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New series of Little Pullips announced Docolla- Kuroshitsuji

Groove has announced that they will be starting a new line of mini pullips (and company) called Docolla (Doll + Collaboration). The first line is set to be released in July and features characters from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.  The second line … Continue reading

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115/365- Vocaloid Miku Pullip

Vocaloid Miku pullip is finally home. I just got Miku today from Pullipstyle but I have the entire set (including a second Miku) coming from Entertainment Earth next month, and a limited edition snow Miku coming from Toymalayasia in June. I … Continue reading

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104/365- Humpty Dumpty Byul

I love Alice in Wonderland, so I knew as soon as the Lunatic Alice set was announced it was only a matter of time before I ended up with the whole set. I am kind of confused as to why … Continue reading

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57/365- Amarri Pullip

Amarri has been here almost a week but I didn’t open her up until this past weekend due to our sucky weather lately, that and I just have not really been feeling as creative lately with dolls in general ^^; … Continue reading

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42/365- Chibi Risa Dal Arrival

After pining over her for a long time, I recently bought myself Dal Chibi Risa from Pullipstyle. There were actually two versions of Dal Risa released LE Sweet Risa as well as Chibi Risa, both versions are based off of actress/model … Continue reading

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April Pullip Releases- Vocaloid!

Groove Inc has announced April’s pullip releases and it’s collaboration with Vocaloid, pinch me I must be dreaming. I had in the past thought about commissioning a custom Miku pullip but looks like Groove Inc actually beat me to making one haha! … Continue reading

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Doll Carnival Limited Pullips Available @ Pullipstyle

Every year, Groove Inc (and Jun Planning before it) has a Doll Carnival in the late fall/early winter in Tokyo. This year’s Doll Carnival is on November 28th. At every Doll Carnival there is a limited edition doll, for the most … Continue reading

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365 Doll Project Part 9

Again a week where things should have been quiet but they were decidedly not. I preordered Bonita from Pullipstyle (by the way they were able to drop the price an additional $15 and refunded everyone that had already ordered her, … Continue reading

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2003-2010 Autumn Pullip Complete Style Book & Limited Pullip Bonita

Groove is releasing a new book about pullip. There was previously one other book released by Jun Planning Lovely Pullip Magazine that came out way back in 2005; it featured patterns, an overview of all the dolls released up until … Continue reading

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I have gone over to the dark side, I fear.  Despite my best effort to hate and ignore the byul, this year’s Comic-con exclusive Lilith really wore me down. Her freaky face just seems like the perfect little vampire face.  … Continue reading

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