Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition Update!

The limited version of Pullip Monochrome Alice is now available for preorder on Pullip.net, she is limited to only 50 pieces worldwide. She is expecting to ship in January of next year and is priced at $450. Yes at $450 Pullip Monochrome Alice Limited Edition is officially the most expensive Pullip released to date, AGA/Pullip.net was heavily criticized last year for pricing their limited version of Pullip Veritas at a special introductory price of $400 then her price later increased to $450. I know a lot of people were anxiously waiting to hear about pricing for this release hoping against hope that LE Monochrome Alice would be a little more attainable than Veritas was.

I’m so torn as I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, I literally own all of the other Alice in Wonderland themed dolls released by Jun Planning/Groove but this release is so expensive and I’ve recently spent quite a bit on other dolls. It does not help that as more time has gone on more and more photos have been added to the listing and the new photos have only added to the confusion of what all you are getting for $450.
In several of the photos in the listing there is a second doll pictured, who is this other doll? Ot appears to possibly be LE Monochrome Alice in another wig (Optical Alice’s?) but the listing never states what the other doll is. Are there two dolls? Or does the doll include a second wig? If it is two dolls is the white haired doll going to be released separately later on?
More recently several photos of LE Monochrome Alice have been added with many tattoos including quite a few on her face and that just raises even more questions. The tattoos seem completely different or have inconsistent placement from photo to photo and I believe at least some of them may just be photoshopped on. Do any tattoos actually come on the doll or does she comes with a sticker sheet of tattoos?

I love the idea of tattoos on a doll and some dolls in the past such as Taeyang Arion have come with a tattoo while other releases such as Pullip Tokidoki Luna have come with tattoo stickers. There is no mention of the tattoos either way in the listing.
I just don’t know what I want to do, she is so expensive and I have so many questions and I prefer not to have any questions about something that is so expensive. I have written to AGA on facebook hoping for some clarification.

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Pullip Himawari: Junichi Nakahara x Pullip Collaboration!!

himawariGroove recently announced a new Pullip to be released in collaboration with Junichi Nakahara via their blog.  Junichi Nakahara was a famous fashion illustrator and artist, he created the Himawari magazine as well as a handful of other magazines aimed at women and young girls. Himawari translates to mean sunflower in English and was meant to inspire young girls, it featured many illustrations by it’s creator Junichi Nakahara as well as other contributing artists. Himawari was published from 1947-1952 and a total of sixty seven volumes were published, due to popularity and age  volumes of the magazine are quite pricey on the secondary market especially as this year marked the seventieth anniversary of the magazine. Even now, seventy years later Junichi Nakahara’s characteristic style continues to inspire and be relevant today! Many believe that his illustrations of large eyed innocent girls helped to inspire the shojo manga artstyle.

Pullip Himawari was inspired by an illustration from the magazine’s first year, I believe the illustration is called Midori cold song. Pullip Himawari is to be released in March of 2018, April for those of us in the US. She has a MSRP of 22000 yen which is about $193.65 as of this writing.

I know the work of Junichi Nakahara is still popular in Japan but I wonder how familiar western fans of Pullip are with him and his works? I only knew about him before this release because I have a fashion obsessed friend who collected the magazines. Even if you are not familiar with Junichi Nakahara’s work she is a cute release that seems to exude an old fashioned kind of charm. 
Livelying the skirt on the wind that blows and blows….I will wait for you under that tree trunk…While listening to the song of Midori’s Cold….Feel Like So.
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Premium Pullip Nanette Erica Version

In the interest of getting caught up as quickly as possible these new release announcement posts are going to be a bit more abbreviated than normal…

Groove recently announced the latest doll in their Pullip Premium line via their blog Pullip Premium Nanette Erica Version. The Pullip Premium line are dolls based on previous popular designs but in all new color schemes and variations on the doll’s outfit, Pullip Premium Nanette Erica Version is based on previous release Pullip Nanette and is the fourth doll to be released as a part of the line following the release of Premium Pullips Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Version, Romantic Alice Monochrome Version &  Deep Crimson Veritas.

