Pullipstyle Thanksgiving Weekend Thankyou 10% Code

Pullipstyle posted an announcement on their facebook page/instagram pages that they are running a coupon code on their website this holiday weekend, the code thankyou is good for 10% off anything on their website from now until Monday night- read on for further details.. 

Hello everyone, it’s the time of year to be thankful for Pullip, all of our customers and everyone’s patience this year as Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on everything especially the postal service. This holiday weekend we wanted to thank you, our customers, with a special coupon thankyou . The coupon code thankyou is good for 10% off anything and everything currently listed on our website, please note that we have removed all preorders and certain combo packs from the website that are not included in the sale. The coupon is good from now until 11/30 11:59 PM MST

Please note that unfortunately there is no way to guarantee any international packages will be in time for Christmas.

Regarding the preorder shipment of Pullip Black Lady, unfortunately because of the holiday there has been a slight delay and we will not receive the shipment until early next week.

1) The mobile version of the website does not have a place to input coupon codes, if you are unable to checkout on a computer please use pc or classic view of the website to checkout.

2) Please note that preorders and certain combo sets were removed from the site prior to the sale, they will return after the sale is over.

3) We reserve the right to limit quantities!

4) We can not add the coupon code to an order once an order has been placed, so please remember to use the coupon code! Coupon codes can not be added to pre-existing orders.

I’m very tempted to use the coupon code to add one of their dwindling stock of Azone dolls to my crew, this would be an amazing chance to get a great discount on any of the Pullips or other dolls as well if I didn’t already have them &&

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