Where did you go? Trying to come back from hiatus/extended absence

It’s been a while since I have been able to properly focus on this site, while I never really lost interest in dolls any/all of my hobbies have been taking a backseat to real world endeavors. Up until very recently, I was the primary caretaker for my grandfather who suffered from Alzheimer’s related dementia as his needs increased my ability to well do much of anything else decreased. I want to be clear that I don’t regret my choice to take care of him especially since my grandparents raised me and we were always really close, it doesn’t mean this past few years especially have been easy (complicated by own medical struggles last fall) and I often felt isolated and extremely overwhelmed. Earlier this year, a downward spiral began that he never really recovered from a few hospital stays followed by a stint in physical rehabilitation in hopes of building up his strength to come home morphed into having to be transferred to hospice and never actually coming back home. He passed away earlier this month, I try to take some solace in him being with my grandmother now but my grief is still pretty raw right now. While things are relatively speaking calmer now I’m still working my way through mountains of medical insurance paperwork/red tape which is kind of soulkilling in it’s own way and I kind of need the escape of having something less depressing to to focus on like photography.

I want to return to writing here but I wanted to address why I had been away for so long while also trying to respect the fact that I am a very private person and not wanting to go into all the details. I’ve been struggling to put this into words over the last few weeks and torn about what exactly I wanted to say but I hope this kind of explains things.

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