Sasha_logoSASHA invite to a fairy tale and fantasy wold, 1/6 sized doll with a RABBIT & CAT Head.
Debut model ”Lala” with a rabbit head, second model Kiki with a cat head.
SASHA invites everyone to the fairy tale・fantasy world, a deep expression is created by using Doll Eye.

Sasha is a 1/6 fashion doll line by Groove with anthropomorphic heads, dolls were released with either a cat or rabbit head. The line debuted in January of 2012 with the simultaneous releases of Lala (rabbit model) and Kiki (cat model). Only eight dolls were produced as a part of the Sasha line, four cat models and four rabbit models. Sasha dolls are approximately 10 inches tall.
Sasha Lumina

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