365 Doll Project Part 9

Again a week where things should have been quiet but they were decidedly not. I preordered Bonita from Pullipstyle (by the way they were able to drop the price an additional $15 and refunded everyone that had already ordered her, PS is a class act). I successfully rehomed my Enchanted Petal Blythe, she had been on the market for a while with no reasonable offers and someone I knew had been wanting their first blythe so we worked out a trade;  I am getting a set of nude/bald Cosmic Twins Jupi and Mercu for my blythe. I am very happy that my EP has found a new loving home and am also looking to my own new additions. I also got in a new wig as well as a custom outfit by Angelberries, the outfit was originally commissioned by someone else as an upsized version of little dal Neiryo’s stock but once I got my hands on it I decided to use it for Dr.Skittles here.
Dr. Skittles

And a funny little side story, I live in a converted historical building it’s an awesome apartment and I love it. My neighbors seem nice enough but due to ventilation, I am very aware they are heavy smokers and not of tobacco. I left my camera in my car a few days ago when I went to get it, my neighbors were on the back porch and gave me a large metal spider as they were terrified of it. They were absolutely petrified of the spider, even though it was very much metal and not real, now if it was a real spider that size…I would probably faint but to be afraid of a toy spider makes wonder how much they had smoked that evening. Free metal spiders don’t come along every day so of course I actually took my gift of the metal spider and promptly photographed dolls on it.
I can has spider?

Just a note next week’s post is going to be extremely late, I am going to be away and I sincerely doubt I will have any internet access while I am away. My laptop is currently out for repairs still (it’s been a bloody month) and while I am taking along a laptop it runs Windows 2000 with 192 mb of RAM I am not sure what if any type of connection I will be able to establish with it, oh and it appears the keyboard is out on it as well >_< My plan for the doll of the day is to take all of the pictures as normal (I am bringing along a bag full of mini pullips/dals) but I will probably not be able to upload them until my return.

51/365- Picadilly
51/365- Picadilly
Model- Pullip-Chelsea
Name- Picadilly
Mods- None
Bio- Picadilly is the tough-as-nails owner and bartender of Seventh Circle a popular pub for all of the deviant denizens in the area. Her pub’s loyal regulars include such deviants as Paja as well as Anarchy and her crew of miscreants. Although her pub is mainly patronized by deviant persons, she rules the place with the iron fist. She does not need to employ any bouncers, she will toss out unruly patrons herself. She takes great pride in her pub and it is very lucrative.

Picacilly’s collar is not removable by herself, someone else has the key but she has never opened up to anyone about who does have the key. There have been rumors that Anarchy herself holds the key…She is very secretive because she knows deep down people are untrustworthy. She bases this assumption on her own experience as Scandal frequently buys information of off her as everyone likes to open up to the bartender after a few drinks..

52/365- Unalice
52/365- Unalice
Model- BJD- Volks Yo-SD Lorina
Name- Unalice (Lorina)
Mods- None
Bio- She’s not Alice, she’s not even nearly Alice. She believes in impossible things. She is completely off her rocker but all the best and most interesting people are anyways. She enjoys a good tea party. She has been to a strange place known as Wonderland full of people and things that are all mad. Even though she has been to Wonderland and seen cats that smile from ear to ear she still isn’t nearly Alice.

53/365- Dr. Skittles
53/365- Dr. Skittles
Model- Pullip- Papin
Name- Dr. Skittles
Mods- Rewigged, earring removed
Bio- Dr. Skittles never actually attended medical school she was instead extensively trained by the Comprachico. She lacks some of the finer learning that a medical school would have have provided she is however able to take care of all of the other members of the rainbow mafia’s needs. Need a breast upgrade? Dr. Skittles has you covered. Sometimes her methods can sometimes be a tad extreme~ oh no wrist crack! The whole arm must be amputated immediately~ no doubt a result of her training at the hands of the Comprachico.

She can be a bit clumsy at times and somewhat easily distracted, luckily her assistant Misery tries to keep her on task as much as possible. Only Dr. Skittles herself can see Misery, she doesn’t seem that surprised or bothered that no one else can see her citing Comprachico as her creator and that of course we could not see Misery as we are not worthy of such an honor. Other members of the rainbow mafia tease her often about whether or not Misery exists but she is unperturbed by their slander. She can be quite quick to anger with those who go against her medical advise no matter how bizarre it is.

When not playing doctor (remember she never went to medical school) with the rainbow mafia she works as a nurse at a local children’s hospital. The kids all love her and think that is cute that she has an imaginary friend too.

54/365- Misery
54/365 Misery
Model- Little Pullip- Bohso
Name- Misery
Mods- None
Bio- Misery is a creation of the Comprachico, while she does exist not everyone can see her only certain people can as she exists within a slightly different dimension than most people. She is inseparable from Dr. Skittles. She is always happy to lend a hand whenever Dr. Skittles medical knowledge proves questionable. She is very practical and manages to keep Dr.Skittles somewhat grounded. She is a bit mischievous and will play pranks on members of the rainbow mafia and because they are so confident that she does not exist, they end up blaming each other for her misdeeds causing lots of in-fighting.

55/365- Bubbles
55/365- Bubbles
Model- Fairyland Pukipuki Pong BJD basic normal skintone
Name- Bubbles
Mods- I gave her a wig
Bio- Bubbles is the youngest of the sisters and is a bit more child-ish than her sisters despite the fact that they are not that far apart in age. Bubbles is always smiling no matter what, nothing can bring her down. She loves everyone and wants to make everyone as happy as she is. She frequently speaks in the third person and claims to be able to speak squirrel.

56/365- Banana Split
56/365- Banana Split
Model- Dal-Monomono
Name- Banana Split
Mods- None
Bio- Banana Split is a wild child. She attends the same school as Blu and Mint as well all their friends when she is not in juvie. She is a bad influence she smokes, she swears and steals anything that isn’t nailed down. She regularly gets into fights and has been known to bully some of her classmates. She doesn’t really have any steady friends as she generally only gets the other dals into trouble by getting them to assist her in one of her schemes. Blu tries to reach out to her but it normally only ends up with Blu taking the fall when Banana Split gets caught.

57/365- Marilyn
57/365 Marilyn
Model- Pullip-Vivien
Name- Marilyn
Mods- None
Bio- Both of Marilyn’s parents were famous actors, her mother was a brilliant stage actress while her father was a slightly less eloquent action star. Marilyn always had big plans to become a movie star as well preferring to play the part of the femme fatale if possible. She is mildly successful in her own right but she also likes to party a bit too much, she has even shown up on set drunk. She has a reputation for being a diva and making unreasonable demands from those she views to be underneath her, even if they are the actual stars of the film and she just has a bit part. Hollis Heartspark is her manager.

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  1. lovelyduckie says:

    If I had that metal spider my boyfriend would make me give it up. The only time his aversion to all spiders (real and fake) bothers me is at Halloween. So many good looking decorations involve spiders! And I can’t get them.

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