Pullipstyle Now Stocking Luts Wigs!

Pullipstyle made a very exciting announcement late last night, they are now offering wigs from Luts via their website. For those of you unfamiliar with Luts they are a well known ball jointed doll maker who also makes some of the most exquisite quality of wigs available in a cornucopia of colors. I have been using their wigs for Pullip for years and can attest to their wonderful quality!
IMG_9753This is just a small taste of the many wigs available, they posted a little teaser video on their Instagram page last night which can be seen here of the wigs.

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Details announced about upcoming Pullip 15th ♥ Anniversary ~ Dream of the Starry Sky ~ Pullip Exhibition at Yokohama Doll Museum & New Pullip revealed!

Groove just recently blogged about some additional details regarding their upcoming Pullip 15 ♥ Anniversary ~ starry sky of the Dream event via their blog. The event will be held at the Yokohama Doll Museum from April 21st to June 24th. A few promotional flyers were posted one of them features a new Pullip named Etoile (the French word for star)  the theme for the event is “Dream of a Starry Sky” so I think Groove definitely capitalized that with her! It is not clear at this time if Etoile will be an exclusive to the event, I am personally hoping not as she has a very interesting design and I would like not to have to jump through hoops to get her. I absolutely love the galaxy print on her mermaid style dress though I think, I would personally prefer a different fantasy color wig on my own doll.

In addition to a tantalizing teaser promo of Pullip Etoile some additional details about the event were revealed.

The Road to 15 years : A fond look back at Pullip’s 15 year history highlighting quinntessential doll releases from each year of Pullip releases!
Popular Themes Dolls from popular past theme series such as Pullip x Steampunk World will be on display! 
Collaboration Dolls Pullip has collaborated with many different brands and anime/manga series over the years so there will be a display of some of the most popular past collaboration series such as Vocaloid!
15th Anniversary Commemorative Model Pullip Etoile Etoile is the image model for this event and the sale of this special model will start at the event (which possibly means that she is not an exclusive? *crosses fingers*).

New and upcoming Pullip models will be on display at the event! Dolls such as upcoming Pullip release Eileen will be on display.

Custom Doll Contest The Dolls from the Custom Pullip Doll Contest will be on display and people can vote on what doll they would like to see be released! The pictured doll is by Korisu Factory and Mitsubaki @BabyBee who have both previously been featured as a part of the Creator’s Label line.

Pullip Trivia Contest Attendees can try their luck at a Pullip trivia contest if the answers correct they can win a free limited edition postcard set! I love trivia contests, I bet you that I could win this thing hands down!

More details at Yokahoma Doll Museum’a site here.

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Sailor Moon x Pullip- Pullip Usagi & Taeyang Mamoru Wedding Versions Announced!

Groove just officially announced the upcoming releases of the two newest dolls in their super popular Sailor Moon collaboration series via their blog tonight. Usagi & Mamoru are one of the most iconic anime/manga couples of all time so it’s only fitting that we get a set of doll celebrating their love in the form of Pullip Usagi Wedding Version & Taeyang Mamoru Wedding Version. Both dolls are to be released simultaneously in June which is coincidentally one of the most popular months for weddings. The standard versions of Usagi & Mamoru will have a MSRP of 23000 yen each which is about $215.40 as of this writing.

This is the fifth different version of Usagi that we have seen released to date, the others are Pullip Sailor Moon, Pullip Princess Serenity, Pullip Super Sailor Moon and Pullip Eternal Sailor Moon while I understand the significance in each release that is still a lot of different versions of one character. This is the second version of Mamoru that we have seen released the other version is Taeyang Tuxedo Mask.

I have kind of mixed feelings about this release. I would prefer to see new, unique characters released by Groove, the series has such a diverse cast not to mention some really interesting character designs especially for the villains it gets frustrating to see the same characters over and over again. I’d much rather see Groove release a doll based on Princess Kakyuu or Queen Nehelenia than another version of Usagi or Mamoru and yet I can’t bring myself to be mad about the release of these two! I want them even though I already own all of the other versions of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask, they are such an iconic almost power couple that finally seeing them getting their happy ending makes me feel sentimental and nostalgic for the manga/older anime series.  Continue reading

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Sailor Moon x Pullip Isul Helios Announced!

