Pullip The Secret Garden of the White Witch

In an effort to play catch up, the following are going to be a series of somewhat abbrievated posts compared to my normal writings here. Alas I’ve fallen behind again due to a chaotic personal life, unfortunately I haven’t been able to make updates a priority lately with how hectic life has been. Though I have not much of an opportunity to post here I have been trying to update things like information pages for different doll releases when I get a free moment (I have also been working on the PIPP or Pullip Information Perservation Project).

Pullip The Secret Garden of White Witch was one of two dolls announced for a December release in Japan, she was announced quite a while ago now on Groove’s Blog (more on the other doll later). The US release date is one month later and I’m told Pullipstyle will be opening preorders for her “soon”. She has a MSRP of 22,000 yen which is about $193.37 as of this writing.
So what is The Secret Garden of White Witch?

Groove held a custom doll contest in conjunction with their Pullip 15 ♥ Anniversary ~ starry sky of the Dream event at the Yokohama Doll Museum earlier this year, the winner of the contest had the opportunity to get their design turned into an actual Pullip (or other Pullip family member) release. Groove received many entries to their custom contest from around the world and Pullip The Secret Garden of the White Witch was chose as the winning design. She was designed by Feb.la.Campanura, in addition to seeing their doll receive a wide release. If anyone is curious to see the other entries including my personal favorite A Traveler of a Dream please see this page dedicated to all the contest entries.

This is the actual custom doll that won the contest, I’m including this picture for the sake of comparison when a work gets commercialized especially a custom like this little changes must often be made to streamline production as well as for cost concerns. I feel like Groove stayed faithful to the original design, some changes were made like her floral headdress is a bit more understated in the official release and I sincerely doubt she will come with a special stand like the custom doll had but they overall stayed true to the custom doll’s spirit.

I’m really grateful for Groove that they held the custom contest as it gave a lot of creator’s a chance to share their work with the world and definitely introduced me to some customizers that I didn’t know. I also think it’s really awesome when Groove does dolls like this or features different artists as a part of their Creator’s Label line because it gives everyone an opportunity to own a doll designed by one of their favorite artists. Owning an elusive one of a kind custom or OOAK by your favorite artist is not always feasible but this a wonderful opportunity for all fans to be able to get to enjoy their work I hope that Groove continues to do contests like this in the future and that we get to see more Creator’s Label dolls in the future.

These are definitely some of the most unique eyes that have been seen on a Pullip release, they are really special. I love her face up, she is very nicely blushed I especially love the blushing above the nose and I love how much focus is drawn to her lips and how they are kind of overdrawn and accentuated.

Back view of the doll.
Even though she wasn’t my personal favorite design in the contest, she is still a gorgeous doll and I’m sure she will be joining my collection at some point or another.

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