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MIO (Make it Own) Wigs revisited

I previously reviewed the Make it Own or MIO wigs a while back, Pullipstyle had very graciously loaned me their production samples so that I could review them here. JPGroove then very graciously sent me a box of MIO items … Continue reading

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Pullip MIO Line- Happiness Chiffon Dress Set Review

Today’s post will focus on the Happiness Chiffon Dress Set which is part of the MIO or Make it Own line for Pullip. If you somehow haven’t heard already Groove is releasing a new line of products for Pullip called … Continue reading

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Sasha Comparison Post

Sasha is a newer doll line put out by Groove, the same company that makes Pullip. They are anthro dolls and they come with either a cat or a rabbit head. I recently had a few come into my possession … Continue reading

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