42/365- Chibi Risa Dal Arrival

After pining over her for a long time, I recently bought myself Dal Chibi Risa from Pullipstyle. There were actually two versions of Dal Risa released LE Sweet Risa as well as Chibi Risa, both versions are based off of actress/model Risa Hirako.
42/365 Lolita
I decided to name her Lolita as her heart-shaped sunglasses reminded me of the iconic film poster of the Stanley Kubrick film Lolita. I love most of Kubrick’s films (as well as the original novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov ) so I could not resist the name reference even if most of the dolly community only knows lolita as frilly Japanese fashion.

IMG_1213 IMG_1215 IMG_1214
Chibi Risa comes with is pretty versatile, she comes with a cool punk outfit plus a coat/hat as well as an extension hair piece.
Like the other version of Risa, she still uses the same facemold as a normal dal but the lips are painted differently to make them appear to be more full.
I have to say that the Risa releases are some of my favorite dal releases in a while. Groove seems to be focusing a lot on making more byul more appealing (it seems she is getting the most interesting stock/wig with a lot of the newer releases) it’s been a while since a dal release has really caught my full attention the way the Risa dals have.
For those concerned about the coat it really seems like Groove Inc actually used fake fur this time around and despite appearances I don’t even think they used real leather.
I must remember to take pictures of Sweet and chibi Risa together sson ^^;
Lolita Lolita Lolita

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