Pullip Arianna Announced!

Last post for the day and then I am all caught up, I promise, this has been a very exciting past week or so for Groove announcements regarding Pullip unfortunately I’ve also been pretty busy in the last week or so ^^; . Pullip Arianna is an original design by Ars Gratia Artis, there have not been many non-collaboration designs recently so it’s nice to see another on the release schedule! Pullip Arianna will be released in September in Japan (October here in the US) and has a MSRP of 19000 yen which is about $172.79 as of this writing.

I will not be trapped in the story in my dream anymore…..Ribbon and Roses that are colored along the way I walk pearls….Pink Time that follows me….Feel Like So.

Let’s take a closer look at the lovely Pullip Arianna…
Overall Arianna has an absolutely gorgeous design and her dress is beautifully detailed with flowers and ribbons but why are her sleeves so long? I feel like the the excessive length of the sleeves just detracts from her overall design, she is frustratingly ever so close to perfection so the one flaw just seems like an overwhelmingly glaring part of her design! It speaks really highly of the overall quality of the design if I am fixating on such a trivial detail as her sleeve length, I’m sure I can remedy it with just a few minutes behind the sewing machine once I eventually get my own Pullip Arianna.

Close up of the details, Groove noted in their description of her that the apron is a removable element and that she has a one-piece dress underneath it but then neglected to include any photos of what the dress looked like without the apron on. Hopefully Groove will share more pictures of her before her release!
Back view of the dress, she truly is stunning from every angle!
Arianna does seem to have an almost regal or noble air about her, she could almost be a princess. Arianna would definitely look at home beside dolls from the fairy tale collection such as Isul Caros and Dal Dana or Pullip Gretel and Isul Hansel, she looks like she came from some perfect world that we only glimpse in fairy tales.

Such a pretty face. I love Arianna’s lips, they are nicely detailed and the color is absolutely divine! I think my favorite thing about Arianna is her eye make up, I love the alternating colors of her of her eyelashes and the way that her aqua eyes just seem to make the colors of her face up pop that much more.

The wig is a nice color and it seems to suit her but spiral curls tend to fill my heart with dread as they can be difficult to mainain especially if you enjoy handling your dolls a lot like I do. So word of advice be careful with the wig or be prepared to replace it.

I’m looking forward to Arianna’s release this is such an exciting time for Pullip!

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