Class Mates

A junior high school surrounding trees in a city along a private railway. There is a rumor that only nice girls and boys are coming along in the eighth grade class.
Class Mate dolls were an extremely short-lived doll line released by Jun Planning in July of 2004.  Only three dolls were ever released: Takeru,  Riria and Merippe. They are approximately 8 inches tall. Each doll released came with a student ID, they did not come with a stand. Both of the girl dolls (Riria & Merippe) appear to have the same headmold as J-doll so it seems like the girls at least were a precursor to J-doll. The doll line was very unpopular upon release so unfortunately not a whole lot of information is available about them now ^^; .

Additional Information:
Class Mate Release List

Please Note: I do not own any Class Mate dolls and have no immediate plans to own one so I am unfortunately not able to answer many questions about them.


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