J-dolls are back @Pullipstyle

It’s been an interesting week for fans of non-Pullip Jun Planning/Groove dolls, first JPGroove listed a bunch of Hestias doll on their website earlier this week and now Pullipstyle suddenly has a noticeable influx of J-dolls. A total of 47 different J-dolls are now available via their website which is almost the entire run, they are priced anywhere from $29 to $76 each (most are priced under $50). I’m honestly really impressed with their selection as they have some of the J-dolls that are next to impossible find like Ermou who had been on the top of my J-doll wishlist for like years as I had been unable to find her and who is now on her way home to me. You can check out Pullipstyle’s J-doll selection here.
What are J-dolls? J-dolls are 1/6 fashion dolls. They are top fashion models who travel around the world, their names are based on famous streets which corresponds to their fashion style. While they do not have an eye mechanism like Pullip, they do have inset eyes which have a wonderful sense of depth to them.
Via Appia
Sometimes when compared to Pullip, it definitely seems like J-dolls had the more interesting fashion designs and they definitely had the more unique fashions it’s awesome to such variety in a doll line.
J-doll and Pullips share body types so their clothes are interchangeable which means us Pullip collectors can totally steal their stylish clothing for our Pullips :).  J-dolls released before 2009 have the same body as type 3 Pullip and all J-dolls released 2009 or later have the type 4 Pullip body (comparison picture here: warning doll nudity!).
A rewigged Pullip Tiphona is wearing J-doll Kleber Avenue’s stock outfit in the above shot, obviously the hat didn’t fit but everything else did like a glove.


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9 Responses to J-dolls are back @Pullipstyle

  1. KatsCauldron says:

    I know this probably redundant but can’t find it anywhere: what is there shipping costs like as they aren’t anywhere on the site and it wouldn’t show in the cart [I only went so far]

    • kleintoys says:

      I believe shipping is $5.95 for one or two in the US, if you hit over $100 on an order you get free shipping normally I try to wait until I have enough stuff in my cart to qualify for free shipping.

  2. bluestratos says:

    Good news! And about time for X’mas. I’ve been looking for an Ermou since I discovered these dolls.

  3. KatsCauldron says:

    there are about 4 j dolls I intend to get in the next month and am excited about the Hestias too will at least get one of those

  4. KatsCauldron says:

    I just got my first j doll Takeshita and I love her as far as looks and what should be her posability. Note I said should. 😦 her left arm is really loose and both her wrists were broken where the flanges attach onto hands. I just used hard core jewelry glue that I use on my doll jewelry to glue them back on and am afraid the hands will be stationary as it was the over flaps I had to glue back on and the stress might be too much to even try to work with. I swear by e6000 if it is allowed to cure a few days I know I didn’t do this don’t think seller did either. I know to be careful with the annoying packaging of these dolls or thought I was as careful as possible.Not even going to contact the seller as these have been going onto a market in LA to sellers of sellers [like streethawkers] and these guys have been putting them on ebay and amazon at very good prices. really not happy and wondering if I should get the other 2 I had planned

    • sodapopandritalin says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your Takashita Street J-doll unfortunately the type 3 pullip bodies can be prone to wrist crack, the way the dolls are tied into the box does not help as it puts a lot of strain on their wrists and they’ve been like that for years. All jdolls released 2009 or later have the improved body that has a different more secure wrist.

      That’s wild about them being sold out on the street.

      • KatsCauldron says:

        do you have or can you make [pretty please I would even send doll jewelry for you j doll sized dolls] a list with release dates so we would know what to watch out for???? I was practically in tears and knew I had been as gentle as possible with her. The first one I desperately want was Picasso West [still don’t have her and now know she would be on the dreaded old body]. Rue de Belleville, rue antoine dalsaert, maroseica and Rossi have all been on my short list. can their bodies be easily switched out and do they just sell the new bodies without the heads?

    • sodapopandritalin says:


      Any dolls released in 2009 or after have the type 4 body, the bodies can’t easily be swapped but the arms pop right out and can be replaced they share the same body as pullips so you should be able to get a used body for like $10 or less you can even put type 4 arms on a type 3 body.

      • KatsCauldron says:

        thanks, at the shoulder and not the upper arm next to shoulder? miracle of miracles after I glued the little flanges back on and let them set set a few hours and went in to see her. I can still move her hands without the flanges rebreaking. Will let them set another couple of days and look for another body to steal the arms. I also have some friends that sell them and contact them if they ever have smashed up dolls I want the body parts. Thanks for letting me know that. I hate to unpop dolls but am getting better at it.

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