Girlism x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pullip Eileen Announced!

Groove announced a new upcoming Pullip release via their blog last night.  Pullip Eileen is a triple collaboration release Groove partnered with Girlism, the first lolita magazine in China &  Baby, the Star Shines Bright a lolita clothing brand.  This is the first time that Groove has partnered with Girlism but Baby, the Stars Shine Bright has been a frequent collaborator with Groove and their partnership has given us such popular releases as Pullip Favorite Ribbon and Pullip La Robe Vert Clair. Pullip Eileen will be released in Japan in late May, she is priced at 22000 yen which is roughly $201.09 as of this writing.
Girlism hosted a design contest last summer, the winning illustration was used as the basis for the design of Pullip Eileen as well as a human sized version of the outfit that will be produced by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. Over 950 entries were submitted to the contest and over a total 100,000 votes were received, some of the other entries can still be seen on Girlism’s facebook page here. I honestly wouldn’t mind if Groove went back around again and used some of the other more popular designs as the basis of future releases as there were a lot of other really strong designs that would look amazing as Pullip releases.

As stated above Baby, the Stars Shine Bright will also be selling a human sized version of the winning design. The outfit set is priced at 91,800 yen which is about $838.40 as of this writing, reservations are open from now (February 1st) until March 5th through Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s website . Pullip Eileen would make an excellent complement to those lucky enough to be able to get the matching outfit and perhaps a slightly more affordable option for those of us who can only afford to admire it.

Awww Pullip Eileen is quite the cute release! I absolutely love everything about her! She is quite exquisitely detailed and I think the musical note motif by her hemline is perhaps the most darling thing ever. I absolutely love her color scheme too, the danube blue is quite refreshing can’t imagine how cloyingly sweet it would look  in like pepto-bismal pink bleh.

Back view of the outfit, I love how detailed the outfit is even from the back I’m particularly loving the ruffles on the back of the bonnet.
Pullip Eileen has a really nice face up, I know sometimes the face ups on the lolita collaboration Pullips can be a bit too neutral or maybe just a bit lackluster but Eileen does not have that problem her lips are such a wonderfully bright almost glossy shade of pink and her eye make up is really nicely done as well! Her eye chips really suit her look nicely as well.
Is it just me or does she remind anyone else just a bit of previous Pullip release Aquel?  This is not a complaint by any means I love Aquel, I still remember preordering her from HLJ over ten years ago… yikes I’ve been doing this Pullip thing for a while now! They both have similarly colored wigs though Aquel’s hair is more peach toned, very bright pink lips, blue eye chips and pale blue and white lolita style outfits but they are also quite different from another Eileen’s outfit is much more elaborate and detailed than Aquel’s was and her face up is also more detailed.
The bonnet looks to be well-made and very detailed!
I kind of wish she came with some sort of an accessory, ideally some type of instrument as she has a little bit of a musical theme though a little matching purse would have been quite darling as well. I’m sure the inclusion of an instrument would have raised her price that much more though.

I will be sure to update as more details surrounding Pullip Eileen’s release become available, also when she becomes available via preorder when Pullipstyle.

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