Yeolume Comparison Post

As promised though not without a bit of a delay (hectic work schedule this week T_T) here is a post focusing on comparing Yeolume to other dolls in the Pullip family. As I covered in my other post on Yeolume, she is the newest member of the Pullip family and is Pullip’s future daughter. Pullipstyle was generous enough to loan me a production model they had obtained from Groove so I am trying to make the most of her short time here and take lots of pictures not to mention share as much useful information about her as I can.
Yeolume Measurements
Sewing Measurements: Neck Girth: 3 cm, Chest: 8 cm, Waist: 6.5 cm, Buttocks: 9 cm, Thigh Girth: 5.5 cm, Calf Girth: 4.5 cm, Arm Girth: 3 cm, Arm Length: 8 cm, Neck to toe: 18 cm, Waist to toe: 13 cm, Thigh to toe: 10.5 cm & Foot Length: 2 cm

Warning hardcore doll nudity behind the cut- don’t look if you are easily offended by plastic dolly bits .

Yeolume vs Dal vs Byul vs Blythe vs Isul vs Pullip vs Taeyang
Yeolume, Dal (Dotori), Byul (Pinoko), Blythe (Custom), Isul (Sith), Pullip (Harley Quinn) & Taeyang (Sebastian Private Teacher)
Yeolume is the shortest though not by much at least in comparison to Dal and Byul. Yeolume has the least amount of articulation points out of any member of the Groove family. Yeolume also has the least mature body out of the Groove family (though you could argue about the boys seeing how they lack genitalia).
Yeolume vs Dal vs Byul vs Isul vs Pullip vs Taeyang
Groove only dolls in this shot, though her body may still look a bit alien and new her face sculpt seems to fit right in.
Yeolume vs Dal vs Byul vs Blythe vs Pullip
I suddenly wish that I had a Blythe Middie to toss in the comparison shot. Looking at just the bodies it looks like Yeolume is Blythe’s future daughter rather than Pullip’s.
Yeolume vs Dal vs Byul vs Pullip
The Groove ladies this time around, couple of things Dal and Byul share the same body but I chose to include both of them in the photo anyway because of the different face sculpts.  I chose to just use a type 4 Pullip as a representative of Pullip rather than use one of each body type as it is the newest (released from 2009 onward) and only one still being released.
Yeolume vs Blythe
Her body is a lot closer to Blythe’s than it is to Pullip’s. There are some key differences the legs though made of the same material pose differently, Yeolume’s legs are more gumby than Blythe’s; Blythe’s legs have three definite positions that click into at the knee Yeolume does have that. The plastic that legs are made out of is somewhat prone to melting, melting is really the proper term it’s more like fusing I made the mistake of putting a barefoot blythe on a Pullip stand once and about a month later I went to retrieve her and her feet were stuck to the stand and it took quite a bit of elbow grease to remove her. There is also a reaction if Blythe’s legs come into contact with Pullip’s face for an extended amount of time, I assume because Yeolume’s legs are made out of the same or at least a very similar material would be caution should be taken when storing a Yeolume long term with a Pullip (make sure she is well wrapped, especially her legs)
Byul vs Yeolume vs Dal
Looking at her face sculpt compared to Dal and Byul, her lips look de-emphasized Byul lips but her face shape is a lot closer to Dal’s but is a bit wider.

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3 Responses to Yeolume Comparison Post

  1. Debbie David says:

    How do you get one of these doll? I love them, and would love to get some.

  2. Abby says:

    Do you think putting a byul/dal MIO body on a yeolume would work/look good? Im thinking about trying it out.

    • kleintoys says:

      Size-wise I’ve seen a few Dal/Yeolume hybrids and they looked pretty good but I’m unsure how compatible the two dolls are and if required any type of modification to do so. I have no idea how well they would match color-wise unfortunately.

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