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J-Doll Andrassy Avenue

J-dolls are 1/6 fashion dolls made by Jun Planning (pre- April 2009)/Groove ( May 2009 through the lines end in 2013). J-dolls are based on the idea that the dolls are fashion models who travel the world, they are named after famous … Continue reading

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J-doll Esplanadi Katu

Today I will write about Esplanadi Katu, she is a J-doll. What is a J-doll? J-Dolls are top fashion models who travel around the world. Their names are based on famous streets which corresponds to their fashion style. They were originally … Continue reading

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J-dolls are back @Pullipstyle

It’s been an interesting week for fans of non-Pullip Jun Planning/Groove dolls, first JPGroove listed a bunch of Hestias doll on their website earlier this week and now Pullipstyle suddenly has a noticeable influx of J-dolls. A total of 47 different J-dolls are … Continue reading

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Sales special at Pullipstyle

Pullipstyle announced a new special earlier today via their newsletter (which I highly recommend you sign up for if you haven’t already). A special coupon code APRIL20 has been issued and is good for $20 off of any purchase of … Continue reading

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J-Doll Vasterlanggatan

J-dolls are made by Groove (the same company that makes Pullip) and they are dolls that wear fashions inspired by different streets around the world. Unlike Pullip who has an over-sized head, J-doll has a normal sized head. J-doll and … Continue reading

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Get- J-doll Joseph Splatz

Earlier in the week, I was browsing eBay for some decidedly non-dolly items (I was looking into replacing some Batman: The Animated Series toys I had as a kid) when I decided to look at J-dolls. I had always been pretty … Continue reading

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Pullip Comparison Pictures

I got a request a few weeks back to take some comparison pictures for a friend of mine who was doing a panel on fashion dolls at her local anime convention. Being a firm believer in dolly diversity I was … Continue reading

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