Wreck-it Ralph! Vanellope von Schweetz toy edition

Being a parent of a preschooler kind of limits my ability to go to the cinema like I used to, most of my film choices are based around what cartoon currently playing in theaters the zilla might actually have a chance of sitting all the way through. I took her to go see Wreck-it Ralph when it first came out in theaters and we both absolutely loved it, I was particularly enthralled by the designs for the Sugar Rush characters especially Vanellope von Schweetz.
POP Vanellope
At first, I was just going to buy one Vanellope toy but who was I was kidding, right? She is adorable, I couldn’t help myself.

Minty Zaki, Vanellope von Schweetz & Jubileena
I found these little action dolls at ToysRUs, they are quite cute but hideously expensive at a MSRP of $10.99 each. I only bought Vanellope at first but when there was a 30% off Wreck-it Ralph toys I ended up going back for Minty Zaki and Jubileena.
Jubileena Vanellope von Schweetz Minty Zaki
I have to say I was kind of shocked that there was not a Taffyta in this line as Disney seems to really be pushing her merchandise in the Disneystore but I love Minty’s and Jubileena’s designs so I am not complaining.
Taffyta & Vanellope
Since I lack a local Disney Store (nearest one is like an hour away) I decided to order some merchandise online when the Disneystore had a free shipping special. I took a chance on getting two of the racer toys and I have to say despite the fact that they are super adorable, I am a bit disappointed with them.
Taffyta & Vanellope Racers
Vanellope does not properly fit inside of her racer, she doesn’t really bend properly at all and Taffyta snapped in half within an hour or so of having her out of the package and that was without intervention of the zilla. The cars themselves are pretty nicely built but the mini-figures not so much :/
POP Vanellope
The real reason for the Disneystore order had actually been for the Vanellope POP vinyl figure, which goes on record as being one of my favorite POP vinyls ever released.
Vanellope von Schweetz
It’s kind of funny my newest Vanellope is also my oldest…. immediately after seeing the film in theaters we popped into ToysRus hoping to find some elusive Monster Highs instead we found a deluxe talking Vanellope doll that was bought with the understanding that it would be a Christmas present.
Vanellope von Schweetz
I just love and adore her super happy expression!

Now all I need is the Disneystore doll and the plush!

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4 Responses to Wreck-it Ralph! Vanellope von Schweetz toy edition

  1. nouchkadoll says:

    That character is so adorable ! The talking figure is so lovely!

  2. Hilary Asher says:

    did you ever end up getting the Disney Store talking Vanellope? I regret so much not buying it when it was new! I would love to see the Toys R Us talking figure next to the DS one.

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, I’m actually at Disney World right now hehe unfortunately not much Wreck-it Ralph stuff to be found. I have the Disney store talking Vanellope, I never picked up the matching Taffyta and was hoping to find here at Disney but no such luck. When I get home in a few days, I’ll be happy to take some comparison pictures for you.

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