A darling little grim reaper? Pullip Keres!

I recently received Pullip Keres in the mail from Pullipstyle, my preferred retailer of Pullip. I haven’t really been photographing my dolls very much recently but she was the motivation I apparently needed to get and take some photos for the first time in well… a while!

Pullip Keres was the September Pullip release in Japan, Pullipstyle follows the American release schedule so they didn’t receive their Pullip Keres until about a week ago. Keres has a MSRP of 21,000 yen which is about $203 according to xe.com as of this writing, Pullipstyle had her for a little cheaper. I received my Keres last Monday unfortunately it was bitterly cold earlier in the week so I waited until later in the week to venture outside to take some photos of her. I had really been excited about her just from her promotonial photos but I was really delightfully surprised by how amazing she was in person. In a year packed with great doll releases, I think she is one of my two favorites it’s her and Veverka who while a very different release is also quite lovely and well-made.
A note if you will before continuing; I know photography in cemetaries can be a controversial subject for some, so this is a trigger warning so to speak several of the photos I took of Keres were taken in an old cemetary if this offends you please skip this review.


Please know that I meant no disrepect to anyone and I would never want to intrude on anyone’s grief so I would never personally use a “modern” cemetary. The most recent date of departure I could find was in the cemetary I chose to take photos at was I believe in the 1920s but most of the tombstones were so old that they were no longer readable. I live in New England so there are a lot of really old cemetaries that are just kind of around but forgotten about that no one really goes to anymore, this is one of two that I am aware of within really short walking distance of my home. I spent a lot of time in cemetaries as a youngster “visiting” various relatives so I have always found cemetaries to be kind of peaceful, calm and reflective spaces. No disrespect was meant and this was not consecrated ground ie. not a church cemetary. Anyway on to Keres…

IMG_7907 IMG_7905IMG_7906
Keres in the box! First impression upon seeing her in the box was wow her wig is much more of a mix of silver/blue than anticipated from the protomotional photos! Well the wig fiber itself feels nice, the construction of the wig is a little weird leading to a bit of a gap in her bangs, I know this will probably vary a bit from doll to doll but I thought it was worth mentioning.
Keres Stock OutfitPullip Keres’ stock outfit consists of a fully lined cloak, dress, neck ruffle closure for the cape, leggings, boots, a belt, pannier, sythe and a vest for lack of a better term. Overall I was impressed by the quality of her stock outfit, her cloak is especially nice and has a good bit of weight to it and I love the detailing of the charm of the back. When I was taking the photos of her initially in my excitement to be outside and taking photos again I missed the neck ruffle in the box so I originally thought the lack of a closure was a bit of a letdown it was in fact operator error in this case ^^;
KeresThe only thing I would have changed about her stock is maybe not having the sythe’s blade be fabric, I would have preferred plastic (ideally metal but I know that wouldn’t be practical). I love the detailing of the chains hanging from the sythe but let’s face it she doesn’t look quite as intimidating with a plush blade, it just doesn’t look like she could do much damage with it.
Keres Face UpKeres has a really nice face up, her face up has a subdued dark palette but it makes her blue glittery eye chips with exaggerated shines pop that much more. I am especially fond of the ways her lips are shaded and the color, they are just very nicely done with some subdued maude tones sneaking in. I feel like it’s been way too long since we have had a darker themed release like this, I have seen some already heralding her as the second coming of Seila.
KeresA note as I know many people like to rebody their dolls for aesthetics or whatever other reasons- Kere’ skintone while not quite as pale as the MIO pale does have a bit of a pallor appearance and doesn’t match especially well with the standard obitsu tones so she would not be a terribly great candidate for receiving an obitsu.
KeresThis is the first shot of Keres that I took after I deboxed her and I think it is also one of my favorites from the shoot, just with the tombstones in the background it adds a bit of a menancing air to the shot.
IMG_7920I really love the cooler toned color palette of Keres, not just her face up but the silver with the icy blue streaks in her hair and I love that her dress is navy colored because it makes the black of the cape and the grey of her vest kind of pop that much more. I think that if her dress had been black a great deal of the detail on it would have been lost and the stock too overwhelmingly black, details would have been harder to discern especially in photos the navy coloring really lets you appreciate the nice little dress she has on underneath.
KeresI love the little bit of almost floral detailing on her cloak, it’s a nice little bit of added contrast. The inside of the cloak has a nice velvety texture, I must say that her cloak is quickly becoming a favorite stock piece.
KeresThe dress she has on underneath the cloak is quite nice as well, I love the lace. I am also quite fond of the vest, I especially like the chain detailing on it and how nicely it echoes the chains on her staff.
KeresWhoever designed Keres put together a nice well rounded release, it seems like the designer really thought about each aspect of the doll and they really took balance of both form and color into consideration. Keres just strikes me as a well thought out and balanced release, sometimes with the releases it strikes me that this design aspect could have been changed or that wig could have complemented the doll better but I’m really happy with her as is.
KeresMore photos of Pullip Keres can be seen on my flickr, if you find yourself wanting your very own Pullip Keres she is available to purchase via Pullipstyle, JPGroove and Groove’s Official Store . So will this darling little grim reaper make the cut in your collection?
More dark/gothic Pullips please Groove! Or a goth/emo Isul would also be perfection!

