Pullip Comparison Pictures

I got a request a few weeks back to take some comparison pictures for a friend of mine who was doing a panel on fashion dolls at her local anime convention. Being a firm believer in dolly diversity I was happy to oblige.  I figured someone else might get some use out of this so I decided to post it up here as well. Here’s a benign older pic of my Asuka pullip with my Rin DD the more hardcore dolly nudity is under the cut
No real reason for choosing this specific picture well maybe, just maybe I am bidding on an Asuka DD but it is not definite yet one way or the other.
Jun Planning body comparison

Jun Planning/Groove Dolls Comparison (from left to right) Byul (Dumbo-Ellie), Dal (Frara-Natalie), Pullip-Type 1 (Moon-Kitka), Pullip- Type 2 (Principessa -Cossette), Pullip-Type 3 (Asuka), Pullip- Type 4 (Lala-Concussion) & Taeyang (Horizon- Loki). Dals and Byuls share the same body. Taeyang and Namu (not pictured) also share the same body.
4 Pullip Body Types
Type 1- Necks easily broken, limited range of motion, thighs have a tendency to split slightly over time, rooted hair (can make rewigging slightly more problematic). Had the largest breasts out of any of the pullip bodies, strangely as each body was subsequently released pullip’s boobs just kept getting smaller and smaller while hips got wider. Pullip type 1 has exceptionally large feet and it can be troublesome to find shoes for them.
Type 2- Type 2 have a soft bust which can be easily stained, they are also prone to stomach pop. The soft material that the bust is made out of can have a chemical reaction with the pullip head and pelvic region over time causing neck and butt melt accordingly. Here is an example of neck melt. Hands are easily detached and lost (can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me!). Most type 2s are wigged but a few of the earlier releases have rooted hair (Savon, Nomado, Bianca, Venus if memory serves). While their feet are not quite as big as their predecessor type 1 pullip they are still quite large and can be problematic to find shoes for.
Type 3 Type 3 is the most prolific of the body types. The bodies are not as flexible as type 2 bodies. The wrists on type 3 pullips are extremely fragile (especially those released from 3/2007 through 12/2007 including the Another set who have no known matches).
Type 4 Type 4 is the newest body type, it is exceptionally thin which can make it somewhat hard to find additional clothing for (most type 4 stock will not fit obitsu). The hands are easily detached and lost, ankles also seem somewhat fragile.

Hestia, J-doll, Pullip
Another type of comparison- Hestia, J-doll and Pullip all share the same body type 3 (new releases of J-doll and Pullip are now on type 4). Even though they share the same body their head sizes are radically different.

and now for the money shot so to speak!

A comparison shot of all the different types of Asian fashion dolls I own. (From left to right) Mama Chapp- small obitsu body probably a 21 cm (Tsukasa), Dal (Frara-Natalie), Byul (Dumbo-Ellie), Blythe (Punkaholic People-Ellis), Pure Neemo(Illyavasal), Flcl doll-Jenny Body, Hestia, J-doll, Volks (Rei Episode 26)  Megahouse-azone (Meer) & Pullip (Asuka)

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