Last night, Groove announced the 24th doll in their incredibly popular Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series Isul Helios via their blog. Isul Helios will be the first Isul released in almost a year, the last Isul release was Isul Yagen Toushirou who was a part of the Touken Ranbu ~online~ collaboration series. He is to be released in April in Japan, he will be released in the US one month later. The standard edition of Isul Helios has a MSRP of 22000 yen which as of this writing is about $202.21, the Bandai exclusive version available exclusively through Bandai’s store is also priced at 22000 yen. For those of you not familiar with Sailor Moon, I’m sure the question of so just who is Helios has already sprung to mind! Helios appeared in the Dream arc of the manga and the original Sailor Moon anime series during the SuperS arc, as of this writing he has not shown up in the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series. Helios was a holy priest of Elysion tasked with defending the Golden Crystal, he was captured by Queen Nehellenia but his dream form a Pegasus managed to escape capture. The Pegasus form of Helios hides in Chibi-Usa’s Dream Mirror to evade capture from Queen Nehellenia’s Dead Moon Circus while he tried to find the person who could unlock the Golden’s Crystal full power which is also his golden horn while he is in human form. Eventually the person Helios sought was revealed to be Chibi-Usa and the evil Queen Nehellenia was defeated. Chibi-Usa and Helios are implied to have a romantic link though it’s incredibly chaste, it’s suggested that in the future they may end up together. For those of you who are still understandably confused after reading all that the too long didn’t read version is that he appears in one of the later seasons of Sailor Moon and he and Chibi-Usa are kind of sweet on each other also he can appear as a Pegasus.

Continue reading

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Fashion Doll Pullip 15th <3 Anniversary ~Starry Sky Dreams~ Custom Doll Contest

2018 is the 15th anniversary of Pullip, in order to celebrate there will be a special exhibition called Fashion Doll Pullip 15th ❤ Anniversary ~Starry Sky Dreams~ at Yokohama Doll House to celebrate this milestone. The event will run from April 21st to June 24th, Doll Carnival will also be held during the event on May 27th Groove has not hosted a Doll Carnival in over five years so it is very exciting to hear of it’s return you can read more details about the upcoming event here.

Last night, Groove announced details about a Custom Doll Contest that will be a part of the celebration of Pullip via their blog. It’s a very exciting opportunity for customizers to get their custom works some recognition and maybe even get their custom doll design turned into an actual Pullip release! I mean seriously how exciting is that? Details for the contest are as follows quoted from Groove’s blog….

. ★ The Theme Of The Custom Doll Contest Is “Dream”
Please Convey Your Vision Of Pullip’S Wonderful Dreams.

★ Contents Of The Contest Award And Judging Method
● Prize:
Grand Prix (1 Person) Commercialization Of Doll And Prize Money Of 300,000 Yen
Special Prize (3 Persons) Pulilp 15Th Anniversary Commemorative Model Doll Presented
● Judging Method: Based On An Offline Voting At The Exhibition Venue And An Online Voting From April 21 To May 27,
Selection After a fair review.
● Judge: Yokohama Doll Museum, Ars Gratia Artis &Groove

★ Schedule
· February 05 (Monday) Start of Application Acceptance
· February 12 (Monday) End of entry acceptance (If there is a large number of applicants, applicants may be selected by lottery.)
· April 05 (Thu) Deadline for applications acceptance.
· April 21 (Saturday) Start Of Contest (Dolls Will Be Exhibited At Yokohama Doll Museum Ando Voting Will Start Online)
· May 27 (Sunday) Contest Deadline
· May 31 (Thu) Contests Results Announced!

If You Wish To Participate In The Custom Doll Contest, then you must agree with

___ ___ 0
Entry works are limited to those not commercialized.
· Multiple people can participate jointly with the entries. ( )
· Dolls used in the custom doll contest must be dolls produced by Groove only Pullip, Dal, Taeyang, Byul and Isul are allowable. Changing of the doll’s body is not permitted .
· Over-Makeup Is Acceptable Even If It Is Not Full Makeup So Long As The Custom Doll Is Totally Different From The Original Doll.
· Please Refrain From Making Modifications To The Doll’S Face Or Body Such As Carving Or The Addition Of Sculpted Parts.
· Please refrain from using other company ‘parts (hands, feet, outfit etc.).
※ use there other company’s eye chips, shoes and wigs is permitted.
· Since there is a possibility of damage to the submitted work at the time of Shipping, Please Pay Attention To Careful Packing When Shipping.
· Please Refrain From Applying For Things That May Infringe Other Copyrights Such As Characters, Objects Or Works That Are Against Public Order And Morals.
· In The Event That There Is A Claim Of Infringement Or a dispute of infringement from a third party in the submitted work, it is be resolved by the responsible and burden of the applicant himself. And the organizer of this project, Groove Inc. and Yokohama Doll Museum, the organizer of the exhibition, take no responsibility.
· Entrants are free to publish on your own WEB media. Grove Inc., the organizer of this project, agrees not to exercise any right claim and right to use the submitted work for introduction / advertisement promotion purposes on Website Our.
· For Grand Prix Works, At The Same Time As Adopting Commercialization All Copyrights Are Transferred To Groove Inc., The Organizer Of This Project.
· The Rights When The Work Is Commercialized Belongs To Groove Inc. Which Is The Organizer Of This Project.
· The Ownership Of The Submitted Works Provided To The Auction After The Contest Is Transferred To The Successful Bidder After The End Of The Auction.
· The auction bidding start price of the entry will be decided by Groove Inc. which of the organizer of this project.
· Part of the auction will will be donated to charity.
· If you apply to the contest but you Do Not Wish To Participate In The Auction, We Will Return The Doll After The End Of The Exhibition.
· Dolls That Were Featured In The Auction But Failed To Receive Bid Will Be Returned To The Applicants.