Pullip Premium Nanette Erica Version has a MSRP of 18000 yen which is approximately $158.54 as of this writing.  She will be released in late February in Japan, she will not be released until late March in the US. Pullipstyle has confirmed that they will be carrying her on their facebook page but will likely not open preorders for her until after the holidays because of how how far out the release is.

A night with snow falling like shining stars. Trying not to be discouraged by the cold…..Wearing layered clothing Lovely. Going out to take a picture of the first footprints marked with white snowfield….Feel Like So.
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Special Monochrome Alice Pullip AGA Exclusive

Ars Gratia Artis has been teasing a new Pullip.net exclusive Pullip since as far back as July on Mango Park’s instagram (head of AGA) and more recently on AGA’s facebook page.. The exclusive is a new version of Premium Pullip Monochrome Alice and will be limited to only 50 dolls and will only be available to purchase here.
The release of details surrounding the release of Special Version Monochrome Alice have been vexingly slow it was just announced within the past few days that preorders will open on the 15th. While preorders start on the 15th it’s not clear when she will actually be released and pricing has still not been announced at this time even though preorders open soon. For how long they have been teasing this not really much warning for when preorders will start! I think that this may be a calculated decision on their part to not announce the pricing ahead of time as their only other exclusive the Special Version of Veritas they announced last year was priced at $405 (special introductory price it later increased to $450). The pricing of Veritas was the cause of much criticism within the fan community as dolls with darker skin are so rarely released and they finally announce one that is out of reach for so many, the controversy was so bad that whoever bought her must be hiding her as I still haven’t seen any owner photos of her full set.

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I’m not dead! I’ve just been very busy

I’m not dead, just dead tired. Not only did I decide to mix things up a bit by somehow breaking my other leg (I have an avulsion fracture of the right fibula caused by stepping off a curb wrong, yes really!) but I have been kept very busy by a new rather large undertaking. Fellow Pullip collector DXGirly (these are links to her Youtube and Instagram accounts) has had a major change in life circumstances and she unfortunately isn’t able to keep most of her doll collection so I volunteered to help her rehome her dolls and ensure that all of them went to good homes. For the record I agreed to do this before I broke my leg but even after breaking the leg, I knew the situation still sucked and that I was still going to help her regardless of the leg it would just take me a bit longer.
UntitledI drove up on the 11th and retrieved the dolls, the above photo is from that night as you can see my Chevy Sonic was jampacked with dolls. My car the next morning still full of nearly 100 dolls.
UntitledI have been slowly working on getting all of the dolls photographed and processed for sale, having to work while balancing on a knee scooter is not an easy or particularly quick thing but I have been very fortunate that everyone has been amazing and super patient with me while I get photos of all the dolls up. I’m still not done photographing all of the dolls just yet but I’ve only got about 10-15 dolls left to do so I have made significant progress over the past couple of weeks.

A list of what dolls would be available had been posted on facebook the idea was if anyone was interested in a doll I would post pictures of those first and then they would have first dibs on it. We received an absolutely overwhelming response, almost every doll was spoken for immediately and everyone has been amazingly kind and patient waiting for me to get photos up of the dolls as well as shipping them out. I made a page here in an attempt to try and keep organized as well as track my sales progress, if any dolls become available they will be listed on that page. One thing this experience has taught me is that the Pullip community is absolutely amazing ❤ and has some of the kindest people in it.

Apologies if I seem flippant about the situation here, I have been told I have a very gallows sense of humor and sometimes the only way I can deal with things is to try and find the humor in them; it’s either laugh or cry. I’m very frustrated that I have to use the knee scooter again, the truly hilarious thing is I was thinking of trying to find somewhere to donate it just a few days before I broke my leg  but decided to wait and see how my December x-rays went of my left leg  first (I broke my left fibula badly in a car accident about 18 months ago). On the bright side, I’m fairly experienced with using the knee scooter now!

