pullip in the Ladurée bakery at the time I didn’t really think it that noteworthy, I thought perhaps she was just the shop mascot for that location and Groove thought it was cool so they shared pictures  or perhaps they were just teasing a new outfit set that would be released. At first glance I mistakenly thought the Pullip was ha-ha or Dahlia Cinderella or one of the other blonde hair/blue eyed dolls that seem to be dominating the release schedule recently I didn’t even realize that it was a doll we hadn’t seen before.
Groove officially announced Pullip Les Secrets by Ladurée late last night, she is being released in collaboration with Ladurée.  Ladurée is a French luxury bakery that is renowned for their sweets especially their macarons. It was founded in 1862 in Paris, Ladurée locations have since opened around the world including several locations in the United States I will definitely have to check out one of their New York locations next time I am in the city.
Pullip Les Secrets by Ladurée is to be released in November, she will be released one month later here in the US hopefully in time for Christmas as she is a little confection I would love to see hiding under my Christmas tree. She has a MSRP of 22000 yen which is about $199 as of this writing. Looking at Ladurée’s website and the pricing for their confections it is not hard to see why they are considered a luxury brand, the Pullip is definitely priced luxuriously as well! It will be interesting to see if Ladurée themselves will sell the Pullip at all, at their various locations.

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Dal Manuel Announced!

I am very late to the party on this as Groove announced Dal Manuel via their blog a while ago now, unfortunately during the summer when kiddo is home from school I don’t get much of a chance to focus on much of anything as she keeps me busy.

Dal Manuel is the first Dal released in over a year in half, the last Dal released was Dana way back in January of 2017 that is a long time to go between Dal releases. I was really starting to get a bit worried about the future of Dal as Groove very rarely announces when something is discontinued they just stop releasing it so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Dal Manuel announced. Manuel is exciting but not only because she is a new Dal but because she is something that I had personally been hoping to see for quite a while, when Groove released the School Diary series back in 2013 they only released Pullip Eloise, Isul Cedric and Taeyang Ethan I had always hoped that they would go back and release a Dal and a Byul to complete the set. While I don’t believe she is officially part of the School Diary series, she will definitely look at home on the shelf next to the others from the series  and school uniforms have been a popular theme for dolls over the years.
Dal Manuel has a school uniform theme, I like that Groove included some extra clothing pieces so her look/outfit can be mixed up a bit to almost be able to personalize it a bit. As someone who has attended private schools and had to wear nothing but school uniforms for many years any little bit of personalization you can sneak in is key to happiness, my high school had really strict regulations on everything but shoes so I made a concentrated effort to find some of the craziest and loudest shoes possible because that was the only way I could express my individuality.

Dal Manuel is to be released in October and will be released one month later here in the states, Pullipstyle has yet to start preorders but most other retailers have including Groove’s website. Dal Manuel has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which is about $180 as of this writing, which admittedly seems a bit high for a Dal but the price is not without precedent as it is how much Dal Deneb and Dal Quince cost as well plus Manuel does come with a fair bit of stock clothing. I almost feel as though Manuel is a litmus test to see if Dal is still sustainable as a release, with how much time has passed since the last Dal release it’s hard not to so if we as a community want more Dals in the future we really need to take this opportunity to show Groove that we love and support Dal.
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