Links to various websites that I use.

Anime Links
Anime News Network– Great site for information about various anime/manga
Danny Choo– Danny Choo’s site dedicated to Japanese culture, figures, dollfies and mechas, lots of photos from events such as Wonder Fest etc. Community dedicated to figure, mecha and doll collectors, outgrowth of– Great anime figure database site
Bigbadtoystore– Store where I buy most of my comics related toys, also sells some anime stuff
Entertainment Earth– Sells a variety of things including Pullips, comics related stuff and some anime figures. Shipping tends to be kind of high.
Hobby Link Japan– Japan-based figure store, also carries some Pullips/Blythes
Hobby Search– Another Japan-based Figure store, also carries Blythe and Pullip
Rightstuf– Anime dvd and more site

BJD Links
Den of Angels– Very large BJD forum, a great resource
DenverDoll– Fairyland dealer also offers Pipos etc they sell a wide variety of BJDs and doll supplies. They offer layaway.
FabricFriends&Dolls Another BJD dealer for Luts and various other companies, offers layaway and will special order things upon request. Offers a variety of other doll selections such as Fashion Royalty dolls in addition to BJD. The owner is very kind and easy to work with.
Fairyland– Official Fairyland BJD Site
Fairyland’s Blog Fairyland’s blog great for photos and news of upcoming releases.
Latidoll Latidoll’s official website, only open for orders during events be warned though Lati is infamous for their long wait times.
Luts Luts’ official website. Volks’ Japanese Site
Volksusa Volks US site

Dollfie Dream Links Dollfie Dream forum
Wolfheinrich’s site Great DD collector’s blog
Volk’s Dollfie Dream Blog Volk’s Dollfie Dream Blog, great for photos/information for upcoming DD Volks’ Japanese Site
Volksusa Volks US site

My Little Pony Links
MLPArena Very large forum devoted to all generations of My Little Pony, has a BST section.
StrawberryReef My Little Pony Reference and Resource Guide mainly focuses on G3 & G4
Hasbrotoyshop Hasbro’s (maker of MLP) store
MLP Fair Website for the official yearly MLP fair

Pullip Links
– Official Links
Groove’s Blog Official Pullip Blog, follow this for latest news on Pullips.
Groove Inc Official Pullip website.
JPGroove The official US distributor of Pullip. Ars Gratia Artis, they design Pullip.
Rakuten Groove’s Official Store.

– Retailers Please note that I have limited personal experience with shops located outside of the US, in particular I don’t think I’ve ordered from any of the European shops.
Pullipstyle US Pullip retailer that has a large selection of Pullip and other Groove dolls.
JPGroove The US distributor of Pullip, they also sells via their website. They have some really wonderful sales periodically that strike without warning to empty your wallet.
Popfuzz Another US based Pullip Seller. They are located in New York, they also have a physical store that sells a variety of pop culture items as well as collectible vinyl, books etc.
Creadoll A French Pullip Store.
Joliedoll French Pullip Store, they have a physical store located in Paris.
Plasticpop A German Pullip retailer also carries obitsu, Azone dolls and Momoko closing as of 8/2019.
PullipWorld A Pullip retailer located in Belgium they have a also have a physical showroom as well. Ars Gratia Artis, based in Korea.
Rakuten Groove’s Official Store based in Japan.
Magma Heritage A Pullip retailer that also carries Blythe as well as some other fashion dolls. They are located in Singapore, they do have a physical store.

– Other
Dolly Market– Buy/Sell/Trade dolls mostly pullip oriented but other dolls are welcome as well
Requiemart Requiemart’s personal website with pullip repair and customization tutorials, her pic-fic and more

Stuff for Doll Links
EmmerzApparel’s Etsy Store Offers Pullip and Blythe dresses and other clothing options.
FloralDolls Offers floral crowns and other accessories for Pullip and BJD.
Jadenesscouture Offers beyond cute clothing for Lati Yellow/Pukifee and occasionally offers Pukipuki clothing.
Keely’s Cute Kimono Offers wa-loli kimonos for a variety of different doll sizes including: Pukipuki, Lati Yellow/Pukifee, Pullip, Dal, Blythe, MSD and Dollfie Dreams. Absolute sweetheart to deal with and will take commissions.
Requiemart’s Etsy Store Offers clothing patterns with very easy to follow instructions for Pullip, Monster High, Ever After High dolls and various sized bjds as well as the occasional custom doll.
Dolleca Etsy Store  formerly ThePullipDollClub, Dolleca offers Pullip and Blythe dresses as well as accessories like hats. Also has youtube channel that primarily focuses on Pullip, even has a very helpful playlist designed with newbies to the Pullip hobby in mind.

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