I have gone over to the dark side, I fear.  Despite my best effort to hate and ignore the byul, this year’s Comic-con exclusive Lilith really wore me down. Her freaky face just seems like the perfect little vampire face.  I preordered one through Pullipstyle and she is supposed to be here end of July with my second Eos (since my first one had stock fail I ordered a second). In the meantime, I really started looking at byul pictures on flickr and noticed that they were not totally wretched when redressed and rewigged. Is it just me or does the name byul sound like a disease ? I came down with a bad case of the byul. The softening up to byul is bad especially since I had a spare dal. I ended up trading someone for a nude byul Siry, after the ensuing drama  she arrived last week. I am still not quite sure what to make of her entirely.
I ended up naming her Special Que (it’s a drug joke kids 😛 ). I’m still not entirely sure that I like her but she is something different and unique to shoot, I had noticed that most shots of byuls had only used one or two angles so I tried to vary my angle of attack a bit more. I was kind of surprised how popular her pictures are on flickr.
I’ve had the red mushroom outfit for quite a while, months maybe even a year waiting for the right doll. I have to say I never expected that doll to turn out to be a byul.

I am planning on splitting another byul soon, but this time I am just going for the stock as I love Paulia’s stock. I think I may want one more byul to kind of play with but I want to keep their numbers low.

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