★ How To Apply
Please Send The Following To The application email address.After accepting the application, we will reply to you by February 14th.

• Mail Title: Pullip 15th Anniversary Custom Doll Contest
• Mail content:

– Phone number
– Mailing address –

Entry acceptance e – mail address: contest – Name * If you are applying by a real name, please also give your real name. @ groove.ws

* Please contact me if

you have any questions, please contact: contest@groove.ws
* When making inquiries please specify “About custom doll contest” as of e-mail title.

·: *: ·., ☆ ゜ · ·: *: · · · · · ·: *: · ゜ ‘☆, · ·:: *: · ☆ ゜’ ·:: *: ·., ☆ *. *. *. *. *. *: ·., ☆ ゜ · ·:: *: ·.,.

☆ After the contest, we are planning to auction off the dolls submitted at the site of Groove Inc.
For those who participate in the auction, this is the only chance in the world to get custom doll!

I can’t wait to see photos from this event especially of everyone’s entries into the custom doll contest!

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Pullip x Cinnamoroll 15th Anniversary Edition

….and just as I published Pullip Eileen’s announcement I realized that I never actually wrote up Pullip Cinnamoroll here, I had meant to especially since I really love her release I’ve just been so distracted lately by everything else going on. Seriously I am so sorry for delay on this write up to expedite, I’m going to keep this kind of brief.

Pullip x Cinnamoroll 15th Anniversary Edition was announced well a while ago now via Groove’s blog. She is to be released in March in Japan and one month later here in the US, her MSRP is 22,000 yen which is about $200.87 as of this writing and because I took so bloody long to get this written up she is already available for preorder via Pullipstyle for $175…. and yes I already preordered her! I’m calling it now she is going to end up being one of this year’s IT girls though honestly all three of the announced releases for this year so far have been pretty strong.
Pullip and Sanrio are no strangers to one another, in 2008 Jun Planning (the company that preceded Groove) collaborated with Sanrio for the first time Pullip Hello Kitty, Pullip My Melody and Dal Cinnamoroll. In 2012, Groove released a new version of Dal Cinnamoroll to celebrate Cinnamoroll’s 10th anniversary. More recently a Hello Kitty x Tokidoki collaboration Pullip Violetta and a new version of Pullip My Melody x Hen-nako were released. Dal Cinnamoroll was one of the most popular and beloved Dal releases so I was not surprised when a new version of the Dal was released and now a new Pullip version as well! At first I had kind of mixed feelings about Cinnamoroll’s new interpretation being a Pullip versus a Dal but the Pullip is so darn cute that I can’t be mad at it. As cute as the Dal release is animal costumes have become kind of hit or miss popularity-wise so the stylized interpretation of the Pullip is much more of a modern take on the character which is still very much recognizable. I absolutely adore her little teacup hat and her little Cinnamoroll companion plushie that matches her outfit perfectly!
I adore Cinnamoroll’s outfit, the color scheme and just everything is absolutely perfect! I love the Cinnamoroll print at the hemline of her skirt, it’s a nice little touch. I love her shoes, at first glance I kind of questioned the shoe covers and then I realized that they are like Cinnamoroll’s precious little ears. I much prefer the removable Cinnamoroll ears over a giant Cinnamoroll hood, the Hello Kitty head on the original Pullip was a bit overkill so I am glad Groove did not go that route on the Cinnamoroll Pullip.
Such a pretty face up! I love how blushy she is, her subtle pink lipstick and nicely detailed eye make up. I love the detailing on her lavender eye chips.

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Girlism x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pullip Eileen Announced!

Groove announced a new upcoming Pullip release via their blog last night.  Pullip Eileen is a triple collaboration release Groove partnered with Girlism, the first lolita magazine in China &  Baby, the Star Shines Bright a lolita clothing brand.  This is the first time that Groove has partnered with Girlism but Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has been a frequent collaborator with Groove and their partnership has given us such popular releases as Pullip Favorite Ribbon and Pullip La Robe Vert Clair. Pullip Eileen will be released in Japan in late May, she is priced at 22000 yen which is roughly $201.09 as of this writing.
Girlism hosted a design contest last summer, the winning illustration was used as the basis for the design of Pullip Eileen as well as a human sized version of the outfit that will be produced by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Over 950 entries were submitted to the contest and over a total 100,000 votes were received, some of the other entries can still be seen on Girlism’s facebook page here. I honestly wouldn’t mind if Groove went back around again and used some of the other more popular designs as the basis of future releases as there were a lot of other really strong designs that would look amazing as Pullip releases.

As stated above Baby, the Stars Shine Bright will also be selling a human sized version of the winning design. The outfit set is priced at 91,800 yen which is about $838.40 as of this writing, reservations are open from now (February 1st) until March 5th through Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s website . Pullip Eileen would make an excellent complement to those lucky enough to be able to get the matching outfit and perhaps a slightly more affordable option for those of us who can only afford to admire it.

Continue reading

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