My apologies for falling a bit behind here, I’m going to try and get caught up a bit today but wanted to explain my recent absence here. Hopefully things will calm down soon and most of the dolls will be on their way to their new homes (some have already arrived to their new homes!) and I can get back to photographing my own dolls like Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon who arrived a few days before I broke my leg.
Eternal Sailor Moon

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Revolutionary Girl Utena Pullip Ohtori School Uniform Announced!

Recently Groove announced the exciting upcoming collaboration with the beloved classic bishoujo series Revolutionary Girl Utena via their blog, Pullips based off of the characters Utena  and Anthy are to be released in December of this year. Pullip Anthy comes in her Rose Bride dress while Pullip Utena comes in her duelist uniform which are their signature, iconic outfits.
Groove just made a very exciting announcement via their blog about their Revolutionary Girl Utena collaboration they will be releasing Ohtori school uniform outfit sets for both Utena and Anthy. The outfit sets are priced at 4800 yen each and are to be released in January.

The Outfit Sets
O824_A4 O825_A4_web_171017_01

Anime collaborations can sometimes walk a fine line, sometimes a character design is so appealing that you will want to buy the doll no matter what it is from but other times it can be kind of frustrating when you aren’t familiar with or dislike a series and then it dominates the release schedule. Some fans expressed disappointment that instead of releasing so many variations of the same character that maybe outfit sets could have released instead like instead of Super Sailor Moon being another release it would have just been a separate outfit available for purchase and I can kind of understand that even though I am personally working on getting all of the variations of the characters because I am a fan of the show.

I am very happy that Groove is going the route of releasing Ohtori School Uniforms as separate outfit sets, I’m not sure if separate doll releases of Utena and Anthy in their respective school uniforms would have been justified but I feel like this is perfect solution and a happy medium. I don’t know if Groove intends to continue this collaboration series beyond releasing dolls of Utena, Anthy and the uniform sets but now even if Groove doesn’t continue the collaboration series I can buy multiple Anthy school uniforms and make a customs of some of my favorite secondary characters like Nanami, Kozue and Shiori, oh and Wakaba!
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Pullip/Blythe Fashion Holiday Box from EmmerzApparel & ThePullipClub

Recently I was contacted by two very talented Pullip/Blythe seamstresses EmmerzApparel & ThePullipDollClub, they wanted to talk to me about something new and very exciting: an upcoming collaboration between both stores! For the first time ever they are working together on a holiday themed surprise box that will feature items from both shops (speaking of which keep reading through to the end and there is a coupon code for both shops in it for you ^_-).

I should clarify that it isn’t really a box, it’s really an envelope but that works out much better shipping-wise for us customers especially international customers as there is a significant price difference between mailing something lightweight in an envelope versus a box. Each envelope will contain six exclusive items, three items from each shop including a dress from each shop as well as other accessories. The envelope is available in two different sizes Pullip and Blythe.

The envelopes opened up for preorder earlier today, preorders are open through November 17th but only a limited number of preorders are available so I wouldn’t wait until the last minute if I were you! The holiday envelope is expected to start shipping late November, early December. The holiday envelope is priced at $35.99 and is available for preorder via both ThePullipDollClub and EmmerzApparel people can buy from whichever shop they prefer. Fashionable fall!I recently spotlighted both EmmerzApparel and ThePullipDollClub here where I reviewed items from both shops, if you have not checked out the posts yet please do so! Both shops sell very reasonably priced, well-made items for Pullip and Blythe. I included a few pictures of all of the dresses by EmmerzApparel (Pullip Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Version & Pullip Taffy) or ThePullipDollClub (Optical Alice & Simply Mango) so you can get an idea of what the quality level of their work.

I am hoping that they continue collaborating and that we will see more envelopes in the future, I’d really love to see this turn into a regular thing!
Fashionable FallI’ve been given a special coupon code to share here PJUNK10 which is good for 10% off anything in either shop except for the Holiday box, the code is good from now until November 30th.

Thank you again to ThePullipDollClub and EmmerzApparel for everything!

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