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It’s been a while since my last post, while I have at least been trying my best to keep the pages updated behind the scenes I haven’t made an actual post since, I think April? This has been a rough year both on a global scale with the pandemic and as well as on a personal level as I had a medical issue that took far too long to properly diagnosis and a rough recovery following surgery (further details on this are in the post if you care to read, possible too much medical information for some so trying to keep it vague here). I have been both been looking forward to and dreading making this post but I think it’s finally reached the point where I can focus on this and enjoy my dolls again.

I wanted to make this post not for sympathy but to apologize for my absence and say that I want to get started on posting reviews of dolls again! The arrival of Pullip Keres finally motivated me to go outside and take pictures this past week, I regret not posting more reviews earlier in the year when I was more active with taking doll photos so I’m hoping to maybe go back and post reviews for Pullips Claudia and Veverka at least.

I will say that as trying as the last few months have been it hasn’t all been grim, in June we unexpectedly had the opportunity to adopt a kitten who we have named Reese Pieces (daughter picked out the name because she has peanut butter and chocolate coloring). Reese has been a constant source of joy and been my cuddle buddy throughout my recovery, we nicknamed her nurse floof foot because she is extremely floofy feet and she was more or less glued to my side since I got home from the hospital. We had her for about a month when the above photo was taken, I can’t believe she is almost six pounds now the below photo was taken within the last week. Her hobbies include bird watching out the window, zoomies, the killing of moths (I swear kiddo intentionally lets them in the house for her) and climbing on her kitty tower.

Now would be a good place to stop reading if you are squeaming or just don’t feel you need to know the details beyond my having an abdominal surgery and a rough recovery.

I had been experiencing on and off abdominal pain for months, I have endometrisis and PCOS different doctors told me different things basically boiled down to “suck it up, buttercup” or “take midol”! Finally after a particularly brutal onslaught of pain (post-hurricane while we still didn’t have lights which was the extra cherry on the misery sundae) I went to the ER and they did an ultrasound, they found an extremely large cyst over 20cm in length that fully encapsulated my left ovary. Due to the pandemic and reduced surgery schedules here, it took me over a month from diagnosis to being able to get this damned thing out of me all the while I was arguing with my insurance company to make sure this would be covered which is a good thing because total costs would have been over $20k just for surgery not counting the presurgical work-ups and postsurgical follow-ups.

