15th Anniversary Commerative Model Pullip Etoile Announced!

I’m a bit behind and trying to play catch up today so sorry for so many back to back posts today ^^;.

Groove has been teasing the 15th Anniversary Commerative Model Pullip Etoile for a while now using her as a poster girl for their 15th Anniversary event but up until now there have not been many details available about her upcoming release. Finally Groove announced release information regarding Pullip Etoile via their blog recently, in even more exciting news they also shared several new promotional photos of her so we could all get a better look at her.

Pullip Etoile is available immediately for sale at the Pullip 15th Anniversary ♥ ~ Starry Sky Dream ~ event at Yokohama Doll Museum gift shop, for everyone not fortunate enough to attend the event she is available for preorder via Groove Rakuten, Pullip.net and Pullipstyle  where she is expected to be in stock some time in June. She has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which is about $181.56 USD as of this writing.
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Sailor Moon x Pullip: Pullip Princess Kakyuu (Fireball) Announced!

Groove teased the release of the latest doll to their extremely popular Pullip x Sailor Moon collaboration series on their website last night, not much information is known at this time more details are to be announced on Friday when she becomes available for preorder. Princess Kakyuu (Japanese translation of Fireball) will be the 27th doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series, she is to be released in September in Japan (October here in the US)  and has a MSRP of 22000 yen. It can be assumed that there will be a Bandai Exclusive version but it is not known at this time what bonus item she would potentially come with, she doesn’t wear civilian clothes so that is out so my best guess would be her incense burner as her only noteworthy item I can really recall but that seems like a really obscure choice.
For those of you unfamiliar with the series or have only watched the DIC dub and are wondering who Princess Kakyuu is, she only appears in the Sailor Stars series. She is the princess that the Sailor Stars come to earth in search, their undercover identities as the Three Lights pop singers is in hope that their song will reach her. Princess Kakyuu had fled to Earth to seek the Light of Hope hoping that it would be able to defeat the evil Sailor Galaxia. Although her appearance was brief in the Sailor Moon series, she has left a lasting impression on fans and has gone on to become a very popular character over the years.
The above picture is how she appeared in the original Sailor Moon Sailor Stars animation, I feel like Groove did a really nice job of translating her design into doll form. I can’t wait until further details are announced and more pictures of her become available!

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Results announced for the 15th Anniversary Custom Pullip Contest at Yokohama Doll Museum

Groove recently announced the results of their custom contest via their blog, the contest was part of a  Pullip 15th Anniversary ♥ ~ Starry Sky Dream ~ event at Yokohama Doll Museum celebration. Groove received custom entries from all over the world, fans had a chance to vote for their favorite entries both at the museum as well as online.

The winning entry was Secret Garden of White Witch designed by Feb.la.Campanura, a Japanese artist. The grand prize winner receives 300,000 yen and has the chance to have their doll made into an actual Pullip release by Groove, from past experience the normal turn around time for production is about nine months (make room on schedule, source materials, production sample etc) so I would expect her to be released early next year.

Three special prize winners were also announced, the special prize winners are to receive the 15th anniversary commemorative model Pullip Etoile.
My personal favorite entry to the contest was one of the special prize winners, A Traveler of a Dream was designed by Milk Revolution who had previously had her works exhibited at past Doll Carnival events. I’m slightly heart broken that she did not win because I would have loved to have her in my collection.
Fantasy dream – Spring Spirit Magnolia was designed by Eniva Queen, a Russian artist and is another of the special prize winners.

Célestine was another personal favorite of mine, I absolute love her style and that face up is so amazingly detailed! Célestine was designed by Miyochii a German face up artist and Dark Stars a French doll seamstress and was the final special prize winner.

I think it is interesting that all of the featured dolls have similar color schemes, apparently pale pink hair is very trendy right now!

It must have been incredibly hard to choose a winner as all the entries were outstanding, seriously everyone should be extremely proud of their entires! I hope Groove uses this opportunity to pick a few new artists to be featured as a part of the Creator’s Label series. All of the entries can still be viewed on Groove’s website as well as some comments by the winners of the contest as well as some commentary from Groove.

Groove has posted that they will announce the details of an auction on June 20th, contest participants can choose whether or not they wish for the entries to take place in the auction. I know some contestents like Charon Dolls have already stated that she will be auctioning off her own entry so please keep an eye on her website for further details if you want a chance at adding the gorgeous Farfalla to your collection.

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Junichi Nakahara inspired Pullip Himawari

While Junichi Nakahara is well known in Japan, I am not sure how well he is known in the west so I would like to preface this review with a little bit of information about him and his artistic influence that still inspires many people today! Junichi Nakahara was a Japanese fashion illustrator and artist, he is most famous for creating the Himawari magazine. Himawari or Sunflower (English translation) was a magazine aimed at women and young girls. The magazine was published from 1947-1952 with a total of sixty seven volumes being published, the magazine featured many illustrations by it’s creator Junichi Nakahara as well as from other contributing artists. Copies of the Himawari magazine are still quite sought after today despite being nearly seventy years old they still command high prices on the secondary market. Many believe that Junichi Nakahara’s characteristic art style featuring large eyed innocent girls helped to inspire the shoujo manga art style.

