2003-2010 Autumn Pullip Complete Style Book & Limited Pullip Bonita

Groove is releasing a new book about pullip. There was previously one other book released by Jun Planning Lovely Pullip Magazine that came out way back in 2005; it featured patterns, an overview of all the dolls released up until that point, pictures of customs as well as customizing tips and tricks. The book was entirely in Japanese and the patterns were extremely hard to follow from what I understand :/ The new book 2003-2010 Autumn Pullip Complete Style Book is due out the end of the month. The new book is supposed to chronicle pullip  from 2003 through this fall’s releases, it will also feature all of the other dolls released in the line (Taeyang, Namu, Byul, Dal and all manner of minis) as well as AI dolls and J-doll. I think it will be a handy reference but it is worth noting that the new book is also in Japanese. It does not seem that there will be patterns or customization tutorials this time around but we shall see when the book gets here, I guess!
The book is available for preorder for $38 + shipping on Pullipstyle for those interested.

If you are anything like me, you probably noticed the gorgeous doll on the cover of said book. Her name is Bonita and she is a limited edition pullip that is being marketed with the new pullip book. She is limited to 1500 pieces. She is an absolute vision of loveliness, she reminds me slightly of Hello Kitty but I love Hello Kitty so I am not complaining.
She is on sale at Virusdoll for about $205 to the US, Plasticpop.de has her in Europe. Pullipstyle has her on sale as a set with the book and a matching bag for $174.95 and that’s where I ended up caving and preordering. The bag for those curious, it doesn’t exactly look stellar but it’s world’s better than the H.Naoto bags that came with the H.Naoto dolls in my opinion.

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3 Responses to 2003-2010 Autumn Pullip Complete Style Book & Limited Pullip Bonita

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    LOVELY Pullip! I really like her! I also definitely see what you mean of her reminding you of Hello Kitty, I can def see it in the eyes.

    • kleintoys says:

      I am very much looking forward to her, it’s been a while since we have seen such an elegant pullip. I think Groove is intentionally releasing similiar dolls to one that recently discontinued Rida just got discontinued and Melissa looks quite a bit like her.

  2. Initally I was a bit not sure about the charm of Pullip dolls but after seeing her, I can understand the loveliness of these dolls.

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