J-Doll Andrassy Avenue

J-dolls are 1/6 fashion dolls made by Jun Planning (pre- April 2009)/Groove ( May 2009 through the lines end in 2013). J-dolls are based on the idea that the dolls are fashion models who travel the world, they are named after famous streets which correspond to their fashion style.  J-Dolls are made by the same company that make Pullip and they share the same body design though the neck is modified a bit (the piece that connects J-doll’s necks to their head are a little different than on a Pullip) because they share the same body type that means they can also share clothing so Pullip can wear J-doll clothing and J-doll can wear Pullip clothing woohoo wardrobe expansion for all parties involved!

Andrassy Avenue’s style is based on a street in Budapest, Hungary. The street connects Elizabeth Square with the City Park and is home to awe inspiring architecture as well as many upscale boutiques.  I’ve never been to Budapest, so I can’t comment on how accurate her street style is especially now that nearly six years have passed since her release and fashion is an ever changing and evolving thing but if I were somehow able to somehow granted the ability to make any one J-doll releases’ outfit full sized so I could wear it, her’s would be the one I would choose!

Andrassy Ave was released in December of 2009 and had a MSRP of 10000 yen. J-doll Andrassy Avenue is kind of special to me,  she has always stood out to me as being the most iconic of all the different J-doll releases (you can see the whole catalog of back releases here). She is one of the most popular J-dolls ever made, so it is no surprise that she holds the #1 best seller rank for J-dolls on Pullipstyle which is incidentally where I bought her from. As of this writing, she  is priced at $65 on Pullipstyle.

Andrassy Ave

J-Doll Andrassy Avenue in the box
Andrassy Ave Andrassy Ave Andrassy Ave

Andrassy Ave comes with a long sleeved shirt with sash affixed, a fishnet overshirt, a skirt, lace underwear, assymetrical socks, a single arm sock, boots, a backpack, a belt with chain, a scarf, and a vest. She comes with an orange stand, I think blue would have been more appropriate but I like orange it definitely stands out in stark contrast with the blue.

The quality of her stock is really nice, I was especially impressed with her vest, belt & backpack. The vest in particular is very well-made and nicely detailed. Her skirt looks weathered and her fishnet overshirt has a few flaws but those seem to by stylistic choices. Overall I was really impressed with the quality of her stock, it really seems like a lot of time and care was spend designing her and it shows!
Andrassy AveAndrassy Avenue is perfection, I guess there isn’t really any other way to say it. I had high expectations when I bought her but I was even more impressed with her when I saw her in person.
Andrassy AveI love all the color contrasts with the stark black and white to the more neutral brown/grey-ish tones of her skirt and vest and that shockingly blue hair! I’m also really impressed with the level of detail in her stock with the various studded items and the chain on her belt.
AndreaClose up of her boots/stockings! This shoe mold has been reused a few time, I believe it debuted with Rovam but I like that the way they are painted they really complement her outfit well. I also really love her asymmetrical socks, especially the crossbones patch!
Andrassy AveAndrassy has a really pretty face, I especially love the blue eye shadow it adds a little bit of a pop to her face up. Her lips are a neutral shade which is good because if they were less neutral I think they would likely clash with the rest of her face up. Her eye make it is really dark and her eyes are such a lovely shade of blue.

I am absolutely in awe of her hair color which is such a bold shade of blue, the quality of her wig is nice and it’s very soft. I think the one thing that kind of held me back on getting Andrassy sooner was her hair style, the top knot or whatever her hair style is called gave me a bit of hesitation about her but it is much more nicer in person than anticipated and it is even a bit stylish!
Andrassy AveAndrassy’s sash says “The Histor” I have no idea what the significance of it is, when look at the promotional photos of her I thought it might say the “The History” but the script does not appear to be cut off and looking at other owner photos it truly appears to be the puzzling “The Histor”. Whatever the meaning of the wording on her sash is supposed to mean the sash is a nice addition to her outfit and I love that is simply fastened with a safety pin it definitely goes with her chic punk style. This shot also gives a pretty clear view of her shirt which has random words written all over it.Andrassy Ave
I think part of my attraction to J-doll’s especially recently is that the releases are all so unique, a lot of different fashion styles are showcased it’s not all collaboration or lolita, Andrassy has a bit of an edge there is definitely nothing boring or bland about her! From her stunning blue hair to her fashionable outfit Andrassy Avenue is the total package. If you are already a collector of J-doll and you somehow don’t already own her or maybe you have been contemplating her as your first J-doll, I totally and completely recommend her as she is just that awesome! You will not regret getting her, I don’t know why I waited so long to add her to my collection… I regret waiting this long!
Andrassy AveMore pictures of the very lovely Andrassy Avenue are available on my flickr. She is available for purchase via Pullipstyle, don’t forget to check out PS’s whole selection of Jdolls as they have a wide variety available!

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