Dolly insanity or why I am going back on a dolly diet

I have been kind of busy/ill (coughing up blood, you know tends to excuse one from being very active online), so I haven’t had a chance to share some of my more recent purchases. I was a bit overzealous so I will definitely not going to buying anything else until my next paycheck. I tend to buy things when I am stressed, being sick and taking care of an ill child all by myself tends to stress me out so I went the old retail therapy route.Some of these have actually already arrived but the new wonderful and sexy, Canon Rebel XS won’t be here until at least tomorrow (depending on whether or not I make it to the office tomorrow in time to pick it up) so pictures will be forthcoming.

I bought another J doll, I have one already (Church St) but I failed to ever really click with her.  I had been looking at some photos of J dolls and I happened to find a really good deal on Punkaa St, I also happened to have some balance left over on my paypal from my doll accessories sale so I figured I would give J doll a second chance. She arrived a few days ago, and I am glad I did actually take the chance and buy her because I love her to death. I decided to name her Azul (Spanish for blue).

I also surprisingly bought another taeyang, I am somewhat in shock that I now own 10 boys (9 taeyangs/1 namu). A friend was selling him, I still had money in my paypal account and  I thought he would make an excellant counterpart for my latest Papin, Lorelei. I tend to pair dolls up according to their relative eye/wig color, my last two couples have had reversed wig/eye colors as well it seems as scientific a method as any (I’ve also noticed the last two boys both got paired up with Papins). After a full week of being here without a name, yesterday it was decided by popular vote on twitter that his name is Dietrich.

Peter Pan was the last of the dolls to arrive, she was also the last pullip I needed to go back to owning a complete collection of pullips anyway (still working on the dolls). All the owner photos I have seen of her have been astounding, I feel somewhat guilty that mine has not even made into the apartment proper and has been hanging out still in the shipping crate at the bottom of the stairs ^^; .  I am kind of waiting to debox her until I have the new camera in hand, so I can do her justice. I think I am just going to call her Pan, I can’t bring myself to call her Peter.

After someone pointed out the cult of Tinker Bell and the fact that Fantastic Alice sold out so quickly back in the day, I thought it prudent to fast-track getting her. Plus she looks absolutely adorable in the photos I have seen of her so far.

And Robin Version Ciel, this was the final nail in the coffin. I had already decided that I was in dolly diet mode, then I decided to check VOTD’s site and noticed Robin Ver. Ciel was on sale.  Only one more dal to go on the list now.

Other Stuff-

– Byul- Tigerlily’s Stock (I do not care for Byul but have a have a Nahh-ato custom that I think would make a smashing Tigerlily)

– I also put a down payment on a Puki via Denver Doll. I probably wouldn’t have got her right now if I knew I would be getting a Volks Super Dollfie but I had always wanted three pukis. My plan has always been to name them after the Power Puff girls. I already have Blossom (Puki- Piki) and Buttercup (Puki- Lily) and I figured who better than Pongpong to be the hyper cheerful Bubbles.

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