To make a long story short, I have been incredibly naughty lately and been a bit over-indulgent buying dolls lately so it’s time for a cull of some lesser loved lovelies!

  • I live in the US, Connecticut to be exact. I prefer to ship within the US, priority shipping within the US is included in the prices unless I note otherwise. I will only ship internationally via priority mail sorry!
  • I only accept paypal, I don’t charge paypal fees.
  • I previously fostered a kitten (isn’t he handsome?) that was abandoned just outside of my workplace a year or two ago, he was with me for a couple of months so depending on how long something has been in my possession there is a slight chance at bonus kitten fluff. I have a non-smoking household.
  • I have extensive feedback within the doll community, you can see links to it all here.
  • Only what is listed on this page is for sale, I will slowly add things to this page as I have time please do not ask about other items that may potentially be going up for sale.
  • Trades? Probably not, I’m trying to get rid of stuff not get more stuff.
  • Layaway? Maybe, non-refundable deposit would be required.
  • Stuff is sold as pictured ie. if you see a doll without a wig and I describe it as bald, it will not include a wig. I’m currently working on sorting through everything, I don’t have time to go hunting for specific things.


Fairyland Pukipuki Flora Sleeping Plate- Normal skin, very little yellowing unknown age.

The following dolls are no longer available

Pullip Lala- Sold!
Pullip Custom- Sold!
Pullip Luna- Sold!
Pullip Milk Latte- Sold!
Pullip Tiphona – Sold!
Pullip Tomoe Mami- Sold!
Pullip Retro Nella- Sold!
Pullip Xiao Fan- Sold!
Pullip Pulliphine- Decided to keep!
Dal Drta- Traded
Dal Gloomy- Sold!
Taeyang Natsume – Sold!
Dollfie Dream Amaha Miu head- Sold!
Leekeworld Little Bird- Sold!
Fairyland Littlefee Rolly- Sold!
Fairyland Littlefee Bisou- Sold!
Fairyland Littlefee Lisa- Sold!
Fairyland Pukipuki Flora Wink- Sold!
Fairyland Pukipuki Cupid- Sold
Lati Yellow Suji head only – Sold!
Lati Yellow Lulu head- Sold!
Lati Yellow Pirate Lea- Traded!
Lati Yellow Basic Lea- Sold!


33 Responses to Sale!

  1. retrosandie says:

    Hello-first, my sympathies on the loss of your gradnmother; second, your new kitty-boy is super adorable; third, I am interested in your Dal Maretti. How long do you allow for layaway? Paypal is fine and I live in Rhode Island!

    Many thanks, Sandie

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks so much on both counts ❤ Normally I allow for a couple of weeks for a Pullip or Dal unless it's something horrendously expensive or the person is buying a lot of things.

    • kleintoys says:

      Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of bad experience with holding things for people, it seems like the longer the hold the more likely they are to back out. I’d be willing to do a one month hold if you sent me a non-refundable deposit though even if it was just like $5.

  2. retrosandie says:

    Thanks for answering! (On a fixed income paid once a month, and most of my spending is done at very beginning of month-so after that …. Stinks!!)

  3. retrosandie says:

    You are very kind-thank you!! I could do that! I could send $5 and pay the balance next month. How would you like me to send it? Thank you again.


    • kleintoys says:

      My paypal is I’ll mark her as on hold as soon as I receive the deposit. I try to be as accommodating as possible with sales stuff but some of my experiences over the years have left me a bit cautious.

  4. retrosandie says:

    Thank you very much! I just sent the money via Paypal!!!

  5. retrosandie says:

    Oh, and I DO want her with her wig. Thanks again!!

  6. retrosandie says:

    Many thanks!!!! 🙂

  7. angelinaball says:

    Hi, I will happily take that Tiphona off your hands and give her a new home. Please let me know if she’s still available. Thanks!

  8. Tiesha says:

    I wanted to see if I could make payment arrangements for the taeyang Sebastian

  9. angelinaball says:

    Any takers yet for Clarity? I’d love to have her!

  10. Charlotte says:

    Do you sell Alice Romantic Pink? Or Eos? Or both :333

  11. FrillyRattie says:

    Is the Azone Akari still available?

  12. Shaina says:

    Wondering how much you are wanting for the Volks Tsubaki hybrid boy?

  13. Mary Holcomb says:

    I started collecting the AI Ball Jointed dolls last December. I love them. I have all of them except for:
    Red Poppy A-733
    Blue Elfin A-727
    Tsubaki A-736
    If you have any of these, I would like to purchase them at a reasonable price. Congratulations on your cool cat. I love animals! I have just rescued a precious Min Pin. He is a real sweetheart!
    Mary Holcomb

  14. Nikol says:

    Hello!! Can I ask you something? I FREAKING want pullip Ddalgi or Chelsea so will they be for sale? Like I mean not right now but in the future. If they will please tell me thanks, I’m interested oh or ririko thanks!!

  15. Malka says:

    Hi, Is the Lukia Coral still available? Thanks.

    • kleintoys says:

      Actually Lukia and the Azone both sold within the last week, I just hadn’t got a chance to update this yet as I’ve had my hands full past week.

  16. Michelle says:

    Is the custom pullip doll still available?

  17. Tyler says:

    Do you still have the haruka Head?

  18. Magdaléna Kolárik Kittelová says:

    hello – it is dal Drta avaiable

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