j-dolllogoJ-dolls are top fashion models who travel around the world, their name is based on famous streets which corresponds to their fashion style.
DianaJ-Doll is a fashion doll line that was originally produced by Jun Planning and was later produced by Groove.  They are 1/6 fashion dolls and are approximately 10 1/2 inches tall. The line debuted in 2007 and was released up until 2013 when the line was discontinued. A total of 62 J-doll releases were made, a 63rd release Province had been announced but was canceled.

J-dolls released from 2007-2008 shared the Type 3 Pullip body, starting with Diamonte le Calle’s release in 2009 all J-dolls came on the Type 4 Pullip body. As they share a body with Pullip, they can also share clothing with Pullip.

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Andrassy Avenue :: Esplanadi Katu :: Vasterlanggatan

2 Responses to J-Doll

  1. donna holland says:

    I have just discovered these dolls and am interested in finding more. Where can I find more at reasonable prices? My hope is they will make more! I will not be reselling them to make money. I just love them!

    • kleintoys says:

      Check out amazon for some reasonably priced J-dolls. Unfortunately J-doll is done, the last one announced was canceled and that was over a year ago. They are now selling for far below the wholesale price so Groove ended up losing a fair bit of money on them so I honestly don’t see them making more of a product just to lose money on it ^^;

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