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I’m Gonna Wreck it! (Various Wreck-it Ralph toys)

After an exhaustive but ultimately in vain search for Wreck-it Ralph toys in all of Disney World (I searched every store in Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios,  Animal Kingdom and Downtown Disney,  I even hit up the Disney outlets) and … Continue reading

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Wreck-it Ralph! Vanellope von Schweetz toy edition

Being a parent of a preschooler kind of limits my ability to go to the cinema like I used to, most of my film choices are based around what cartoon currently playing in theaters the zilla might actually have a … Continue reading

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16/365 Littlest Pet Shop Frogs

Saturday night into Sunday was hell, I will spare you all the gory details but yeah horrible time. When I finally got home, I thought I would rearrange all of my Littlest Pet Shop pets and take a group picture … Continue reading

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Hello Kitty

I used to be an avid Hello Kitty fan, I probably used to spend about $100 a month on for the most part unnecessary Hello Kitty items. I don’t really buy all that much Hello Kitty these days, well I … Continue reading

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106/365- Superhero Fantasy

This past week’s theme for Dalicious was fantasy, I was kind of torn what to do but seeing how I was reading through a stack of comics I decided to draw some inspiration from the comics and have Kindle be … Continue reading

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Animadness revisited…

I decided to make a pilgrimage back to Animadness (my semi-local anime/pullip store today) as I was planning on visiting Requiemart anyway and it isn’t that much farther to go to Animadness from her home. Animadness is located in Waltham, … Continue reading

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58/365- Adventures in the real world

I was out and about most of the day, eventually I made my way to the mall unfortunately there were clearance sales and I was weak ^^; FYE and Hot Topic were my main two distractions this trip. Clickety-click the … Continue reading

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Storage Issues

I think it is safe to assume that I have outgrown my apartment. I love my apartment and don’t really want to move but I am running out of storage options. I remember when I first moved in and thought … Continue reading

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My littlest addiction- LPS

The original idea is that I would pick up a Littlest Pet Shop pet for each of my Papins’ one that would suit each one’s different personality. Clementine being my favorite was the first to get a pet a Limited … Continue reading

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31/365- Nightmare Before Christmas

I said all of these pictures of the day posts didn’t necessarily have to be about dolls or anime stuff but there are actually anime figures in this picture although they are not really the focus… I have always loved … Continue reading

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