Two days before the operation the head surgeon decided that they wouldn’t be able to take the cyst out laproscopically and would basically need to give me a vertical cesaration section. I ended up having my left ovary and left fallopian tube completely removed, the cyst had grown so large that it had started to fuse with my abdominal wall and intenstines. They found another cyst in my fallopian tube that turned out to be not so much of a cyst but the remnants of an eptopic pregnancy I had and apparently lost at some point that we didn’t know about. Recovery has been rough, incision opened up a few times even with my not really doing anything physical and I devoloped allergies to nearly every means they tried to bandage the wound with leading to half dollar sized blisters. I have a new fairly gnarly scar that basically starts just under my rib cage goes all the way down through and down past my belly button. The surgery was on September 11th, an auspicious date to be sure and just in the last couple of weeks do I feel like I am more or less fully recovered.

I did try to keep my sense of humor through all this, we nicknamed the cyst Pedro after a former coworker that had a habit of popping up, being super annoying and basically would just get in the way and proceed to stay there. I had initially wanted to see photos of Pedro out of morbid curioisity and requested to do so but while my surgeon had been okay with this pre-op, post-operation she advised against it though apparently photos of Pedro will be used in medical texts because of how abnormal it was.

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Vocaloid x Pullip Yokohama Miku Doll Museum Exclusive @JPGroove

I noticed that JPGroove had recently opened a limited number of preorders for the Yokohama Doll Museum Exclusive Version of Pullip Miku, until now the only way to get her was to go to Yokohama Doll Museum in Japan yourself to buy her or make arrangements with someone in Japan to do so for you (which is the r oute I had to take to get mine ^^;). Let’s talk about Pullip Miku Yokohama Doll Museum Exclusive Version, she is a limited edition of 250 she was created especially for the Yokohama Doll Museum for a Vocaloid Miku Figure Exhibition that happened from December to January
Yokohama Doll Museum Miku is priced at $239.99 which includes shipping from Japan, while this isn’t exactly cheap the museum itself charges 23,760 yen for her and that doesn’t include whatever extra you had to pay/favors you had to call in with friends in Japan to get her so this is likely the best price anyone is going to be able to get for her.
Preorders close on the 19th of April, the dolls are being shipped directly from Japan on or around the 24th while she isn’t cheap I can tell you that this is likely going to be the cheapest way to get her if you want to add her to your collection.

JPGroove Preorders – here

For those of you waiting for Pullipstyle to stock her, Mike has already gone on record as saying that PS will not be offering her.

I have actually had a Yokohama Doll Museum Exclusive Version of Miku in my collection for a while now but it wasn’t until JPGroove announced the opening of their preorders that I realized, I had never really any owner photos of her so I figured now was a good of time as any to debox my Miku and share some photos of her!

Yokohama Miku

There have so many different outfits and costumes created for Miku over the years but I really loved this design in particular, I tend to really like nautical/sailor themes for outfits though. She comes cutely adorned with lots of little unique touches on her stock outfit like an anchor patch and a musical chain for lack of a better word (a chain belt featuring musical notes- perhaps she is singing a nautical theme!).
Yokohama Miku
I think she may actually be my favorite Miku released so far which is saying a lot because I think she is the fifth version of the character (Miku, Snow Miku, Sakura Miku, Lol Miku) although an argument could be made for the original Miku Pullip as being Miku in her most iconic form, I like that this a unique Miku that I don’t have a bunch of figures, nendoroids etc featuring her wearing the exact same outfit.
Yokohama Miku
She’s just so darn cute! I have lots more pictures of Yokohama Miku on my flickr don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to add her to your collection via JPGroove.
Ta-ta for now!
Yokohama Miku

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Dal Pixie

It has been a long time since the last Dal was released, the most recent Dal release had been Dal Manuel way back in October 2018 that is until Dal Pixie was recently released. I’ve been struggling to find a starting point to posting more regularly here again, it’s been a long time since I have posted a review I thought that the first new Dal release in over a year seemed to be as good an excuse for a post so here goes…
marchcomboDal Pixie was released alongside Pullip noan in February in Japan, March here in the US she has a MSRP of 20000 yen or approximately $184.49 as of this writing. When the dolls were originally announced, Pullip noan was an instant favorite for me as her stock outfit is definitely something not that far away from my own style aesthetic but I always thought that Dal Pixie was cute. Both dolls arrived from Pullipstyle a little more than a week ago, what I hadn’t anticipated was how much I would fall in love with Pixie once I had her in my hands so I ended up opening her first (noan is amazing too but Pixie was unexpected delight).

