I own a lot of dolls, I would like to own less dolls and am slowly working on culling my collection a bit while also hoping to free up funds for some new additions to the collection.

More seriously a lot of these were project dolls I may or may never get to and it’s just time they moved on.


  • I live in the US, Connecticut to be exact. I prefer to ship within the US, priority shipping within the US is included in the prices unless I note otherwise. I will consider shipping internationally, especially if the buyer already has feedback or I’ve previously worked with them.
  • I only accept paypal, I don’t charge paypal fees.
  • Non-smoking and mostly pet-free home, I own a betta fish but he seems wholly uninterested in the dolls and doesn’t leave his tank so….
  • I have extensive feedback within the doll community, you can see links to it all here.
  • Only what is listed on this page is for sale, I will slowly add things to this page as I have time please do not ask about other items that may potentially be going up for sale.
  • Trades? Probably not, there are very few Jun Planning/Groove I don’t own at this point. Might have better luck with bjds…
  • Layaway? Maybe, non-refundable deposit would be required.
  • Stuff is sold as pictured ie. if you see a doll without a wig and I describe it as bald, it will not include a wig. I’m currently working on sorting through everything, I don’t have time to go hunting for specific things.

Groove/Jun Planning Dolls

Pullips and company 

Dal Princess Pinky– I believe she comes with her full stock outfit please see pictures, the little crown on her hairbow has detached which is actually quite common with her I believe that is her only issue (I still have her box if desired) $65 shipped within the US via priority 

Marvelous Minis:

New Little Pullips and Dals– Will discount if you buy multiple, shipping via first class within the US is included in price if you want priority it’s extra (small and lightweight, priority almost seems like overkill on these guys).
Top Row: Little Dal Mad Hatter, Little Dal White Rabbit & Little Pullip Alice
Bottom Row: Little Pullip Queen of Hearts, Little Dal Jack & Little Pullip March Hare
Little Dal White Rabbit $25 shipped via first class within the US
Little Dal Jack $18 shipped via first class within US
or $40 shipped for the pair add $5 if you like to add the Little Dal Cinnamoroll stock & stand

All others have been sold, sorry!

Little Cinnamoroll Stock outfit and stand $10 plus shipping ($13 shipped in the US via first class bubble mailer or no additional shipping cost if added on another purchase)

Ever After High Dolls
Ever After High Dolls So I apparently ordered this stuff like four years ago it arrived and then somehow it got lost in the shuffle and forgotten about never even checked the contents which is hilarious in a way because I never even realized they sent me one of the wrong dolls (a duplicate Cerise) ^^; . I’m happy to take additional photos of these just let me know.

Thronecoming Raven – Looks to be in great shape! $35 Shipped

Legacy Day Cerise Hood #1 – Looks to be in great shape $55 shipped

Legacy Day Cerise Hood #2- So this was the doll sent in error, I had ordered Briar Beauty but it appears they sent me a Cerise Hood instead. Her box is not minty, it’s slightly beveled in the front looks okay on display though unless you are really picky $45 shipped

Thronecoming Apple White has a faint crack-line in the front of the box window $40 shipped

BJD/Ball Jointed Doll Parts

Luts Model Delf Bory Head- Just recently received this boy but the head didn’t work out for what I wanted so I got another head for the model delf body. Comes with factory face up and I can include a random set of eyes upon request as well as his little card thing from Luts. Made in 2018, normal skintone no yellowing or any real issues just did not work out for what I wanted :/ $85 Shipped OBO 

Souldoll Parts These came as gift parts with my V. Spider Junia Soul Kid but since I doubt I will ever use them, I am putting them up for sale. Parts are in Dove B. Gray Skin made in 2018
Soul Kid Bust with blushing by Souldoll $65 shipped

Heel feet blushed by Souldoll $30 shipped

The following dolls are no longer available
Dal Cinnamoroll- received!
Pullip Nahh-ato- received!
Pullip Craziia- received!
Dal Melize- received!
Pullip Romantic Alice- international awaiting confirmation of received doll!
Pullip Fantastic Alice- received!
Pullip Chicca- received!
Pullip Jupi- received!
Pullip Stica- received!
Dal- Hina Ichigo received!
Pullip Paja- received!
Pullip Venus- received!
Pullip Eternia- Shipped!
Pullip Wind- received!
Pullip Raphia- received!
Soom Violet BJD- received!
Pullip Squall- Shipped!
Lan Ai & Lan Ake- Received!
Bonita & Little Drta shipped!

