New series of Little Pullips announced Docolla- Kuroshitsuji

Groove has announced that they will be starting a new line of mini pullips (and company) called Docolla (Doll + Collaboration). The first line is set to be released in July and features characters from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji.  The second line of Docolla  is strongly rumored to be Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (basically just waiting on a release date and official photos for confirmation).
The first three releases in the line will be Little Pullip Grell, Little Dal Ciel and Little Taeyang Sebastian; they appear to just be shrunken down version of the larger Kuroshitsuji releases.
Sebastian will be the first ever little Taeyang release, I’m betting he will be popular both from the novelty of his being the first little Taeyang and the massive popularity of the character Sebastian (the original version of which has already sold out!).
Price-wise these guys are looking to be about $5 more than standard little pullips. Considering I have all the other Kuroshitsuji dolls it would be a same not to complete the set so I will more than likely be getting all three eventually.

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