Update on Pullip MIO/Make It Own Kits

This spring Pullip MIO or Make It Own have become exceptionally hard to find, Pullipstyle had been anticipating a restock of the kits later this month but they posted an update on their facebook page earlier today saying that the kits have unfortunately been delayed (this delay does not impact the restock shipment of Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World).

We have just received an update regarding the restock of Pullip MIO or Make it Own kits, we were anticipating a restock at this end of this month but there has regrettably been a delay. We are now expecting a restock of natural kits in late June and a restock of mocha kits in late July. I wanted to post an update as soon as we received this information as I know many of you have been anticipating the restock of the MIO kits. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. Source

Although the news of a delay is a bit disheartening, I’m glad that Pullipstyle posted an update on the situation. I’m going to have to stock up on MIO kits when PS finally does receive their restock!

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Frog Prince Fairytale Inspired Dal Dana

Fairytales are an almost universally shared experience that we all enjoy as children, the details and the settings of the stories may change across different cultures but nearly everyone has their own favorite fairytale from their childhood. Fairytales have served as an inspiration for many Pullip and friends dolls over the years, the latest fairytale to serve as the inspiration is Grimm’s fairytale “The Frog Prince” which inspired Isul Caros and Dal Dana. Fairy tales as they are passed on from generation to generation often change a bit over retellings most add happy endings or sometimes they just skip over some of the more violent parts. In most recent popularized versions of “The Frog Prince” the princess must kiss the frog to transform him back into a prince but in the original version of the fairytale the princess threw the frog against the wall in disgust and that made him transform back into a prince which is a bit violent. Caros & DanaIsul Caros plays the titular Frog Prince while Dal Dana plays the princess. Dal Dana looks far too sweet and innocent to have thrown the frog into a wall so Caros’ transformation must have been inspired by a kiss!

Isul Caros and Dal Dana were released in late February of this year, they have a MSRP of 18000 yen each. Dana will be the first of the pair to receive a write up here and Isul Caros will follow soon after, I apologize in general for the delay on getting their reviews published here. Dana

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Pullip Optical Alice

Sometimes I feel like Groove is lost in Wonderland, over the years Alice in Wonderland has served as inspiration for several different Alice in Wonderland series of dolls each with their own unique interpretation of the subject material. The latest Alice in Wonderland inspired series of dolls from Groove is the Optical Alice series which stands out because of it’s the almost ethereal pale skin color of the dolls contrasted by the bold color scheme of red, black and white for the doll’s outfits. I know some fans of Pullip may feel that Alice releases have reached the oversaturation point as there have just been so many over the years (complete list here) but the Alice Pullips have consistently been very popular and sell really well, personally I love Alice in Wonderland and as long as Groove continues to interpret the theme in new and different ways I’ll continue buying all of the Alice inspired dolls!
Optical Alice          In a repeated checked room….. have lost my way where I went….Feel Like So

The Optical Alice series debuted earlier this year with the release of Pullip Optical Alice who was released in February of this year and had a MSRP of 18,000 yen. Although there have not been any official announcements of other dolls in the series Groove displayed prototypes of them at a recent doll event. I can’t wait to hear more news about the forthcoming releases from the series including what appears to be a Pullip Red Queen, Isul White Rabbit, Dal Cheshire Cat and Taeyang Mad Hatter.
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Groove shares deboxing photos/instructions for Disney Doll Collection Cinderella

Groove shared photo instructions on how to properly debox the upcoming release of Disney collaboration Doll Collection Cinderella via their blog earlier today. I’m glad that they shared these photos as after looking at them if I hadn’t had the instructions I’m honestly not sure how I would have approached deboxing her when and if I am able to add her to my collection without these instructions and I have lots of experience deboxing Pullips. This definitely looks like one of the most complicated Groove doll deboxing processes that I have ever seen.
I’m basically just going to reblog what Groove said as I want their instructions to reach as many people as possible as I feel like Cinderella may be a bit intimidating or challenging to debox for some first time owners of Groove dolls. I believe Cinderella will likely bring a lot of new people into the hobby so I want to make sure that the information is out there especially for newbies.
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Groove Report at AnimeJapan

Groove recently attended AnimeJapan at Tokyo Big Sight, the event celebrates animation in Japan. Groove recently wrote about their experience of exhibiting at AnimeJapan for the first time via their blog. With how many different collaboration dolls based on different anime/manga characters that have been released over the years I was kind of surprised to hear that it was that their first year attending the event, I have a list of all the collaboration Pullip family dolls that Jun Planning/Groove here that I believe is complete.  I hope that Groove’s exhibit at the event helped to introduce Pullip to many new fans!

Looking at all these photos of AnimeJapan makes me kind of regret not attending Anime Boston this past weekend, normally it’s the one anime convention I do attend every year but a combination of bad timing and still feeling under the weather (complications from dental surgery). Hopefully I will be able to attend next year!
Groove’s booth at the event, it’s really amazing to see all of their dolls on display like this it is especially nice that we were able to get a closer look at the upcoming collaboration releases the Disney Cinderella doll and Touken Ranbu Isul Yagen Toushirou.
I’m so excited for the release of Isul Yagen Toushirou, I didn’t think it was possible but he looks even better here than he does in his promotional photos.
Disney Doll Collection Cinderella looks quite magical here.
I absolutely love this giant promotional posters/standees (whatever they are), I can only imagine what seeing these in person and being able to see the dolls in such great detail is like.