Groove recently released a collaboration doll that was inspired by an illustration from the Himawari magazine’s first year, the appropriately named Pullip Himawari was released in late March in Japan, April in the US. I think the underlying issue for Pullip Himawari at least in the US is that she had the misfortune of being released alongside of Pullip Cinnamoroll, Sanrio’s darling character Cinnamoroll is much more well known in the west so I feel like western fans of Pullips may have kind of overlooked Himawari in favor of Cinnamoroll which is a shame for Himawari as she is a truly lovely doll!
HimawariI recently received my Pullip Himawari alongside Pullip Cinnamoroll from Pullipstyle, Himawari is still available for purchase as of this writing but Cinnamoroll has unfortunately already sold out. After several months of feeling like I was kind of struggling to connect to the dolls and feeling like I couldn’t properly focus on them, I have to say that Himwari really captured my interest and inspired me to get out and take some pictures of her. I honestly thought that Cinnamoroll would end up being the first doll I unboxed when they arrived side by side but something about Himawari just made me fall in love. I think she just happened to show up at the perfect time as I just got cleared to stop wearing my carpal tunnel brace which had made photography extremely frustrating and any sort of typing and/or computer work forbidden to me while I still had the brace on, I’m slowly trying to get caught up with everything!
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Pullip Kayano Announced!

Groove announced the upcoming release of a new Pullip called Kayano via their blog last night. Pullip Kayano is going to be a September release in Japan (US release date is one month later) and she will have a MSRP of 19000 yen which is about $173.31 as of this writing.  Lately we have not seen many original, non-collaboration series releases and it seems like the original releases that we have had more recently have all had somewhat subdued color palettes so I’m very excited to see Kayano who is such a bright and colorful release on the schedule. 
A lot of people have mentioned that Pullip Kayano has the vibe of the classic older releases, they are not wrong an earlier version of Pullip Kayano’s prototype was featured in the 2011 Pullip calendar below is a picture I took of the calendar years and years ago (more pictures of the calendar can be seen on my flickr there are some additional unproduced prototypes featured).  It seems as though a few of the fabrics have been changed out as I imagine some fabrics have been become unavailable with time (it’s been seven years) but the face up and outfit style are undeniably inspired by this early prototype.
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15th Pullip Anniversary Custom Contest- Vote Online!

To celebrate Pullip’s 15th Anniversary a Pullip exhibit is being held at Yokohama Doll house from now until June 24th, as a part of the celebration a custom doll contest is being held. The winner gets a chance to have the winning doll made into an actual doll release so fans worldwide would have a chance to own a doll designed by them. It’s fantastic opportunity for exposure for doll artisans plus I know after seeing some of the custom designs it has definitely introduced me to some artists I was unfamiliar with before this that I now want to keep an eye on. Groove has posted pictures of all of the custom dolls on their website so those who are not fortunate enough to attend the 15th Anniversary Pullip celebration so Pullip fans from all over their world can vote for their favorite Pullip!

Please check out the site to see all of the entries and to vote on your favorite! Everyone did such an absolutely fantastic job with their customs so everyone should be very proud of their work, I know I am not the only one who will have a hard time choosing my favorite! I don’t know how anyone could choose just one, I hope that Groove will consider choosing a few of these dolls to be produced.
Custom Doll Contest Entries

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Love My Collection Pullip outfit sets announced!

Groove announced the start of a new outfit set series designed for Pullip (and possibly other members of the Pullip family as well) via their blog last night. The new outfit series is called Love My Collection and will initially be available for pre-sale at the Pullip 15th Anniversary ♥ ~ Starry Sky Dream ~ event at Yokohama Doll Museum. The debut of this new series features the simultaneous release of three different outfit sets, all of the outfit sets have a marine dress theme but each outfit set is a somewhat unique interpretation of that theme from sweet feminine style to classic ocean to gothic style. The outfit sets are priced at 3800 yen each which is approximately $35.42 as of this writing, honestly that seems like a pretty reasonable price for a complete outfit set that includes shoes and everything. The outfits sets will receive a wide release at a later date and time that has yet to be determined with the exception of the Marine Dress Gothic Style set which is an exclusive to the event.

The Marine Dress Gothic Style will be exclusive to the event,  of course it would be my favorite of the three outfit sets that would end up being the exclusive! I love the unusual color scheme black and gold is not something we see a lot of on Pullip, I think the only release I can really recall with this combination offhand is the Limited Version of Veritas.
The Marine Dress Ocean Style has a more traditional nautical color scheme, I love the bright pop of yellow on the scarf and ribbon I really think it brightens up the outfit and while still classic adds a bit of a modern touch to the outfit.
The Marine Dress Feminine Style is a very sweet interpretation of the theme. It is honestly my least favorite of the three that isn’t too say it isn’t a nice well-made outfit set it is just burgeoning on too a little too sugary sweet for my own personal taste/style though I realize that this will likely be the most popular of the three. I do love the addition of the floral detailing on the sleeves as well as the lavender color they chose for the accessories.

I hope that Groove releases photos of the outfit sets actually being modeled on the dolls soon as well as more details surrounding their release.

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