Sasha Pippin

By now, you should know the drill; Sasha invites you into a fairy tale and fantasy land, Sasha is an anthro type doll made by Groove (the same company that makes Pullip).  I finally decided to accept Sasha’s invitation to this strange fantasy world because Pullipstyle slashed the price on them, they went from being about $115 each to $89.95. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel they were worth the price before it was more of I have so very many dolls on my wishlist already do I dare trying out something new? I guess I do, with the price marked down it was too hard to resist bringing home a couple to check them out especially since I hadn’t been able to find much information/owner photos of them plus curiousity and all that.
Sasha Pippin
Tonight Sasha will come to you as an emperor in your dream..

I already reviewed Lumina here and did a comparison post with other Groove dolls here so now it’s time to review Sasha Pippin. Pippin was one of two Sashas released earlier this year that had a golden skintone, the other was Cecil who is much more of a feminine feline. I had incorrectly assumed that just the heads were actually the gold color and that their bodies would be a normal skintone but as you can see in the previously linked comparison post their entire body is that lovely golden color.

IMG_8468 IMG_8467 IMG_8469
Pippin’s stock is nice quality, it looks very luxurious with the touches of gold. Besides her stock Pippin comes with a stand as well as small fan accessory.
Unlike the cat type mold, there is some degree of pose-ability in the ears on the rabbit type mold.
Sasha Pippin
I love Sasha’s face sculpt, I’ve always been quite partial to rabbits and rabbit themed dolls anyway but the Sasha rabbit is just wonderful.
Sasha Pippin
That profile if just amazing!
Sasha Pippin
Pippin looks quite elegant in her stock! I love all the little beaded details.
Sasha Pippin
Due to Pippin’s golden skintone, I decided to name mine Midas.
Sasha Pippin
I love the colors they used for Pippin’s stock, the white looks great against her skin tone and the golden touches really brings it together.
Sasha Pippin
More pictures of Pippin available on my flickr.
Sasha Pippin
If you want your own Sasha, you should hop to it and order one from Pullipstyle today.
Sasha Pippin

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