Get- J-doll Joseph Splatz

Earlier in the week, I was browsing eBay for some decidedly non-dolly items (I was looking into replacing some Batman: The Animated Series toys I had as a kid) when I decided to look at J-dolls. I had always been pretty partial to Joseph Splatz (I love fantasy hair colors) and I found her at a very reasonable price ($40 shipped) so I could not resist.
I actually like J-dolls quite a bit but in an effort to curb my shall we say unbridled doll collecting enthusiasm I limit myself to only buying them if I can find a good deal.

J-dolls were originally made by Jun Planning, like Pullip the J-doll brand carried over when Groove Inc took over. She is a 1/6 scale fashion doll, she uses the same body as pullip and they even share a lot of the same shoe molds.
Joseph Splatz, whom I have named Sassafras is my fifth J-doll and is the first one that I actually bought NRFB.
I absolutely love her face up.

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2 Responses to Get- J-doll Joseph Splatz

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    I like her look a lot. I’m all for black/pink and lace combos

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