Sparkling Magic….Give you Sweet Magical Powder!!

Dal Pixie in the box, in addition to the standard stand (this time in a lovely shade of light) and card she also comes with what I am going to call a butterfly headdress. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of quality regarding the butterfly headdress but I was impressed with it and it’s quality definitely not something I anticipate falling apart on me. The only other thing I would have maybe have included with Dal Pixie is maybe a wand? Somehow it just seems like she needs a little fairy wand with a ribbon attached to it.
A couple of quick observations- well first, oh my goodness she’s absolutely adorable! I really love her wig, though I struggle to put a name to the color (maybe strawberry blonde ?) the style and color work nicely for her while I normally love fantasy colored wigs I think the contrast of the wig color kept her from being too overloaded with the pastel color palette. The wig itself is soft and seems to be nice quality.
IMG_6573Dal Pixie’s face up has an almost unearthly beauty to it, her face up is very pastel colored
done in shades of pink and white but her shiny eyes and eyelids really set her apart.  I was pleasantly surprised by her eyelids which are purple and sparkly. Dals can’t close their eyes but they do have a small bit of visible eyelid I didn’t really notice them that much in the promotional images but I think they really suit her and make her face up pop! The eye chips have been a bit of a divisive factor in the doll community, some people love them for adding to her ethereal charm others don’t care for them at all. I was originally somewhat hesitant about the chips myself but I ended up really liking them in person, I understand why others may not care for them but please remember that eye chips are easily changeable.
Dal Pixie Not for sale or tradeDal Pixie’s stock outfit consists of a dress, cardigan, clogs with attached pompoms, tights, a butterfly headdress and two pompom arm accessories. The dress has a kind of balloon skirt with small multi-colored pompoms that float freely within the tulle, this style of dress is a popular style with dolls right now as it’s very whimsical and definitely seems to fit Pixie’s almost ethereal aesthetic. I think the mismatched tights are a fun detail though I must admit a bit to my embarassment that it seems I may have put the tights back on Dal Pixie backwards at one point because they are flipped in some of my photos of her ^^; . The clogs with mismatched pompoms are another fun, whimsical touch. I love how the cardigan has an almost intangible quality to it, it just seems so light and dainty. And the headdress…
IMG_6600I absolutely love the floral butterly headdress! The small peach colored flower looks quite remarkable with the butterfly wings. I am trying my best to be very careful with the butterfly wings but I will say I expected them to kind of flimsy but they seem to be fairly well-made.
Dal PixieAww, my heart Dal Pixie you have definitely stolen it!
Dal PixieI honestly didn’t expect to like Dal Pixie as much as I do, she is quite captivating I can’t get over what a surprising delight she ended up being.
Dal PixieSuch an enchanting little darling! I love how cardigan and dress almost seem to float.
Dal PixieDal Pixie has a very sweet fairy design but I am somewhat torn on whether she is actually supposed to be a fairy or if she is perhaps a fanciful little girl dressed up like how she thinks a fairy would look. Traditionally fairies are depicted with wings, Dal Pixie doesn’t have wings besides the one’s on her butterfly headdress. I think her outfit kind of plays into this theory a little too… I love how her outfit is put together, it doesn’t match perfectly but that keeps the oufit from being an indiscernable pastel overload it also kind of looks like perhaps she has raided her trunk of dress up and put together the best fairy outfit that she could. The outfit works for her though and I think that it’s slightly mismatched nature has endeared her more to me, it makes her more interesting!

I look forward to the upcoming release of Pullip Eirene to go alongside my Dal Pixie, aren’t they just the perfect pair? I must admit I think Pixie is my favorite of the two right now but we shall see once Pullip Eirene gets released. Is it wrong of me to hope that an Isul eventually gets released as a part of this set? Though I guess we do already have an Isul with a fairy theme Fairy Lumiere from the Cinderella series.

