58/365- Adventures in the real world

I was out and about most of the day, eventually I made my way to the mall unfortunately there were clearance sales and I was weak ^^; FYE and Hot Topic were my main two distractions this trip. Clickety-click the pictures for notes..

FYE was my first stop. I bought all of the Gatekeepers TV series and OVA, they had a bundle made up of all of it marked for $30 I can’t even remember the last time I bought an American anime dvd off the shelf so that was kind of interesting that, that show of all things would tempt me.  I also got the 30th Anniversary Hello Kitty plush set that I had been wanting for a while but had been unable to justify the cost of (^^;) $10 seemed pretty reasonable for it though, I plan on leaving it NRFB and sticking it up on top of my dollfie case with my NRFB Hello Kitty pullip. I also bought a small Hello Kitty bunny plush for the zilla as she seemed rather rapt with it. I bought two lunch boxes one Hello Kitty, one Nightmare Before Christmas I like to use the metal lunchboxes to sort the tons of small items I own they were marked down to like $3.50 each. I picked up yet another Joker hat, it was extremely cheap and I liked that it wasn’t a Dark Knight Joker hat it is very rare to find a Joker hat that is not Dark Knight. I also picked up some action figures, another Soundwave figure because I am almost as addicted to Transformers as I am to LPS (I should run a comparative count of my collections of them) and two Wathcmen figures Ozymandias and Silk Spectre 1 they were all less than $5 each. I kind of regret not picking up the Comedian as well, I might have to go back for him tomorrow. All in all I spent slightly around $60 at FYE which really wasn’t that bad considering how much stuff I managed to really get.

I hit Hot Topic as well , they were having a take an additional 50% off of clearance sale. I bought a pair of Invader Zim Gir shoes, I have like five pairs already in various designs but I love Gir and I love shoes so I had to get these as well (plus green is my favorite color). I ended up buying five t-shirts two Transformers (one dino-bots, the other is kind of generic comic based), a Green Day shirt (even though I got injured at their concert they are still my favorite band), a Joker Shirt and a Harley Quinn shirt. I already had the Harley Quinn shirt, I knew that when I spotted it on the shelf but it is one of my favorite shirts so I figured while it was still available and cheap that I should buy a back-up.

I also stopped by Target, their toys were marked down quite a bit. I bought a giant singing/dancing Dora for zilla as she loves Dora and while I could not justify the normal $60 price tag I had still really wanted to get it for her, at $12 some I couldn’t resist even if the box had seen better days. I also the MLP (whose box was utterly destroyed) and the Domo plush there for very cheap. I think I paid like $18 total for everything there.

I only bought two things that weren’t on clearance today, one of them didn’t even make into the picture. I had stopped at Walmart earlier in the day and I found the meerkat limited edition Littlest Pet Shop, I had been looking for this one for a while so I snatched it up. The other thing was Batman: The Widening Grin Issue #4 (omg I love the coverart) which has me on a mad hunt for issues #1-#3, I neglected to include it in the picture as I was rereading it when I decided that I needed to take the picture.

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2 Responses to 58/365- Adventures in the real world

  1. lovelyduckie says:

    This time of the year is my favorite time to hit the mall.

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