Sailor Moon x Pullip: Pullip Princess Kakyuu (Fireball) Announced!

Groove teased the release of the latest doll to their extremely popular Pullip x Sailor Moon collaboration series on their website last night, not much information is known at this time more details are to be announced on Friday when she becomes available for preorder. Princess Kakyuu (Japanese translation of Fireball) will be the 27th doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series, she is to be released in September in Japan (October here in the US)  and has a MSRP of 22000 yen. It can be assumed that there will be a Bandai Exclusive version but it is not known at this time what bonus item she would potentially come with, she doesn’t wear civilian clothes so that is out so my best guess would be her incense burner as her only noteworthy item I can really recall but that seems like a really obscure choice.
For those of you unfamiliar with the series or have only watched the DIC dub and are wondering who Princess Kakyuu is, she only appears in the Sailor Stars series. She is the princess that the Sailor Stars come to earth in search, their undercover identities as the Three Lights pop singers is in hope that their song will reach her. Princess Kakyuu had fled to Earth to seek the Light of Hope hoping that it would be able to defeat the evil Sailor Galaxia. Although her appearance was brief in the Sailor Moon series, she has left a lasting impression on fans and has gone on to become a very popular character over the years.
The above picture is how she appeared in the original Sailor Moon Sailor Stars animation, I feel like Groove did a really nice job of translating her design into doll form. I can’t wait until further details are announced and more pictures of her become available!

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