April Pullip Releases- Vocaloid!

Groove Inc has announced April’s pullip releases and it’s collaboration with Vocaloid, pinch me I must be dreaming. I had in the past thought about commissioning a custom Miku pullip but looks like Groove Inc actually beat me to making one haha! Pullip is Miku and Dal plays both Rin and Len, I know a lot of people seemed to be disappointed that Isul is not Len but Dal and Isul are not the same height Isul is slightly taller and that would not work for their “mirror image”. There were also prototypes of Kaito and Luka at Doll Carnival, they will probably be released later in the year.
Vocaloid releases due out in April

I am actually really happy with her, she is not perfect (I would have liked to see a more flashy type of eye chip for her) but pullip does make a decent Miku. Ideally I would have liked her outfit to be a bit less shiny but it is also like that on some of the figures so I guess that is understandable. The type 4 body actually seems to suit Miku’s slight frame.
I love her face up. Her wig looks awesome, I am slightly worried about her hair pieces though. From past experience I fear the hair ties will be somewhat fragile. I plan on ordering two Miku as I know she will be popular and if I don’t get a second one now I will regret it when she sells out soon after release. I intend on ordering one through Pullipstyle so I can have her immediately upon release and another through Entertainment Earth with Len and Rin that will ship on the US schedule (going through EE because I don’t have to pay until it is in stock and I would prefer not to pay for all four at once).

Dal- Rin
Rin is adorable, but she is actually my least favorite of the trio.. I love them all but I just prefer the other two to her. Rin and Len’s face ups look pretty similar at first glance but Rin has fuller lips and more feminine eyelashes.  I like that they look similar but not identical.

Dal- Len
I am really curious how he will be packaged as I just can’t picture how they will manage to squeeze his hair into the box ^^; This is actually my favorite Len out of all the different Len figures, etc I have seen I am not quite sure why but dal really seems to suit the character even though he is normally pretty cheerful.

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2 Responses to April Pullip Releases- Vocaloid!

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    sigh…I love that wig. When it comes to Pullips I’m still just sticking with my Eve and Quinn. But I really should do a post on them. I haven’t talked about them in ages. I recently found them a much better spot in my room when I was re-arranging.

    • kleintoys says:

      The wig looks amazing, I just hope the quality will match. I’m glad you kept a few 😀 I actually surpassed 300 this holiday season X_X Everything is kind of chaos at the moment as I am rearranging the doll room yet again to try and accommodate more dolls ^^;

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