In an effort to keep this page cleaned up after shipping all of the currently sold dolls out, I moved the sold dolls over to their own page which is viewable here.

Dal Edge– Only ever partially deboxed her (she’s not tied down in the box), can ship her deboxed if you prefer. Comes with full stock outfit  $60 shipped within the US! 

Dal Princess Small Lady Serenity-  Box was not in great shape, the front plastic came detached but never removed her from inner carton. $135 shipped within the US via priority

Last updated 7/28/2019

36 Responses to Sale!

  1. retrosandie says:

    Hello-first, my sympathies on the loss of your gradnmother; second, your new kitty-boy is super adorable; third, I am interested in your Dal Maretti. How long do you allow for layaway? Paypal is fine and I live in Rhode Island!

    Many thanks, Sandie

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks so much on both counts ❤ Normally I allow for a couple of weeks for a Pullip or Dal unless it's something horrendously expensive or the person is buying a lot of things.

    • kleintoys says:

      Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of bad experience with holding things for people, it seems like the longer the hold the more likely they are to back out. I’d be willing to do a one month hold if you sent me a non-refundable deposit though even if it was just like $5.

  2. retrosandie says:

    Thanks for answering! (On a fixed income paid once a month, and most of my spending is done at very beginning of month-so after that …. Stinks!!)

  3. retrosandie says:

    You are very kind-thank you!! I could do that! I could send $5 and pay the balance next month. How would you like me to send it? Thank you again.


    • kleintoys says:

      My paypal is I’ll mark her as on hold as soon as I receive the deposit. I try to be as accommodating as possible with sales stuff but some of my experiences over the years have left me a bit cautious.

  4. retrosandie says:

    Thank you very much! I just sent the money via Paypal!!!

  5. retrosandie says:

    Oh, and I DO want her with her wig. Thanks again!!

  6. retrosandie says:

    Many thanks!!!! 🙂

  7. angelinaball says:

    Hi, I will happily take that Tiphona off your hands and give her a new home. Please let me know if she’s still available. Thanks!

  8. Tiesha says:

    I wanted to see if I could make payment arrangements for the taeyang Sebastian

  9. angelinaball says:

    Any takers yet for Clarity? I’d love to have her!

  10. Charlotte says:

    Do you sell Alice Romantic Pink? Or Eos? Or both :333

  11. FrillyRattie says:

    Is the Azone Akari still available?

  12. Shaina says:

    Wondering how much you are wanting for the Volks Tsubaki hybrid boy?

  13. Mary Holcomb says:

    I started collecting the AI Ball Jointed dolls last December. I love them. I have all of them except for:
    Red Poppy A-733
    Blue Elfin A-727
    Tsubaki A-736
    If you have any of these, I would like to purchase them at a reasonable price. Congratulations on your cool cat. I love animals! I have just rescued a precious Min Pin. He is a real sweetheart!
    Mary Holcomb

  14. Nikol says:

    Hello!! Can I ask you something? I FREAKING want pullip Ddalgi or Chelsea so will they be for sale? Like I mean not right now but in the future. If they will please tell me thanks, I’m interested oh or ririko thanks!!

  15. Malka says:

    Hi, Is the Lukia Coral still available? Thanks.

    • kleintoys says:

      Actually Lukia and the Azone both sold within the last week, I just hadn’t got a chance to update this yet as I’ve had my hands full past week.

  16. Michelle says:

    Is the custom pullip doll still available?

  17. Tyler says:

    Do you still have the haruka Head?

  18. Magdaléna Kolárik Kittelová says:

    hello – it is dal Drta avaiable

  19. Zoe Flenniken says:

    Hello! Long time fan here! Is Arietta still available? And what are the shipping costs, if you don’t mind? And one more question, I know the wig is crappy, but I honestly love how crappy it is in a weird way. Is the wig still available to include as well? Thank you so much! I love your work and passion!

    • Klein says:

      Thank you for your kind words :D. Yes, Arietta is still available if you are in the US shipping costs are included if you are international I’ll have to calculate shipping costs. I still have her wig and I’m happy to include it.

    • Klein says:

      Hi, sorry meant to include this in my earlier message my email address is email me to work out the details.

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