Pullip Cheshire Cat debut of New Style Eye Mechanism!

Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World features the debut a new style of eye mechanism, basically instead of being able to just fully open or close her eyes she is also able to have her eyes just partially closed as well. Pullip Cheshire Cat will be getting a few review here as well very soon but I wanted to make a post devoted to the new style of mechanism as I know I can’t be the only one who was curious how it works.  I really love and adore Pullip Cheshire Cat as is so I can’t bring myself to take her apart to make a thorough investigation into her eye mechanism but Pullip Lupinus is coming and I feel as though she would benefit from some new eyechips…and if I have to open her up anyway well then I can do some comparison pictures of the newer style mechanism versus the normal mechanism.

While I normally am not one to post videos, the new eye mechanism is easier to understand in motion. I decided to shoot a short video of the new eye mechanism in action, I ended up shooting two alternate views on my phone so I could share how it looks from the front and the back just in case anyone was curious how it worked.

Front view

Back/side view

I honestly do not expect videos to become a regular part of this website but sometimes things are just easier to explain or understand in video than in photos (though somewhat hilariously tumblr judged one of the two videos I posted above as sexually explicit). More traditional photos as well as comparisons etc behind the cut!

Eye mech comparisonSide by side comparison of Pullip Cheshire Cat with her eyes in the partially open position compared to Pullip Amelia with her eyes fully open.
IMG_3282Close up view of comparison.
Pullip Cheshire Cat Eye MechanismPullip Cheshire Cat with one eye in partially open position and one eye fully open.

IMG_3289Pullip Cheshire Cat with fully open eyes.
Eyelid levers in fully open position
Eyelid levers in the normal fully open position.
IMG_3288Pullip Cheshire Cat with eyes in the new partially open position.
Eyelid levers in partially open positionEyelid levers in new partially open position.
Closed eyesFully closed eyes (same as normal eye mechanism).
Eyelid levers in fully closed positionBack view of levers in full closed position.
Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk WorldPlease look forward to her review being posted really soon!

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