Please see my flickr for more photos of Dal Pixie, if you find yourself in need of a delightful little fairy to add to your own doll family after reading this review she is available for purchase via Pullipstyle and/or JPGroove. Please remember that Pullipstyle and JPGroove themselves are both small businesses, I know a lot of people (and small businesses) are struggling right now but if you are able to please support them!Dal PixieI’m hoping to make posting here again a more regular thing again especially right now since we are under a “stay at home” order but that doesn’t always translate to my having free time to focus on much of anything for very long. Maybe next time, a Pullip Claudia review? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Pullipstyle Lucky Bag Trio

Pullipstyle recently announced on their facebook page that they are offering a limited time special via their website. What is a lucky bag? A lucky bag or fukubukuro are a popular sales trend in Japan they tend to be a great deal/inexpensive but they are traditionally blind ie. you don’t know the contents of your lucky bag until after you purchase it. Lucky bags are great if you don’t own a lot of that store’s/brand’s products but if you are a big fan of their store/band and collect their stuff it is a bit of a gamble on whether or not you may end up being unlucky and receiving a duplicate of something you already own :/ .  Pullipstyle’s lucky bag offer works a little bit differently than the traditional lucky bag because they are giving their customers choice as to what dolls they will receive, they have separated dolls into three separate categories and you get to choose one doll from each category.  I’m really glad that they chose to do it this way as it’s one thing to get a duplicate blind box re-ment or Tokidoki Unicorno but another entirely to get a duplicate doll or get stuck with a doll you simply don’t fancy. reviseluckybag
From now until March 31st you can buy a lucky bag from Pullipstyle for $333 via their website.  The lucky bags work as a short-term preorder as I guess they are ordering in stock specially to fill these orders.

Dolls are separated into three groups of seven-eight dolls each, there is a nice variety of dolls in each group.
Group A
Group B
Group C

The deal actually works out to be a really great value depending on what dolls you choose, for example if you chose ordered Pullips Kumiho and Nanette Erica via their website they would be $310, for just $23 more you get your choice of one of the dolls from Group C plus as you can also stack their 10off250 discount code with it for an additional $10 off and if you are in the US this offer meets the threshold for free best way shipping so that would three dolls for $323 shipped within the US, definitely not a bad deal.

I unfortunately have all of the dolls on offer, honestly the only Pullip family member doll I don’t own that they still have in stock is Taeyang Albireo (although they do have some Luts Tiny Delf in stock and Azone dolls for me to drool over) but I think this is a more than fair deal so I thought I would share here!

I know a lot of us are stuck at home right now (including me) and potentially off of work right now (also me) and I know dolls aren’t neccessities but places like Pullipstyle (Groove itself is probably a lot smaller than most people realize) are small businesses so I will continue to support them for as long as I am able plus Pullip spark joy!

Hoping to devote some of this downtime to updating this website, while I have continued to update the release lists and make information pages more or less I haven’t been great about posting reviews or new doll announcements with any sort of regularity unfortunately a chaotic real life tends to trump time I can devote to doll as we settle into new routine of “distance learning” etc I’m hoping to have more time to spend working on things here.

EDIT: This deal has been extended through until the end of April!

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Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Doll Collection Doll (Yeolume)

Some rather unexpected news has caused me to break my relative silence here; while I’ve still been around doing updates on pages etc but haven’t posted an update or review in months but this was something so exciting I had to share as soon as possible. Groove has announced a new Yeolume for the first time in several, while technically speaking she belongs to a line called Doll Collection which will be a line of collaboration dolls and this release at least will be in the style of Yeolume.

Of course, mega-popular Vocaloid character Miku seems like the obvious choice for the first entry in this new collaboration series even though there is already multiple different variations of Pullip Miku and even a DoColla Little Pullip + version of Miku it just seems like a safe choice.

