Doll Carnival Limited Pullips Available @ Pullipstyle

Every year, Groove Inc (and Jun Planning before it) has a Doll Carnival in the late fall/early winter in Tokyo. This year’s Doll Carnival is on November 28th. At every Doll Carnival there is a limited edition doll, for the most part these dolls have been extremely challenging to get a hold of for those of us who are not fortunate enough to be able to attend the Doll Carnival. This year Groove has decided to do things a bit differently and is allowing a limited number of the dolls to be presold so us insane collector’s don’t end up paying $500+ for them on the resale market like some of us did for previous year’s dolls. Pullipstyle has managed to get in a limited number of this year’s Doll Carnival Limited Edition Pullips and Dal.

The pullips are a set of twins named Clara and Chloi. Both girls are very sweet and seem to almost in the same vein as previous release Bonita.
Clara is the pink themed twin and seems to be the more popular of the two. She reminds me a bit of previous release Hello Kitty. She is currently available on Pullipstyle for only $92.
Chloi is the green themed twin and is my personal favorite of the set of twins. I have a weakness for bright green and it is very rarely used by pullip. She is also available on Pullipstyle for only $92.
I previously mentioned Dal Sweet Risa, a while ago but details were kind of sketchy at that point. I am not really surprised to find out she is a Doll Carnival LE, I am however surprised that they are releasing three Doll Carnival Limiteds this year though as so far every other year it has been one per a Carnival. Sweet Risa is based on the likeness of model/icon Risa Hirako who is very popular in Japan and who also apparently collects dal. Sweet version of Risa is also available at Pullipstyle at $139.95

…and yes, I personally preordered all three from Pullipstyle. I have ordered 50+ dolls from them without complaint so I have no hesitation recommending them.

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2 Responses to Doll Carnival Limited Pullips Available @ Pullipstyle

  1. oh i will never get chloi, she is so sweet

    • kleintoys says:

      Chloi tends to pop up more than Clara does, so keep your eyes open and make sure you keep your wtb posts active. I just sold mine around Christmas-time ^^;

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