15th Anniversary Commerative Model Pullip Etoile Announced!

I’m a bit behind and trying to play catch up today so sorry for so many back to back posts today ^^;.

Groove has been teasing the 15th Anniversary Commerative Model Pullip Etoile for a while now using her as a poster girl for their 15th Anniversary event but up until now there have not been many details available about her upcoming release. Finally Groove announced release information regarding Pullip Etoile via their blog recently, in even more exciting news they also shared several new promotional photos of her so we could all get a better look at her.

Pullip Etoile is available immediately for sale at the Pullip 15th Anniversary ♥ ~ Starry Sky Dream ~ event at Yokohama Doll Museum gift shop, for everyone not fortunate enough to attend the event she is available for preorder via Groove Rakuten, Pullip.net and Pullipstyle  where she is expected to be in stock some time in June. She has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which is about $181.56 USD as of this writing.
Let’s take a closer look at the 15th Anniversary Commerative Model Pullip Etoile, the theme for the 15th Anniversary Pullip celebration is Starry Sky Dream and I think that she perfectly exemplifies that theme. Etoile is the French word for star and as a release she definitely shines brightly like a star!
One noteworthy feature of Pullip Etoile is that she comes with a beautiful cloak, it is lined and looks to be nicely detailed. This definitely looks like one of the nicer pieces of Pullip outerwear to ever be produced.
Underneath the cloak she has a lovely mermaid style dress in a galaxy style print with a large bow on the back and detachable white sleeves. I really question the inclusion of the sleeves perhaps it would have been better if they were the same color as the bow? While they do kind of match the cloak, when she isn’t wearing the cloak they kind of look just random and unneccesary.

Pullip Etoile comes with a long silvery white wig and there even appears to be some purple streaks hiding in some of the promotional photos. I really love how bright and brilliant her hair color is, it’s so bright it almost appears to shine.
I personally prefer Etoile without the cloak and the detachable sleeves, this is definitely how mine will be displayed! I kind of wish that she had made available like this at a lower price point as nice as the cloak looks I’m not sure how much use I will really get out of it plus I find the addition of the detachable sleeves unneccesary to her overall design so if Groove had been able to put her at about 2500 yen cheaper without the addition of the cloak/sleeves I would have been okay with that especialy since the 10th Anniversary Model Pullip Ally was also kind of in a simply styled dress. I might be on the minority on this opinion but I prefer her she has a more a sleek and simple style.
I love her face up, from her pale pink lips to her brilliant blue eyes and very delicate eye make up she is perfection! I especially love her eyebrows and the expression they seem to give her they look friendly but also like she might be a little bit worried. I love her pink blushing it really helps keep her from looking to washed out/pale.

My only complaint is that I wish the jewel detailing was something that came as a sticker that you could attach similar to Pullip Princess Rosalind so you could choose the placement (or omit if desired) the jewel eventually fell off my Pullip Uncanricky and left a bit of an unsightly scar where it had been so it always makes me a bit anxious when I see jewel elements on Pullips now.
Pullip Etoile seems to be very popular, I have already secured mine via Pullipstyle I didn’t want to wait and risk her selling out before I had the chance to get her! Will you be preordering her as well?

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