For those of you unfamiliar with Yeolume she is Pullip’s daughter from the future. She’s kind of a strange case because unlike the other dolls in the Pullip family, Ars Gratia Artis retained full rights to her and Groove had limited involvement with her previous release.  Only two models of her were released originally and though her intitial reception within the doll community was kind of lukewarm due to her body being more similar to Blythe than the more articulated Pullip despite this she has definitely become a favorite of the community since then (body comparison featuring Yeolume can be seen here).

Concept Based on the groove’s original doll (Yeolume), it is a new product “collection doll” developed with all collaborations based on the concept of “clothes figures”. Hair is wig. The neck (left and right), shoulders (front and back), waist (left and right), and legs (front and back) are movable, and the knees are also bendable. The pupil is also a doll eye that can move left and right, so you can add a little pose or expression. You can also arrange hair, so find your own expression and take the best shot! It is a product that you can play. The total length is about 27cm and it is easy to collect.


Doll Collection Miku will be released in March in Japan (April here in the US) and will have a MSRP of 12,000 yen.

Groove teases that the second title has already been decided and it’ll based on “the 25th anniversary of this year, it is a super-sci-fi animation that will release a new movie.” AGA has also been teasing photos of a non-collaboration Yeolume with a unicorn theme on their various social media pages so perhaps there is some hope that the Yeolume will also continue in a non-collaboration series at least in a limited fashion as well.


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Pullips PIMMAM & Momori

Time keeps on slipping away from me, in an effort to speed up this endeavour posts are going to be a bit shorter than usual here I apologize in advance for the brevity but I have a lot of ground to cover and less time/ability to do it in.

I am now up to the October releases… As a note, so far no Pullip has been announced for a September release in Japan I’m not sure if that means Groove is skipping a month or if there is still a forthcoming release to be announced.

Pullip PIMMAM is the first of two releases coming out in October in Japan, she will be released one month later here in the US. She has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which as of this writing is equivelant to about $189.20. She is currently available for preorder via Groove Rakuten Shop and Pullipstyle (also available as a part of a combo set with Pullip Momori).

Pullip PIMMAM is an audacious, downright bizarre release but I absolutely love and adore her! PIMMAM seems to have a bit of a candy monster theme, she is equal parts sweet and scary with her pastel goth outfit and her outlandish accessories! I can’t get over the fact that her purse is an eyeball, which is a continuing motiff from her skirt but still I don’t think I’ve ever seen an eyeball purse anywhere else before this. The bone motiff on her shirt and leggings is something quite popular in pastel goth, I’ve never seen any with quite so many bones in the legs before. Her shoes appear to be spiked as well as flocked!
PIMMAM reminds me a bit of Papin but reimagined as a monster girl, Papin is still one of my favorite Pullip releases and every time I see a photo of one I can’t help but smile I feel like it’s going to be the same way with PIMMAM.

I love that PIMMAM is so bright colorful and unique!

Pullip Momori
Pullip Momori is the other release coming out in October in Japan. Once again we have a month where there are two releases who couldn’t be more different from each other; while PIMMAM is a bright and colorful release with an outfit bordering on costume Momori has much more of a natural color palette and her stylish stock outfit looks like something you could actually see someone wearing during the spring (or fall) in the city. She has a MSRP of 22000 yen which is about  $208.58 as of this writing. She is available for preorder via Groove Rakuten shop and Pullipstyle (where she is also available as part of a combo set with PIMMAM).
Pullip Momori was designed by Mikiyochii x Nénelle et Lalluli. I think this is an amazing opportunity for fans of their works that haven’t had the opportunity or ability to get a one of a kind piece from either artist, I know that I am personally very excited about this opportunity!
While I myself tend to be more of a fan of really bright colorful dolls (the more eye searing the colors the better!) versus those with more natural color schemes, she is such a well put together release where the outfit prefectly complements the doll’s overall design that I can’t help falling in love with her.
I love that her eyelids are such a great pop of color,  they are almost marigold!

Pullip Momori has an absolutely gorgeous face up characteristic of works by Mikiyochii, the eyelashes in particular just scream her style! I absolutely love her face up and how ell the natural colors all seem to work together and the way her lips are painted give her such a unique expression. I know that sometimes the dolls designed by artists are not everyone’s cup of tea due to some of them having such different styles but I personally can’t recall an artist I was this excited to see featured previously.

