New Pullipstyle Coupon Code!

Pullipstyle announced a new coupon code on their facebook page last night, the code Isul5 is good for $5 off any currently in stock Isul (does not include the upcoming Sailor Moon collaboration release Isul Helios).  I love Pullip’s little brother Isul and this is a pretty fabulous opportunity to add one to everyone’s doll collection at a little bit of a discount. Or maybe an excuse rather than an opportunity hehehe ^^; . The hard part is just figuring out which Isul to bring home, though that’s an easy choice for me seeing how Isul Kujo Kazuya is the only one in stock that I don’t already own or have at least had the opportunity to have pass through my hands briefly.
Isul Yagen ToushirouDon’t forget that there is still a coupon good for $5 off Dal & Byul as well DalByul5 which I believe is good for $5 off of any Dal or Byul with the exception of the Make It Own kits. Choose coupon code wisely though as I believe you can only use one at a time, or at least I’ve only successfully been able to use one at a time!

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