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Sasha is a newer doll line put out by Groove, the same company that makes Pullip. They are anthro dolls and they come with either a cat or a rabbit head. I recently had a few come into my possession and since there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of owner photos or information about them I decided that I should share as much information as I could about them as surely I couldn’t be the only one being killed with curiosity about these.
Sasha Pippin & Lumina
Sasha Lumina and Pippin were picked as the representatives for Sasha so that I had one of each type of head (cat and rabbit).  I also happen to think that Lumina and Pippin make a quite striking pair together.

Sasha Pippin & Lumina
Something I wasn’t too sure about myself was the gender of Sasha, while most were depicted as female Pippin and Kiki very definitely seemed to be portrayed as boys. It turns out that Pippin and presumably Kiki as well just like to dress boys and are in fact girls.
Comparison Shot
From left to right: Podo Yeolume, Drta Dal, Tigerlily Byul, Papin Pullip (type 3 body), Via Appia J-doll, Lumina Sasha, Pippin Sasha & Rche Pullip
I lined up all the current girl dolls being released by Groove for a comparison shot with Sasha. I chose to kind of limit the shot for my own sanity and not include the boys (Taeyang and Isul) or a Hestia this time around as they have been discontinued for nearly six years now. If there is interest in a comparison with them please comment and let me know and I’ll be happy to take additional photos.
Comparison Shot
From left to right: Via Appia Jdoll, Lumina Sasha (Cat Type), Pippin Sasha (Rabbit type) & Rche Pullip
Newer Jdolls, Sashas and Pullips all come on fourth generation Pullip bodies commonly referred to as type 4 bodies. Jdolls have a different neck attachment than Pullip, I believe Sashas also have a different head attachment probably more like a ball joint as their neck seems to have a bit more flexible posing but I haven’t opened one up just yet to find out. Since most newer Pullips/Jdolls/Sashas all share the same type 4 they can all share clothing.

Hmm since they can share clothing let’s do some experimenting..
Sasha Pippin
Sasha Pippin looking quite heavenly wearing Pullip Pere Noel’s stock.
Pullip Tiphona rewigged in a MIO wig (more on MIO soon)  looks quite regal wearing Sasha Pippin’s stock.
Casual Kitty
This cat has gone casual! Sasha Lumina looking much more relaxed in some Barbie clothing.
A rewigged Pullip Princess Rosalind looks quite stately in Sasha Lumina’s stock outfit.
Sashas with some of my other anthros
I also decided to take a shot of the Sasha dolls with some of my other anthro dolls. Sasha Pippin is next to my Rooney who is a tiny bjd made by Pipos, next to Rooney is my Wonder Frog made by Studio-Uoo then Sasha Lumina.
The bunnies together again; Sasha Pippin with Pipos Rooney.
Sasha Pippin & Lumina
A full review of Sasha Pippin will be up next here shortly!

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3 Responses to Sasha Comparison Post

  1. Bea Jai says:

    The J-doll and Sasha cat type head looks so small on a Type 4 body.. Well, at least next to a Pullip ^^,
    I like the cat type’s face mold, though not quite on that body. On the other hand, it looks better when she’s dressed accordingly.
    Thanks for the review!

    • kleintoys says:

      I think because we are so used to seeing the oversized Pullip head on the type 4 anything else looks a bit strange. I didn’t include Hestia dolls this time around because they have been discontinued for so long but they had a larger head than Jdoll and the proportions looked more right to me

      Honestly, I thought the bunny would be getting all the love from me but it was the cat that I ended up playing with more. Thanks for reading! A full review of Pippin the bunny will be up soon.

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