115/365- Vocaloid Miku Pullip

Vocaloid Miku pullip is finally home. I just got Miku today from Pullipstyle but I have the entire set (including a second Miku) coming from Entertainment Earth next month, and a limited edition snow Miku coming from Toymalayasia in June.
115/365 Miku
I have been wanting a Miku pullip since before she was announced, I had long term plans to have a custom of her made but now that there is an official release I will probably scrap them. I am just so happy to finally have her in my hands.

Miku pullip in the box Miku pullip in the box Miku pullip in the box
Miku comes with her trademark headphone set as well as her leeks. Her stock is decent quality, I just wish it wasn’t so plasticy feeling it makes it feel kind of cheap. The boots are a bit odd, I know making Miku’s boot must have been a bit problematic but to me they end up looking a bit silly.
Miku in the box
Miku’s face up is kind of a generic anime-esque face up, it reminds me of Angelique’s a bit. It’s a nice face up but it is also a bit bland, I find myself wishing it was just a bit more dynamic.
Miku made the translation into pullip pretty well, I think this really was a wise collaboration for Groove Inc compared to some of their other missteps (Neo Angelique- none of the dolls seem very popular for example).
I love the color of Miku’s wig but mine at least is very prone to flyaways already. There were also quite a few leftover loose cut hairs in her bangs which just seemed sloppy in my opinion.


I wish at least one of her hands was a grippy hand or she came with a second set of grippy hands as she can not hold her leeks by herself, which honestly just kind of annoys me.
More pics on flickr

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5 Responses to 115/365- Vocaloid Miku Pullip

  1. Kona says:

    yeah! I got the Snow Miku too!! desperately waiting for June to come!
    I’m currently in process of costuming a girl who has Stocking from Panty and Stocking hair!! ❤

    Anyways Miku is sooo pretty!!

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m dying of anticipation waiting for Snow Miku. I can’t wait to see how the hair turns out on your other girl. Thanks

  2. Fenneki says:

    Congrats! I’m waiting for mine to arrive and seeing your pictures makes the wait easier and harder at the same time, lol. I also can’t wait for June! I ordered a Snow Miku from ToyMalasia as well (but from their e-bay store). Yay for Miku!

  3. nathaniel christopher bruck says:

    wap, wap the leek!

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