15th Pullip Anniversary Custom Contest- Vote Online!

To celebrate Pullip’s 15th Anniversary a Pullip exhibit is being held at Yokohama Doll house from now until June 24th, as a part of the celebration a custom doll contest is being held. The winner gets a chance to have the winning doll made into an actual doll release so fans worldwide would have a chance to own a doll designed by them. It’s fantastic opportunity for exposure for doll artisans plus I know after seeing some of the custom designs it has definitely introduced me to some artists I was unfamiliar with before this that I now want to keep an eye on. Groove has posted pictures of all of the custom dolls on their website so those who are not fortunate enough to attend the 15th Anniversary Pullip celebration so Pullip fans from all over their world can vote for their favorite Pullip!

Please check out the site to see all of the entries and to vote on your favorite! Everyone did such an absolutely fantastic job with their customs so everyone should be very proud of their work, I know I am not the only one who will have a hard time choosing my favorite! I don’t know how anyone could choose just one, I hope that Groove will consider choosing a few of these dolls to be produced.
Custom Doll Contest Entries

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2 Responses to 15th Pullip Anniversary Custom Contest- Vote Online!

  1. lesnours says:

    Voted ^^
    The choice was hard ^^

  2. Wow, there are a lot of those I’d buy if they released them! I’m going to gave a hard time deciding which one to vote for!

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