I found Pullips in CT- Akiba Underground!

Earlier this year it came to my attention through a facebook ad that there was a newer anime store in Connecticut, such things are pretty rare in New England so I had meant to check it out somehow managed to completely forget about it until a few weeks ago. I struggled to remember the name but after some googling, I managed to find Akiba Underground’s website, while they do not sell via their website they did have a list of different products they sell and on that list was Pullips. A store that sells Pullips less than an hour away from my house???  I definitely had to go check out the store as there are just so few physical stores that sell Pullip in the US. We went about two weeks ago, unfortunately it was kind of close to closing time so I didn’t really get as much time there as I would have liked but I am happy to report that they do actually carry a small selection of Pullips.

When I visited I found Dal Princess Minty, Byul Romantic Queen, Taeyang Butler, Pullip Yuri, Isul Fairy Lumiere, and Dal Magical Pink-Chan (who I know has since sold to another Pullip lover in CT). Prices were fairly reasonable the dolls ranged in price from $90 to $135 with Magical Pink-chan being the cheapest and Pullip Yuri being the most expensive. If they had a release I didn’t already own I probably would have bought one unfortunately I owned all six dolls. I did ask how often they received new/different Pullips and was told that it wasn’t on any sort of set schedule but they did still receive Pullips and little Pullips from time to time.
akibaundergroundEven though I didn’t end up buying a doll, I did not walk out empty handed I bought a Cardcaptor Sakura figure, the kiddo got an alpacasso plushie and the mister got an anime shirt.
In addition to Pullip, they stock lolita and fairy kei type clothing as well as various anime figures there were a variety of figmas and nendoroids (ran into a similar situation there, already had all the ones I would have wanted) as well as quite a few Gundam kits not so many scaled figures though. If you are in the area or are visiting the area, I definitely recommend checking it out!

I unfortunately don’t think that I will be able to go back very soon as I’m back to limited mobility right now. I’ve had some recent complications with my leg break, it’s a nightmare I have an ortho boot and a knee scooter plus I’m not supposed to drive. It’ll be like this for at least another month before they do another round of x-rays and decide whether or not to operate so I predict lots of video game playing and anime watching on hulu in my near future especially since my husband is away so I am basically trapped at home right now >_>.

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5 Responses to I found Pullips in CT- Akiba Underground!

  1. Kayleigh Ader says:

    Hey, this totally off topic but I just found a picture of classical king…and i’m wondering why he was never released? Heres the pic: http://pullipparadis.actifforum.com/t15794-mars-2013-alice-classical-serie

    • Klein says:

      Unfortunately not every prototype ends up becoming a doll, it’s unusual for a doll to make it this far along without getting released but it is not unheard of he was never actually announced so my best guess is declining sales of the Classical Alice series (in particular Classical Queen) is probably why he was not released.

  2. Tessa says:

    Hi Klein, thank you for continuing your amazing website, and I hope your physical recovery process improves. I had a question about buying Pullip dolls from the Groove Store website. I tried multiple times to check out, and I also tried a different web browser. But each time, I got the “Unable to connect to Paypal gateway” error message. Do you have any tips on using the Groove Store website? Thank you!

    • Klein says:

      Thank you so much ❤ It's been a very slow recovery ^^;

      I haven't experienced any difficulties checking out myself but it's also been a few months since my last order (I know they have an ongoing sample sale right now but so far there hasn't been anything listed that I "need"). I haven't heard of anyone experiencing difficulties recently but their website can be a bit temperamental at times. I would try clearing your cache before trying to checkout or perhaps trying to use another browser, if that doesn't work I can try emailing them for you so they can look into it.

      • Tessa says:

        Thanks Klein! I already emailed customer support about the website, but I doubt they will take it seriously. I decided to save my money for the upcoming Utena Pullip dolls, and hopefully I can preorder them from PullipStyle in the future. I’M SO EXCITED! XD

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