My littlest addiction- LPS

The original idea is that I would pick up a Littlest Pet Shop pet for each of my Papins’ one that would suit each one’s different personality. Clementine being my favorite was the first to get a pet a Limited Edition Flamingo picked up at random during a Walmart run little did I know it would lead to this…
LPS Collection
I find it somewhat hard to believe that I now have almost 50 of the little buggers. Whenever I go to Walmart/Target/Toys R Us I find myself inexplicably digging through piles of them trying to find interesting ones. I find some comfort that I can blame Requiemart for some of this as she has a collection of them as well and I was kind of noticing hers and then I seen the flamingo on the shelf and it all went to hell from there. Beyond the ones I bought specifically for the Papins, there hasn’t really been any rhyme or reason behind buying which ones I actually did purchase. I just pick up the ones that appeal to me and have got a pretty good variety of animals now.
Clementine and Valentine
Hasbro decided to be mean and evil and make an elephant mail-away exclusive, elephants are probably my favorite animal so of course I had to get the six different stickers and the collector’s journal to mail away for one. The first of the three I ended up sending away for arrived today, yes three I had only intended to mail away for one but the stickers kept piling up on my desk so I picked up more of the journals and sent away for more ^^; I have to say this is the most ridiculously cute LPS ever. I intend to keep one boxed, open one to play with and I am undecided what I am going to do with the third one just yet.

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5 Responses to My littlest addiction- LPS

  1. OMG! It’s *so* freaking cute. I love it. I’ve got a pink panda for Juniper, but I’ve never found a lot of LPS I liked for my dolls. There was a cute sheep once and things like that. I did once decide that this armadillo would be perfect for a Happy Birthday 2 Pullip, but since I don’t have one, I’ve never picked it up. lol.

    • kleintoys says:

      I have a serious weakness for elephants as you now, as soon as I seen it announced it was like omg want. I have the unfortunate luck of finding one cute or different every time I go to the store it seems plus I found some on sale last week so I bought like 20 over a two day period. I will have to pick that armadillo up eventually or maybe even two one for each of them.

  2. lovelyduckie says:

    I used to play with LPS when I was a kid. I miss the way they looked back in those days, I’m not as fond of the newer designs they have. But I’m biased because of nostalgic childhood reasons.

    • kleintoys says:

      I had LPS when I was a kid too, I don’t think I realized they were actually LPS until a lot more recently though. For me they work well as pets for pullips because of their large head. They tend to grow on people unfortunately >_<

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