Sailor Moon x Pullip Isul Helios Announced!

Last night, Groove announced the 24th doll in their incredibly popular Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series Isul Helios via their blog. Isul Helios will be the first Isul released in almost a year, the last Isul release was Isul Yagen Toushirou who was a part of the Touken Ranbu ~online~ collaboration series. He is to be released in April in Japan, he will be released in the US one month later. The standard edition of Isul Helios has a MSRP of 22000 yen which as of this writing is about $202.21, the Bandai exclusive version available exclusively through Bandai’s store is also priced at 22000 yen. For those of you not familiar with Sailor Moon, I’m sure the question of so just who is Helios has already sprung to mind! Helios appeared in the Dream arc of the manga and the original Sailor Moon anime series during the SuperS arc, as of this writing he has not shown up in the Sailor Moon Crystal anime series. Helios was a holy priest of Elysion tasked with defending the Golden Crystal, he was captured by Queen Nehellenia but his dream form a Pegasus managed to escape capture. The Pegasus form of Helios hides in Chibi-Usa’s Dream Mirror to evade capture from Queen Nehellenia’s Dead Moon Circus while he tried to find the person who could unlock the Golden’s Crystal full power which is also his golden horn while he is in human form. Eventually the person Helios sought was revealed to be Chibi-Usa and the evil Queen Nehellenia was defeated. Chibi-Usa and Helios are implied to have a romantic link though it’s incredibly chaste, it’s suggested that in the future they may end up together. For those of you who are still understandably confused after reading all that the too long didn’t read version is that he appears in one of the later seasons of Sailor Moon and he and Chibi-Usa are kind of sweet on each other also he can appear as a Pegasus.

I feel like Groove did a really nice job of translating Helios’ character design from the anime series into doll form. His outfit has been faithfully recreated and it looks like Groove paid a lot of attention to detail when they made him! I’m really glad to see Isul Helios released as a part of the Sailor Moon x Pullip series, I feel like the villains and the other non-sailor scout/senshi characters have more mainstream appeal to people who maybe aren’t familiar with the Sailor Moon series. I personally prefer seeing different characters released over different versions of characters we have already seen getting released. My hope is that if the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series continues that we see a diverse range of characters and not a fifth version of Usagi. Sailor Moon especially has a lot of really interesting villain designs, can you imagine Queen Nehellenia herself as Pullip? How about Dals of the Amazonian Quartet? I’d buy every single one of them!
Isul Helios has such a dreamy looking face up!

Couple of somewhat interesting notes about Isul Helios; he is the second Isul doll to be released named Helios in 2012 an unrelated Isul Helios was released as a part of the second steampunk series back in 2012 and I believe he also has the distinction of being the second Isul to come with pierced ears, Isul Yomi from the Nightmare band series of dolls had multiple ear piercings.
Bandai Shop has offered exclusive versions of each of the dolls released as a part of the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series so it should come as no surprise that Bandai once again has an exclusive version of Helios available only via their website. The exclusive version of Isul Helios comes with a Golden Crystal necklace (which is normally represented as his “unicorn horn” while in human form). While some of the other dolls in the series  come with more elaborate exclusive items have a higher MSRP, the exclusive version of Helios is priced the same as the standard edition.

As far as exclusives go the necklace does fit the character and I can’t honestly think of another item that would suit Helios better but the Golden Crystal necklace just isn’t that terribly exciting as far as exclusive items go. I’m okay with a not terribly exciting exclusive though because I am less tempted to jump through hoops to try and get the exclusive version.

I will be sure to update as more information regarding the release of Isul Helios becomes available!

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