Love My Collection Pullip outfit sets announced!

Groove announced the start of a new outfit set series designed for Pullip (and possibly other members of the Pullip family as well) via their blog last night. The new outfit series is called Love My Collection and will initially be available for pre-sale at the Pullip 15th Anniversary ♥ ~ Starry Sky Dream ~ event at Yokohama Doll Museum. The debut of this new series features the simultaneous release of three different outfit sets, all of the outfit sets have a marine dress theme but each outfit set is a somewhat unique interpretation of that theme from sweet feminine style to classic ocean to gothic style. The outfit sets are priced at 3800 yen each which is approximately $35.42 as of this writing, honestly that seems like a pretty reasonable price for a complete outfit set that includes shoes and everything. The outfits sets will receive a wide release at a later date and time that has yet to be determined with the exception of the Marine Dress Gothic Style set which is an exclusive to the event.

The Marine Dress Gothic Style will be exclusive to the event,  of course it would be my favorite of the three outfit sets that would end up being the exclusive! I love the unusual color scheme black and gold is not something we see a lot of on Pullip, I think the only release I can really recall with this combination offhand is the Limited Version of Veritas.
The Marine Dress Ocean Style has a more traditional nautical color scheme, I love the bright pop of yellow on the scarf and ribbon I really think it brightens up the outfit and while still classic adds a bit of a modern touch to the outfit.
The Marine Dress Feminine Style is a very sweet interpretation of the theme. It is honestly my least favorite of the three that isn’t too say it isn’t a nice well-made outfit set it is just burgeoning on too a little too sugary sweet for my own personal taste/style though I realize that this will likely be the most popular of the three. I do love the addition of the floral detailing on the sleeves as well as the lavender color they chose for the accessories.

I hope that Groove releases photos of the outfit sets actually being modeled on the dolls soon as well as more details surrounding their release.

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