The only element I’m not completely sold on with Momori is the removeable collar while it does appear to be fake fur, I’m personally not overly fond of it and prefer her without it.

Verdict: Well let’s just say in my case that’s a good thing that Pullipstyle is offering a little bit of a discount if you buy both (don’t forget to use code 10off250 for even more of a bargain ) as I’m excited about both releases. Even though the two releases are very different from each other I can’t choose just one, I require both dolls!


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Pullip Margrethe

Part three in my vain attempts in trying to catch-up on writing up some releases that I previously neglected to as they were announced ^^;

P-233_1_mailPullip Margrethe is an August release in Japan, she will be released in September here in the US. It is important to note that there still has not been a release announced for September in Japan, I’ve heard rumors of a possible release but nothing has been officially announced just yet. She has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which as of this writing is equivelant to about $189.20. Pullip Margrethe is in stock and available for purchase via Groove Rakuten  and is currently available for preorder via Pullipstyle where she is expected to be in stock late Septemeber.
P-233_2_mailPullip Margrethe has a country lolita vibe similar to Pullips’ Dita and Meg, her outfit has a kind of home-spun charm to it. One of the things in general about this year’s Pullip releases is that there has been a huge variety of original designs, there have been a lot of really great releases like nine-tailed fox Kumiho and and the military lolita Pullip Jeanne but most of the designs are very unique and not all of them are going to appeal to everyone. I admittedly kind of personally struggle with Pullip Margrethe, I don’t think she is a bad release persay just that she just isn’t my personal cup of tea.
P-233_3_mailI can’t help but wonder if this outfit was originally designed with a Dal (or maybe even Byul) prototype in mind, I think I would like the outfit a lot more if it was on a Dal as it seems maybe a bit too immature for Pullip especially with the teddy bear detailing and her teddy bear companion. I actually even like the doll itself as she has somewhat of a melancholy vibe I just feel like she doesn’t quite match the stock outfit so perhaps what I will end up doing is restyling Margrethe herself and give her outfit to a Dal instead.
I like that Margrethe has a bit of a somber vibe to her. It looks like her lips were intentionally minimized a bit, I actually like the combination of the smaller lips with the almost nude lipstick. I’m not quite sure if wide-eyed innocence was what the desired impact was but it almost feels like her eye make up might be a bit too overdone compared to the rest of her.

I still haven’t made up my mind about her but I feel like she really has the potential to shine outside of her stock outfit so I’m tempted by her! I might have to wait to see owner photos of her first though.

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Pullips Jeanne & Cosmody

We now continue with part two of our series of Klein desperately trying to catch up here while not further trying to aggravate her rotator cuff injury!

This post will focus on Pullips Jeanne and Cosmody who were released in July in Japan and will be releasing hopefully some time later this week here in the US. I’m very excited about both of these releases even though really the two of them couldn’t be further apart in terms of theme while Pullip Jeanne is a military lolita, Pullip Cosmody looks like a futuristic pop idol with a space theme.

Pullip Jeanne
p229_1_mailPullip Jeanne is the first of two dolls that were released in July in Japan and that will be released here in the US very soon. She has a MSRP of 20000 yen which is about $189.20 as of this writing.  She is already sold out via Groove Rakuten, Pullipstyle still has her available for preorder via their website and I’m told they are expecting their stock some time in the coming week (she is also available as a part of a combo with Pullip Cosmody who she released alongside- link).
p229_2_mailPullip Jeanne has a military lolita theme, I have to say that Pullip has really stepped up in terms of variety in their releases this year as this isn’t really a theme we have seen on Pullip before (though J-doll Via Appia would probably fit in well next to her). Her stock looks nicely detailed and like a lot of care was put into designing it and she even has what appears to be made to be nicely made boots to complete her look!jeanne1Groove posted some photos of Pullip Jeanne out of the box on their blog, I was excited for her just having seen the promotional photos but she really shines that much more in these photos. I hope Groove continues to post photos like this in the future on their blog as they really give you a great sense of the doll.
The only aspect of Pullip Jeanne I’m not completely sold is the choice of eye chips, I’m not a big fan of the realistic eye chips on Pullip in general while I understand they were probably going for a more natural look with Jeanne I’m not overly fond of them on her. Maybe I will like the eyechips better in person? I do overall really love this design.

