JPGroove Sample Sale & New Pullipstyle Coupon Code

There are a couple of noteworthy Pullip sales/specials within the US going on right now so I thought that I should share!

JPGroove Sample Sale
JPGroove is currently running another Sample Sale. For those of you who are unfamiliar with their Sample Sales, the dolls featured as a part of the sale were previously used as display models either at an event such as SDCC or in stores. Since all of the dolls were previously used as display models they do not come with their boxes or stands and it’s possible they may be missing an accessory or two as things can get misplaced over time. It’s a great opportunity to get a doll you want for a great price if you are willing to take the chance on maybe missing an accessory or two or if you don’t mind the absence of box, stand or card.

Here is just a small sampling of the dolls currently available via the Sample Sale, the whole selection can be seen here
JPGroove offers free shipping for orders within the US totalling over $175. I’ve placed a few orders and so far all of the dolls I have purchased from this round of the Sample Sale have arrived in really nice condition with no major issues. I think one of my favorite new acquisitions from this round of the Sample Sale is Dal Alice in Steampunk World who I had been wanting for a long while and is oh so cute in person!
Alice in Steampunk World DalI’m still waiting for Pullip ha-ha and Taeyang Grell, I’m trying mostly in vain to ignore the Sample Sale now and pretend that it doesn’t exist anymore so I don’t cave and buy Taeyang Sebastian ~Book of Circus~ Version and/or Undertaker.

Pullipstyle Coupon Event Pullipstyle has posted the following coupon codes via their facebook page:
The codes are pretty self explanatory 10off250 will give you a $10 discount off of an order $250 or more, etc. It’s a great opportunity to order a couple of dolls off of your wishlist and get a nice bit of a discount. It is unknown how long this coupon event will be good for so I would not delay ordering for too long if you intend to utilize the codes. Don’t forget to input the coupon code in the discount code box!

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Dal Silane

The memory chip in my camera recently developed issues, it was a bit frustrating but I knew that surely I must have had a spare memory chip somewhere. I did eventually find an old memory chip and much to my surprise it had a bunch of photos on it that I had never uploaded, the photos had been taken immediately before my car accident last year. Among the photos on the memory chip were some photos of Dal Silane, she had been my newest arrival before the car accident. Most of these pictures had kind of gotten lost in the shuffle and Silane never properly got a chance to shine.

I remember when Dal Silane was first announced all I could think of was how much of a sugary sweet confection she was. Dal Silane was released in May of 2014. Only two Dals were released in 2014, Silane and Tokidoki Dal Vendettina the two of which could not be more different than day and night the sweet lolita Silane and the dark edgy Vendettina. There is such a stark difference between the two Dals, Silane was designed to be a very safe release with broad appeal while Vendettina was much more of a risky release they counterbalance each other well. I’m glad that Dal has since made a regular return to release schedule since the dark, mostly Dal-free days of 2014 and that we are seeing a variety of releases.  Dal Silane had a MSRP of 15000 yen at the time of release. I purchased my Dal Silane from Pullipstyle in late April of last year.
SilaneI am off to the tea room with my mom… Wearing a soft, white outfit…
I am a proper Lady!!

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Pullip veryBerryPOP

Today as another snowstorm strikes, I decided that what I needed to do was to focus on something really bright and colorful in effort to bring some cheer to an otherwise dreary day. My intention had been to write about Dal Alpin next but she is more of a winter themed doll and considering it has snowed here for the last four days in a row, I’ve had my fill of winter at the moment so as fantasies of spring dance in my head Pullip veryBerryPOP will be featured here today instead.

Pullip veryBerryPOP was released in June of 2016, she had a MSRP of 18,000 yen. She kind of stood out to me because she was one of the rare releases last year that was not a collaboration, a recolored version of a previous release or part of the Creator’s Label line she was an original release and a bit unique because of that. Her name veryBerryPOP is also quite unique with it’s odd capitalizations, I think it suits her though as I can totally picture her in my head introducing herself with unbridled enthusiasm really emphasizing the POP at the end of her name.

I’ve been very interested in veryBerryPOP ever since she announced but for one reason or another I hadn’t purchased her yet, a contributing factor was that there were a lot of great doll releases last year and only so much paycheck to go around especially since I do have collecting interests outside of Pullip as well. I pounced on the opportunity to get veryBerryPOP when I saw that she was featured as part of JPGroove‘s recent Sample Sale. For those of you aren’t familiar with their Sample Sales the dolls featured as a part of the sale are dolls previously used for display so they don’t come with their stands/boxes/cards and they may have little issues or be missing some accessories but they are generally priced very reasonably. VeryBerryPOP arrived a few weeks ago in wonderful condition and I believe she even came with all of her stock items, I’m very happy I had the chance to add her to my  collection as she is just the little ray of sunshine I needed today!
veryBerryPOPA bright Red Berry and full lace are sign of cuteness…. Am I Sweetest?….. Feel Like So.
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Disney Pullip Cinderella Announced