The top shelf consists of Kuroshitsuji Taeyang Sebastian ~Book of Circus~ Version, Isul Ciel ~Book of Circus~ Version and Taeyang Sebastian are on display on one side while non-collaboration dolls Premium Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome Version and Pullip Lunatic Queen are displayed on the other. The newer Rozen Maiden collaboration series that was released from 2014-2015 is displayed on the bottom two shelves. Pullip twins Suiseiseki and Souseiseki are displayed together and Pullips Shinku and Suigintou are displayed on the shelf alongside them on the middle shelf. The bottom shelf features Pullips Kirakishou and Keikujyaku on display on one side and Pullips Hina Ichigo and Pullip Kanaria on display on the other side.
The Puella Magi Madoka Magica dolls Pullip Akemi Homura, Dal Kaname Madoka and Pullip Tomoe Mami are displayed on the top shelf. To this day it still saddens me that Groove never completed the Puella Magi Madoka Magica series, I had always hoped that they would release a version of Sayaka Miki and Kyoko Sakura. On the bottom shelf are last year’s very popular Petit Prince releases Pullip Rose, Isul Petit Prince and Pullip Fox.
Alice in Wonderland has served as the inspiration for many different Pullips over the years so even though technically they are not an anime collaboration series I’m not surprised that Groove would take this opportunity to showcase some of them. The top row consists of Pullip Alice and Pullip Cheshire Cat from the Alice in Steampunk World series as well as the three Rose of Versailles collaboration dolls Pullip Marie Antoinette, Pullip Oscar Francios and Taeyang Andre Grandier. Below them on the middle shelf is Pullip Optical Alice and Regeneration Pullip Alice on one side and Pullip Romantic Alice Pink and Blue versions. On the bottom shelf Pullip Classical Alice Sepia Version and Pullip Classical Alice are displayed on one side while Pullip Alice du Jardin and Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint are display on the other side.
Sailor Moon was definitely one of Groove’s largest collaboration series but I think that I had forgotten just how many dolls were released as a part of the series until I saw this picture with all twenty three of them together, I think this might be the first time I have seen a photo of all of them together like this. Partially cut off in this picture in the top row of this picture is Pullip Sailor Moon and Pullip Sailor Moon. The second row consists of Pullip Sailor Neptune, Pullip Sailor Venus, Pullip Sailor Uranus, Pullip Sailor Pluto, Pullip Sailor Mercury. The third row consists of Dal Sailor Chibi-Moon, Dal Sailor Saturn, Pullip Sailor Mars, Pullip Sailor Jupiter and Taeyang Tuxedo Mask. The fourth row consists of Pullip Luna Moon Lover’s Version, Pullip Sailor V, Pullip Queen Serenity, Pullip Princess Serenity, Dal Small Lady Serenity. The bottom row consists of Pullip Mistress 9, Pullip Black Lady, Pullip Sailor Star Maker, Pullip Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Healer.


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Groove attends AnimeJapan

Groove is attending AnimeJapan this weekend at Tokyo Big Sight, the event celebrates animation in Japan. This year in particular is really special because 2017 marks the 100th year anniversary of animation in Japan. They wrote about their upcoming attendance at the event via their blog recently.
20170321115326040This is the first year that Groove has exhibited at AnimeJapan this event allows them the perfect opportunity to show off some of their collaboration dolls including exciting upcoming releases as well as some of their recent past collaboration series like Rozen Maiden and Sailor Moon. Groove posted a few photos of their exhibit at the event via their twitter account earlier today.
C7vSoQmUwAAJrWlI absolutely love the giant posters/cardboard cutouts  of  Disney Doll Collection Cinderella and Touken Ranbu -Online- Isul Yagen Toushirou that Groove used to decorate their exhibit. Groove definitely seems to be hyping their upcoming releases which is smart as they want to attract as much attention to them as possible but I’m happy to see some of the older collaboration series such as the various Rozen Maiden Pullips and Sailor Moon Pullips on display in the background as well. These pictures are also kind of interesting because this is the first time we have seen Cinderella or Yagen Toushirou in box.
cindereI zoomed in on the above shot to try to get a closer look at Cinderella’s box, it looks like there is the Disney Cinderella logo as well as a small picture of Disney’s Cinderella on the box.  Cinderella is supposed to be the first doll in a new Doll Collection collaboration series with Disney.
C7vSoQRU8AAE_rdIt’s also nice to see the first doll in the Touken Ranbu -Online- series, I was hoping that maybe future dolls in the series might make an appearance at this event as well but no such luck yet anyway (or maybe Groove just won’t post those photos).

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Touken Ranbu -online- Isul Yagen Toushirou

Groove announced a Touken Ranbu -Online- collaboration series earlier this year as well as the first doll as a part of the new series Isul Yagen Toushirou. Touken Ranbu -Online- is a Japanese online card game that allows the player to bring various swords to life which are all depicted as good looking boys. The game is so popular that it has gone on to inspire two diffferent anime series. The first doll in the series, Yagen Toushirou will be released in April and has a MSRP of 26000 yen which makes him one of the most expensive Groove dolls released to date but he is also one of the most elaborately detailed collaboration dolls released to date.
In addition to announcing the expansion of preorders of their new Disney collaboration Cinderella doll, Groove made a similar announcement regarding Isul Yagen Toushirou via their blog last night.  Until now Isul Yagen Toushirou had only been available for preorder via Bandai Premium’s website but now preorders have been opened via Groove’s official store as well as other Japanese retailer’s websites such as Amiami and Hobbysearch (both of which ship worldwide!). I will try to update as Yagen Toushirou becomes available for preorder via more retailers.

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