Pullip Cosmody
p232_01_mailPullip Cosmody was the other Pullip released in July (August here in the US), she also has a MSRP of 20000 yen which is about $189.20 as of this writing.  Cosmody is already sold out via Groove Rakuten, Pullipstyle still has her available for preorder via their website and should be expecting their stock very soon (she is also available as a part of a combo with Pullip Cosmody who she released alongside- link).
p232_04_mailEvery time I look at pictures of Pullip Cosmody, all I can think of is how much she reminds me of a 1960s vision of the future would look like, her design definitely has some mod-like influences in addition to more futuristic influences. Cosmody has bubble pop electric type of vibe!
jupimerciCosmody’s design is a bit reminiscent of beloved classic Cosmic Pullip releases Mercu and Jupi but she also seems like an update to their design that being said while I love the Cosmic twins, they are nearly 15 years old now and they haven’t physically held up well.  Mercu’s headphones especially have been known to fall apart, Cosmody also has somewhat similar headphones while it’s way too early to say if they too will be prone to issues over time I will say that Mercu’s headphones were pretty easily repaired with loctite glue.
p232_05_mailIn addition to her futuristic space dress, Cosmody also comes with a sweater featuring a musical note in glitter to further reinforce her pop influence.
cosmoGroove also posted deboxed pictures of Pullip Cosmody on their blog, this one of many shots featured there but I love how this shot in particular highlights how colorful her face up is! It is does look like her design may have changed up a little bit most noteably the peekaboo heart cut-out no longer has a silver trim but a peach one instead.
p232_10_mailCosmody reminds me of an intergalatic version of Papin a bit. I really love how bright and cheerful she is!

Decisions, decisions… I love both releases even though their themes are so different from each other both really have strong designs and I honestly don’t think I could pick a favorite between the two because they are just so different from each other!

Cheers to Groove to giving us such awesome but very different releases this month!

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Pullip Etoile Rosette Version

I’ve fallen way behind on getting things written up as they have been announced here, so in the interests of trying to get myself caught up I’m going to post about newer releases with a bit more brevity than usual. I definitely don’t want to skip or fail to acknowedge releases but I’m still injured/have one arm in a sling so typing is a bit more physically taxing than usual so shorter posts highlighting the newer releases is my compromise.

Anyway on with the show!
I previously wrote about Pullip Etoile Rosette Version briefly here, at that time it looked like she might have been a limited doll like the original Etoile but now it just seems as though she was the standard release for June in Japan (released one month later here in the US). Etoile Rosette Version has a MSRP of 20000 yen which is about $189.20 as of this writing, she is stock and available to purchase via Pullipstyle, JPGroove and Groove Rakuten.
I was initially excited about the release of Pullip Etoile Rosette Version especially since I had enjoyed the original version of Etoile but I ended up hesitating. This release is a recolor of Pullip Etoile while there have been a lot of recolored releases over the years that I have enjoyed, I find myself wishing that they had made more of a dramatic departure from the original release in this case.
EtoileWhat has changed from the original Etoile?  It looks like her hair streaks are now pink versus blue, her dress is now pink versus blue and her eye chips are pink versus blue it appears she still has the same face up.
If you missed last year’s limited release Etoile and regretted it, she would be a great candidate to add to your collection or if you Pullip Etoile in your collection and enjoy dolls in multiple colorways she would probably look great on the shelf next to Etoile. While I’m sure I will end up buying her eventually, with so much other stuff coming out right now she is not a priority for me. This would be a good opportunity to convince me with photos of yours that I need her right now!

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