Groove just announced the start of a new collaboration series with Disney via their blog tonight. Previously, Groove partnered with Disney in 2009 to release dolls based on different Disney properties such as Peter Pan (Pullip Peter Pan, Byul Tiger Lily, Taeyang Captain Hook & Dal Tinker Bell), Dumbo (Byul Dumbo) and Pinocchio (Dal Pinocchio) while I think Disney was a great choice for Groove to collaborate with, I always kind of questioned their choice of characters to turn into dolls personally I think dolls based off of the various Disney princesses would have been more popular and sold better…
The new collaboration series is being called the Doll Collection series, the first doll in this series will be Pullip Cinderella based off of the titular character from Cinderella from the classic Disney film which came out in 1950. Pullip Cinderella will be available for purchase via Bandai Premium Shop starting on February 10th (link) it is not clear at this time if Pullip Cinderella will be exclusive to Bandai Premium Shop or not at this time if or when more information becomes available I will update.

Pullip Cinderella’s MSRP will be 18,000 yen, which honestly I was kind of surprised by how reasonably priced she was especially compared to the other doll that was recently announced Isul Yagen Toshiro’s price tag of more than 28,000 yen. She will be released in March in Japan, it is not clear at this time if she will be released outside of Japan at this time.

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Rose of Versailles Pullip Collaboration Series, Again?

In a surprising move today Groove just announced that they would be re-releasing the Rose of Versailles collaboration series of dolls via their blog. The dolls are being re-released in honor of the 45th anniversary of the debut of the Rose of Versailles manga series, in addition to it being 45th anniversary of the debut of her most popular manga 2017 also marks the 50th anniversary of the debut of it’s creator Riyoko Ikeda. The Rose of Versailles manga was so popular it has spawned an anime series, films as well as musicals.

The Rose of Versailles Pullip collaboration series was originally released back in May of 2013, the re-released versions will be released in mid-February. Groove has stated that the new versions of the dolls will come with a special seal or sticker on their boxes which I am assuming is the new circular 45th anniversary logo seen in the revised promotional photos. Taeyang André Grandier and Pullip Oscar François will have MSRP of 15000 yen each while Pullip Marie Antoinette has a MSRP of 18000 yen (she is a queen after all ie. significantly fancier than the other two dolls) which is the same MSRP they had when they were originally released.

The re-release is great for fans of Rose of Versailles or people who missed out on the original dolls as both of the Pullips are becoming somewhat harder to find these days, fortunately the Taeyang André Grandier is still somewhat easier to find. I own both of the Pullips both of which are currently NRFB perhaps this will be the inspiration I needed to finally open them.


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Preorders Open Pullip Optical Alice, Dal Dana & Isul Caros via Pullipstyle

I just wanted to drop a quick note here that Pullipstyle has opened up preorders for the following dolls on their website: Pullip Optical Alice, Dal Dana & Isul Caros. The dolls are due in stock at Pullipstyle in late February.
P195_06_mailOptical Alice is the first doll in a new series of Alice dolls, the Optical series will feature a red, white and black color theme. Optical Alice is currently priced at $135 and can be preordered here at Pullipstyle.
danacarosIsul Caros & Dal Dana are inspired by Grimm’s fairytale The Prince and the Frog, Isul Caros is the frog/prince and and Dal plays princess Dana. Dal Dana and Isul Caros are available at Pullipstyle at their respective links.

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Touken Ranbu – online – Isul Yagen Toshiro Announced!

Groove has officially announced the release of the first doll in a new collaboration series with popular online collectible card game Touken Ranbu, Isul Yagen Toshiro via their blog last night. Touken Ranbu is so popular it has already been adapted into an anime series Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru and will be receiving a second anime adaption Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu later this year.

Groove’s announcement highlighted that preorders for Isul Yagen Toshiro would be opening at Bandai Online Shop first here. Previously Bandai offered exclusive versions of the very popular Sailor Moon Pullip collaboration series via their website, the exclusive version of the dolls came with items such as school uniforms or character specific accessories such as Sailor Moon came with a plush of her cat companion Luna while the standard release omitted these “bonus” items. Groove has not shared a lot of details about Isul Yagen Toshiro’s release just yet so it is not clear if this version will be exclusive to Bandai’s shop or not just yet, if it is exclusive I’m not sure what his exclusive items consist of ^^;. I’m hoping that the Touken Ranbu dolls will receive a standard release as well as a Bandai Online version as otherwise these dolls might be a bit difficult to obtain. I will be sure to update here as more details become available.

Bandai has listed Isul Yagen Toshiro’s release date as late March of 2017, Groove has listed a slightly more nebulous “spring” release  date. Bandai lists his MSRP as 28,080 yen which is approximately $248 (wow) as of this writing.
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